2 Replies to “Move over helicopter parents – snow plow parenting is on the rise”

  1. As the saying goes; pain is a horrible parent, but an effective teacher. This coming from a guy who has a helicopter mom who treats all my shortcomings as her obstacles. And her tearing the reigns out of my hands regardless of my position on the matter have destroyed my self esteem, and whatever dignity I might have had prior. Not to mention the paranoia you gather from thinking that they are constantly watching over your shoulder looking for reasons to butt in to your business. Because they are. I’ve found it mildly ironic that most of the stuff I do well now, are the the things I had to fail at a thousand times. Coincidentally those very same things she has little to no knowledge/interest in. It effects how you view all types of relationships. Romantic or plutonic. It effects how you view yourself. Instills you with a feeling of ineptitude, along with the feeling of having zero privacy. There’s a lot to unpack here. But the idea of “destroying your child’s possibilities of failure” destroys something much larger in the long run. From the horse’s mouth. Cheers.

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