Michael Gove Visit to Ipswich

Tom: Hi so I’m here at the Belstead Arms again this morning knocking on doors Tom: and Michael Gove has come for lunch at the Belstead Arms Tom: which is a nice surprise. Tom: And I have just been talking to him about the issues we’ve got locally Tom: And also the reactions we’ve been getting on the doorstep and how we’ve come across today Tom: many people who have voted labour their whole lives but this time they have said Tom: they are going to vote for me and the main reason is because they want brexit delivered Tom: they voted to leave and they think the Labour Party have betrayed them and let them down on this vital issue. Michael: Well I’m here Tom because I believe you are a fantastic candidate Michael: and Tom would be a brilliant MP for Ipswich Michael: If you elect Tom he will spend 2020 focussing on Ipswich’s priorities Michael: That means we’ll make sure we get more police on our streets, more investment for our NHS Michael: And also we work even harder to make sure Ipswich’s schools excel for their students. Michael: If by bad luck Labour get in here, then the Labour candidate will spend 2020 just shoving remain Michael: leaflets through your letter boxes trying to get you to change your mind Michael: when Ipswich said it wanted to leave. Let’s get Brexit done, let’s get Boris in Downing Street Michael: let’s get Tom as a brilliant MP focussing on your priorities Michael: and this part of the world which I love so much will at last have the representation it deserves.

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