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welcome to our home hey we have lived here five days yeah it's maybe the last time okay so we're gonna walk you through our plans I'm on a step right now we're gonna walk you through our plans and um initial five days in plans this all happens super fast and so we haven't even really finalized anything super well but we thought this would be a really fun video to look back on five days in our house the state of tin which is spoiler alert still a lot of boxes everywhere organize and then talk through initial plans and then maybe down the road see where we ended up but this is what we're thinking right now yep come check it out check out my crib so this is the entry and in the week all things that we moved in here we realized you don't actually use it that often no we come in through the garage or there's a side door but all of our guests have come through this door and so we are going to be laying out differently than our last house where we keep the front door every time and focus more on making it just a really beautiful place to walk in and we'd love to still keep tile here but maybe do a really beautiful special pattern the title the light is a tricky one because it's centered with the door and so from outside you see the light that looks really good but once you're inside here it feels we're not sure how we're going to there's nice light nice windows I would love to the main thing that sucked us and actually the reason we all didn't buy this house was this room right here because I didn't love that walk-in and then it just felt like a confusing this is what they used at their formal dining room for us it didn't make sense really to use it as that and obviously the columns aren't necessarily our style and it wasn't until we came up with a really fun plan that we decided okay this house could work for us what we would love to do is where the stairs are here just carry the ceiling all the way across and the floor upstairs and what that will do is it'll create a space here that we can use is like a music room we're gonna do probably an arched doorway like right here and close this off a little bit that'll allow us to get rid of the columns and then we can make this into a music room just like a sitting room just like a quiet place except for when the girls are banging on the piano and that will also give us an extra bonus room upstairs right above here that we don't have a big space of blank yes place we don't have a big space where we can just send the kids to go play when we have people over and or even sexual we never have a TV in our living and so we love to have like a casual place elsewhere her TV and we imagine that that is where that space up there we see a casual like family room yeah baby playroom so this would be a music room and then there will be instead of a window here there would be a small narrow tall arched doorway here and the living room take the door off it'll just be a walkway here and there so it doesn't feel so closed off and they lead to do two different rooms um so I guess to come in here this is the main living room and we have so many plans for it again one thing we knew right away with our backyard view is completely blocked by this fireplace there's so much natural light in here thanks to these windows but we are going to create even more by moving this fireplace to this wall which is actually where the chimney is so I there was a fireplace on the other side previously and we're gonna make it a double-sided fireplace into this room which will be our formal dining room we'll show you in a second and then this wall all be Windows we're gonna redo all the windows still finalizing the color and design of the windows but it's gonna let in so much light and just a clear view from in here unobstructed out into the backyard and so while we're talking about this demo site place we also thought about maybe doing some beams in here on the ceiling so the double-sided fireplace will we're gonna redo this doorway widen it a little bit and arch it as well right just open it up so that it's constantly open this was actually a huge selling point for us because right now it is definitely like an enclosed porch you can see this and they've made it all drywall now I'm not sure how inflated it's pretty drafting here but there was a fireplace here and like I said the chimney stack is right here and so doing that double sided fireplace from the living room to here should be relatively straightforward and then this is going to become our dream and it is not infrequent that we have 20 plus people over forget like with just our friends it's like 12 and still having like we're gonna build the table for 20 put to change the leaders in here double-sided by your place get rid of these columns will reconfigure some of the windows so instead of having a sliding glass door at least this is what we're thinking right now instead of having sliding glass doors will have some windows with columns in between them and this door will refinish it and turn it into the which is mostly the door we use anyway wait I think that we are pretty close in sight between the windows there's gonna be cause on the outside okay sure we'll give it to ya just a while maybe it starts in between we're envisioning black what it is yeah no this is set in stone we can say what we're envisioning right now black thickness and then the floor we would love I would love to do a sort of really beautiful having tile flooring here heated so let's go in the kitchen usually a room that we like to spend at least a year in before we renovate but we're already taking notes of some pain points that we have so this is our lovely breakfast nook that we'll have a table for you know six just like our family basically will eat in here we solve all of our furniture obviously so this is an old weather folding table some old chairs we had on hand that's just what we're doing right now do you want to talk about your initial plans for the kitchen what you like and what you don't like honestly the space in the kitchen is really nice the storage is a little bit tricky