Nandi Hill only for Sunrise? Weekend Trip to Nandi Hills | Bengaluru travel guide | Aerial View

I am taking your ugly pictures! please stop! Tanya Madam.. I am bored. Wake up!  What you wanna do? Let’s go somewhere, its a weekend! Ok, go where? So pick one. And whichever you pick will be the destination where we are heading to  ok! This Place! This is so cool! Zoom Car !!. Everyone loves weekend trips And being in Bangalore, if I would’nt be discovering the places around Bengaluru – This is really not done! So I decided to make good use of the weekend and travel! Near Bengaluru, Nandi hills is the first place that comes to one’s mind and off we went there! Enroute, Grover Zampa vineyard is a perfect place to stop for all wine lovers, and it got us super excited! Grover zampa are the first ones to produce wines in India and are the most awarded ones. I cant wait to try their winery tour and wine tasting. – Me too, lets go! Hi Karishma, so I heard that you are the first lady who makes wine in India.  Yeah, Currently, I am one of the two in India Which is the best time to come here if I want to witness grapes? The best time to come here is in mid-Jan to end April And I get to taste all 5 brands?
– Yes, you do! They have a fantastic Vineyard and Winemaking tour where they show how wines are made. and the tour ended with wine tasting – where we got to taste their 5 brands!! The first thing you do is smell, then you swirl and then you sip. Overall it was an experience in itself,just wow! Enroute to Nandi Hills we stopped at multiple locations to soak in the serenity of nature. It was pretty late by the time we reached Nandi Hills. we checked in to Gandhi Nilaya – the only hotel at the top and called it a night. The hotel is run by Karnataka Tourism and has got spacious rooms The next morning -we were amazed to see the view from our room balcony! Now all that i want to do is sit somewhere and enjoy the beauty. Dude! Look at the Monkeys! Nandi hills is also called ANANDA GIRI which means THE HILL OF HAPPINESS what else can actually describe the place more than it’s name itself? Oh God! You know Tanya, I wish it did not rain last night. I wanted to enjoy the sunrise view from Tipu Point. But i was wondering why is it called as Tipu Drop? So, this basically got famous during Tipu Sultans period His prisoners were literally thrown from here.
Oh my God! One thing i am telling you, do not feed the monkeys here. I had a very bad experience with them. They snatch food away from you Nandi Hills is a must see place near Bengaluru. as it’s so serene and so so so beautiful that blew our mind away. So guys, do come here and enjoy the natural beauty. And yes!
Please Do not Litter! After such a peaceful experience we drove our way to Amruth Sarovar The ‘lake of ambrosia’which are formed by the perennial springs. I could totally feel myself like a free spirited soul with so much calmness and peace in the area. After spending a great time at Amruth sarovara we headed towards Nh7 refuel restaurant for lunch . Himanshi Challenge
– What is it? Let’s see who finishes this patiala size lassi first.
– Challenge accepted! From their north-Indian style tikkas to their awesome patiyala style lassis… The food was super delicious. We enjoyed a lot,it’s a great hangout place. So many fancy bikes here Himanshi ! Yes, they give bikes on rent here. That’s so cool! when we were about to head back to Bangalore, we realised that we had missed the historical Bhoga nandheswara temple. So we took a U turn and drove back. Nandi hill area is also known for lot of grape plantations. on the way stopped at one. It is a different experience seeing the grapes hanging from the plant! Tanya tasted a few -but they were too sour!! Located in the Nandi village, Boga Nandeeshwara temple is more than 1000 years old. Beyond this compound, is a large step temple tank. locally called Shringeri Tirtha ! and its so beautiful during certain festive dates because the entire place is lit up with lamps. Lot of newly wed couples come to this temple to take blessings of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Temple has 3 shrines. each dedicated to one of the 3 stages in God Shiva’s life -childhood youth and Shiva’s marriage to Parvati Having tea and our favourite maggie was such a relish… It was so relaxing for us… This was the perfect way to end our weekend getaway. So guys stay tuned as there are a lot of such places for us to explore. Do Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe the video!

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