MY PITTSBURGH ROOM TOUR ft. Christmas decor !!

I’m filming the video. Hey guys It’s Maddie welcome back to my channel so a lot of you have been requesting me to do a room tour And that’s exactly what I’m doing today, so let’s check it out So first as you can tell it is around Christmas time It hasn’t been Thanksgiving yet, but my family loves the holidays And we love Christmas so much that we already had to decorate so this is basically my room tour featuring Christmas decor first I have my vanity That’s really awkward. This is basically where I keep all of my makeup. It’s very organized Every cabinet has a lot of things in it But yeah, so here are my brushes Here’s some of my favorite perfume. This is my favorite perfume at the moment. It’s see by Giorgio Armani. It’s its incredible and I have this little stool that I sit on when I do my makeup so yeah and what I love about this vanity is the lights it makes it very legit and It’s it’s really great for doing your makeup because you can see everything crystal clear Okay moving on to this area over here. This is my dresser This is from Levins furniture store or something it’s levins So yeah, I just keep all of my clothes like jeans sweatpants Shorts leggings and there’s a little drawer for some jewelry, which is really cute up here I have just some little decorations This little Bowl is from home goods. This is a little snowman There’s a Polaroid of me and Jack that is really cute this little case is from Urban Outfitters and it can sprinkle glitter which is really cute I have another frame of Me and Jack and then I have This Nutcracker and this little tree these are both from Pier one Imports if you’re wondering. Here’s my TV It’s really nice and I dunno And fun fact this right here is really bad, but this is my first painting that I ever painted So yeah, it’s a little history on that little guy over there so now I guess we should just head into the bathroom since it’s all right behind me so when you walk in This is what you see nothing fancy. Hey guys, what’s up? I’m filming the video with the lovely In here is basically what every bathroom has a sink a toilet and a shower. so right here. I have some skincare things. This is what I do This is like my skin care routine regimen thing here’s some toothpaste if you’re wondering this tray is from home goods, and then we move over to here and here’s Here is my soap and another soap bar and My toothbrush holder and my fancy toothbrush that I really like and this little set is all from home goods aswell if you watched Mackenzie’s room tour You might realize that she loved her textured wallpaper in her bathroom I also have the little textured wallpaper that I really like I think it’s it adds a lot to our bathrooms and Yeah It’s really cute Next I have my little window over here It’s circular. It looks like one of those like Sailor. What is that called, like? I don’t know? like on a boat? So yeah, there’s that here’s my little holder for my towels and my Robes, and then here’s my shower nothing cool about it. It’s just a shower My toilet. okay lets move on. and then I come to here, I really like this like marble Don’t know really what this is, but I think it’s really nice in my room and then down here. It’s very messy I just have some storage down here a lot of soap a lot of face wash a lot of You know just hygiene things everything and then in here is some razors here toothbrush and hair ties So yeah, that’s basically my bathroom now we’re going to move on to my tree area, so this is just my Window and I bought these cool curtain things that hang down their like drapes. I don’t really know I really I think it adds something cool to my room and yeah, here’s my Christmas tree I Love it very much I didn’t decorate it, but I loved it. I think it matches my room really well. I love like whites and silver Yeah, now we’re going to move over to this little area. This is I think from home goods. I believe this little table. I made this vase one time we were doing some ceramics and here is a picture frame of me and Lilia my best friend and like my other brother Jack Buckingham, so yeah, and then you come up here And there’s a babe sign this is from Urban Outfitters, which I really think is super cute And then I just painted this painting It’s really lame, but I just wanted to do something Christmassy so yeah, and we’re gonna reverse you my home here Okay, so here is my mirror. I just put these little like I don’t know what they’re actually like pom pom ball things. I don’t really know They’re cute for Christmas I guess this is from home goods as well if you’re wondering so now we’re moving on to my little nightstand So I usually sleep on the side of the bed, so this is the nightstand that I go to the most I have this which is also from Levins furniture this lamp is from home goods And so is this little deer I have this really cute painting that I love I think it really it brings a lot to my room because it’s kind of fashion which I like something really special I like over on this side is this snow globe. This is a present I got from the book of Henry the movie that I filmed in 2015. It’s really really pretty Now I’m gonna move you on to the main part of my room, which is my bed, so this is my bed It’s not really that cool. Oh wait hold on your just such a perfectionist this bed is from Levine’s furniture as well basically everything you see like the whole set learns from bogans. It’s non-secular Yeah, I put some festive pillows up for Christmas you know this is from home goods, which I really like I love home goods This is from home goods as well. I it’s very cozy, and that it is mainly you know a throw blanket But it’s also to keep me warm, so yeah, and then up here This really cool mirror picture