Nazca Lines Air Tour with Transport from Lima

(relaxing intro music) (intense synthetic music) – Today, we are in Nazca, Peru, one of the most desolate
places on the planet. We’re gonna jump in this little plane, fly above, and check out
the mysterious Nazca Lines. (airplane engine revving up) All right, here we go. So, this flight is about
an hour and 45 minutes. There’s a pretty big area
of how much there is to see, and this little map here
shows you some of the animals. There’s a monkey, there’s a spider. Nobody quite knows how they were built. It’s a total mystery. We’re getting pretty close, now. I think we’re about 10 minutes away from the actual Nazca lines. Oh, there it is! He’s so cute, look at him! (laughs) This is so much fun. He actually banks the
airplane pretty tight, so you can actually see out the window. He was flying right above it. (invigorating music) So, while the creation of the Nazca Lines remains a mystery, experts
believe that they were created between 400 and 650 AD, so they’re really old, but
they’re a pristine visual. There’s a lot of theories as to why the Nazca people created these things. Some of them are mathematical, some of them are astrological, some of them, we just don’t know. That was incredible, and something I have never before seen in my life. It is certainly worth the trip from Lima. (pensive outro music)

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