in some of the areas the drawers are narrow and deep which is I find it's a little difficult to use things get buried very easily you know that's kind of a messy drawer there so I'm looking for something I have to dig through so I'd like to have more drawers that are a little more shallow a bit wider the flow here has been tricky for me as well because this is where I cook and this is where everybody sits until a lot of times when I'm cooking here our girls are here and I'm moving a hot pan over here so I can you know dish it up and serve them or whatever and so still kind of working through that it would be nice to take the fridge do like a big fridge freezer and some pantry storage here or just tall cabinetry around it and then move the cooking area or what's here but I'm not I'm not fully decided we have been super impressed with this fridge its hold so much stuff and you know it's been a it's a great kitchen for now but my mom gave me the advice because they recently moved into their home to write down your initial feelings or your initial things that you noticed which one of the things was well these like these cabinets even the cabinets like you know they're they don't fit like two stacks of plates they fit like a stack of plates in something a little and she's like just write it down because you'll forget and then when you do renovate it you'll just not remember like these things that you want to change so we might I don't know I would say next year maybe we'll focus on the kitchen if we don't do it next year I'll probably want to do like a phase one yeah phase one paint everything back here we have like our pantry which is so funny because we have the opposite reaction we first saw a picture like oh it's like kind of the same size as our normal pantry actually it's like it's like four times the size it's so big and their shelves all over here and so we love the pantry we actually might steal some room for it because it's you know really wide and the mudroom next door still some room from it yeah steal some room from it because the mudroom next door right over here feels a little tight yeah well this is a pretty narrow space it's nice because these were already here and there's five of them there's five people in our family that works really well but if we have all of our kids back here and getting their shoes and getting ready it's very it's a little bit cramped so we might borrow a foot but a half from the pantry and just shift this over to widen this up a little bit and then if you turn around this is just our cleaning closet it needs a lot of organization and then the garage there's lots of boxes lots of boxes in it it's a really nice sized garage that bill just organized I'm so if you come down this hall so right off the kitchen this is a beautiful bathroom I'll stay the way that it is at least for a while and then this is kind of the it will be like the kids homework room which Brookes working in here and a half but it's a really great size for like all of our you know like family bills girls homework they actually have their piano in here I saw a previous picture but we love this idea of just kind of dedicating this to family studies and things like that do we want to go downstairs while we're here we go in our office on this floor so the last room on this floor is our office which again huge selling point for for this house I love the arched doorway it would be fun to do an arched door into this since the doorway is already art and maybe not have the other room or the acoustics in here are excellent yeah I like here myself not I could be any more so this is gonna be the curse of Julia office we were working in like a nine by twelve room before yeah it was smaller than this oh yeah there's like so right now we're working on a folding table basically but we envision windows and then a little kitchenette we are team often has lunched together and so we want to include some sort of dining table and couch for meetings and we love this space because it's right off of the entry and so when we do have people over like Thursday we have some meetings and things where people are going to be coming in to discuss and it's gonna be nice just to have them come right into the office so maybe work on the tray ceiling get rid of the theater room vibes yep yeah so do some storage yeah we're accumulating more and more samples of tile and textiles and things like that but flooring having a place to store all of that stuff and then a table where we can lay things out and basically do a live mood board in place while we're working would be nice yeah okay this is the basement I have is I've been down here twice since we moved in but this is kind of where we're storing all of the things we don't this is like everything that was in our storage room right now yeah this was like a theater room for them before and I think eventually it will turn it into that right now we're just figuring out storage stuff and so this is a makeshift storage room or not even makeshift it's just a room that were just doing study just plops it in there this is the isle of misfit toys it's nice because it has this bathroom down here in the bathroom I mean it's done really well there's no real immediate changes needed down here and then a room right here that actually the previous owners use the desert gun room we live in Idaho that's just you know what people do and so we are gonna use it as a guest room right the guy behind the camera he's our guest staying here right now but you know the cabinetry I think we'll take and move up to the garage this is a great workbench great storage will be nice we'll put that up there some of this stuff as well and just turn this into a legitimate bedroom or when people come there sleep here and then they have the bathroom right there it's very private down here so it's a great space for guests yeah this is just like a little I don't know where any light switches are that's like one of the top ten things that it's hard about moving like where what do all the light switches do and there are 8,000 light switches in this place there's so many it's tricky so again this