frame thing This is from Pier one Imports as well I think it adds a lot to my room because we didn’t know what to do At first when I got this room you look what should we put up there because it’s a little empty But I think it brings it together, and then I have this little garland from home goods You know just bring in the Christmas spirit, and then before we move on to the next dresser um I’m just gonna let you guys have a since little beds. What’s it called like a side table a bench a bench a side table. this bench is from home goods I don’t know if you tell but I love home goods, so this little basket right here. I’m very proud of I Made this myself. I got everything from Pier one Imports And I decorated it and put it together So yeah, well, I’m moving on to this little chair over here I just have a Christmas pillow and this little thing that my mom put here I don’t really know chair not the actual chair, but this band right here is from one I did book of Henry that was the actual name I had on my set chair, and then I have this cool little picture frame here. Also this dresser is from Lovins as well. I just have some fun decorations here This is when I won a People’s Choice Award which was really rewarding and awesome I’m very thankful for this this is when I won a Industry dance award award. I’m really thankful for that. It’s really cool that I have won awards and I’m Hopefully gonna get more So inspirational. next over here I have these little cute books from home goods And then I have another one of those cute a Polaroid holder that has glitter in it This is another thing of me and Jack because I love having pictures of me and him in the room bond We have that same painting symmetrical to the other side It’s a little different. I believe so I have like pajamas I have socks in here shorts a bunch of other things, and then we move on to this side. This is my other side table I’d like it a lot because I have two very cute photos on here here Is this really cute photo jack listen now? They are one of those puller and holder things It looks very handsome So I love having this one here And then I have this really cute photo of me and McKenzie this was I believe on Easter And we look like we’re probably about like Three and four here Kenzie looks like she has to fart Next I have this really really really cute thing that one of our fans got us her name is Michaela and We called her Demi Lovato because she looks like Demi Lovato, and then I have just this little snowman He just sits next to my bed Last but not least I’m going to show you my closet This is one of my favorite things in my room, this is what? My beautiful one of my beautiful best friends Alison got me as a present It’s a bunch of memories of us from when we were literally so tiny to like last year and I love them we have such good memories together and Shoutout to you girl. I love you, Allison now moving onto my closet. I don’t know if It’s clean So we’ll see So I have clothes on this side And I have they’re mainly color-coordinated like blacks grays Blues greens tans pinks reds purples. I don’t know my rooms very organised sometimes Then move over to this side, and I have some little bags this this little backpack is from brandy melville I love it a lot. I think it’s super cute I have some of these really cute boots a random vase and then you move over here and Basically all of these drawers right here are my dance clothes so I have leggings sweatpants and crop tops leotards tights Everything you could probably guess dancer would have I love this picture so much This is me Mackenzie when we filmed for I believe of Teen Vogue we did a little fun interview, and yeah That was a fun day have all of my white t-shirts and some sweatshirts up here Now you move over to this side And here’s where some of my shoes are not I know this looks like a lot of shoes But not all of them are here because some of them are in LA like a lot of my really cute sneakers are in LA So yeah, here’s just a little bit of them, and this is basically my closet Ok guys. so that was my room tour featuring Christmas Decorations, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I know that was very long waited, and I’m not very good at explaining everything in my room But I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I just wanna say one thing I am very fortunate to have the room I do and a lot of people might think that I’m showing off my room But really a lot of you guys just requested this and I wanted to show you guys Ok guys, so thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe To my channel, I know I said this everytime But seriously comment down below what you would like me to do in my next video because I’m curious What you want me to put out there on the tube? Oh! Also, I hope everyone has a very fun and happy Holidays. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you have a great Christmas and Yeah, thank you guys so much for watching and have a happy holidays mwah

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  3. she's so organised then there's me who makes every corner of my room as bookshelves, I sleep with my books the reason why I don't use pillows lol

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  7. your bathroom isnt fancy? your whole room costs more than my husbands apartment. little ungrateful? much?

  8. Their rooms are so grown up for them, there is nothing in them that makes them look like teens. her room is beautiful but a little too perfect with the matchy matchy 🙂

  9. I love you you are the best girl in dance moms oh and tell your sister that I love her and I subscribe to you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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