21 Replies to “Must Visit Japanese Restaurants in London | Sushi, BBQ, Teppanyaki”

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  2. Personally I recommend Taro. I would say that's my favourite Japanese restaurant in London that isn't super pricy. There's one on Brewer's street in Soho and one on Cannon Street in city, there we other locations too I think. Really good and authentic in my opinion.

  3. What about Japanese home cooking? Such as a Bento restaurants? Are they all gone from London? Fast food can be found anywhere…

  4. This Japanese restaurant from Camden Town is not even Japanese…. I ask them for noodle soup and they give me a typical Thailand noodle soup for the price of 8£ …. I feel so angry at that time ….. I live in Japan more than 10 years so i know more than well how the noodle soup must be …

  5. I would like to add Sushi Bar Atariya (I went to Ealing Common branch) if you are sushi/sashimi lover! This place provides fresh sashimi at a very affordable price. I was blown away by their chirashi bowl – a variety of assortments and generous portion.
    By the way, I enjoy watching your channel very much. 👍👍

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