is a great storage room but this storage there's no storage big enough to fit a tote of Christmas decorations or Christmas tree and so we're kind of that's just something we'll probably have our guy and then just utility rooms through here utilities let's go up there okay so in the entry there's a staircase that leads to one side total ninety sitcom there's like a back staircase and it's so useful yeah we use this one more than we use the front one for sure yeah phase room one thing to know right away is the lighting in the bedrooms is not great this is the only light just changing the color of the light bulb we changed this drastically we're still trying to decide where we're gonna put fence we're thinking we'd like to put things bag under this window that is some wiring for sconces here both of the girls I'm like out of breath from walking up the stairs what is it um both of the girls obviously something about kids is they don't they are happy are these are girls they don't care so much about paint colors or things like that like they want they want a space to call their own and so right now phase really happy in this space obviously we have a lot of plans I'd love to have some fun wallpaper under the molding paint add some lighting and some of those things might happen in phases but right now she's just sleeping on a box spring and mattress like there's not even a bed frame here and she's never been happier have just like a target nightlight no this is obviously one of my favorite rooms though when we lay down and read books to Fay and just being underneath the arch and the window it's just really cool and it feels so fake when we saw this room we're like messes this is obviously fazer I'm Joe this is obviously guy's room so she's about wood trim are we gonna keep it or not and we're not this is this house was built in the year 2000 it's not like historical wood trim and I have no qualms about painting it sorry or even if we end up replacing it you know it is it is good stuff so anything that we take out we're going to do so carefully so that we can this is the two washers and driers is truly life-changing we finally have a place for all of our towels and linens in one spot which has been incredible these drying racks I will say like clearly this laundry room isn't my specific style but it's an amazing space that's obviously done really well and so spaces like that in this home are taking a backseat to spaces that maybe could use like more attention up front like the living room or dining room area that we want use as a family and we want to keep this upstairs kind of calm while our girls get settled a little bit yeah this is Polly's room it's a little bit bigger than our last room and has a closet as well this room gets the most sunlight it's really the only bedroom that gets direct sunlight through the windows and of course it's in the morning so that wakes her up nice and early which is great but this is a perfect room for her we'll get some blackout curtains to help her sleep a little bit longer in the mornings it's summer so she's up and out of the 5 a.m. we kept all of her furniture her room was the only room in our house that we kept all the furniture for because she's just outgrowing the crib but not quite she's just outgrowing the changing table about to do potty training but not quite and we didn't want to rebuy all those things for here so just hang on to him countertops are really low they can reach there is a little bit of natural light in here would be fun to add even more better lighting change out the floors I mean obviously eventually every space will be completely redone top to bottom this is the priority this year now but when we replace all the windows it's not something that we might be thinking about is do you want to expand that window before we replace it and then they have a little bathtub in here and toilet and everything is just little which is so perfect for our two youngest so and then greta's room down the hall she's the oldest if she gets her own little first we'll talk about this little space so this right now is what we're using is the 2,000 play room it's a small space but I mean the girls they love playing up here their toys and games Greta keeps climbing up here and just hiding up there that's her like a long time space which is kind of funny we don't know where she is we'll find her in this Katniss this carpet is intense yeah so it will obviously be gone but the nice thing about the carpets like see the pads underneath are so nice and cushy so when we do replace it if we don't do hardwoods through here you know just putting carpet over top of the pad that's already in place cool tone we actually got her king-size bed because when we do have a lot of family come in we envision this as kind of like a second guest suite it has its own bathroom in there with a great shower and obviously this is this room is not quite as big as the master but it's really a quite large room it sounds at least as big as our last master oh yeah we'll remember last master the bed you had like this much room so it's probably at least five feet deeper than our last master bedroom and the shower is bigger it's the biggest hour and that in this house it's bigger than our last shower which I lash out was really nice oh yes so kind of setting this room up for Greta but then also for guests to stay in early coming she like she like laid out this rug and she has a lot of room cried with just sweet so this is where that bonus room will be you know we'll take out this railing and we haven't decided if we want to put a door on it or if we just want to do like over or a doorway or just leave it completely open we're leaning towards a doorway maybe you lined up with the doorway downstairs to the music room having it up here and there's already a window and we talked to someone about ducting and they said that it will really be no problem because they're pretty sure the ducts go through the ceiling there's an extra furnace in the Attic okay so we're really excited about that additional square footage and then this is master so normally we would love to do a phase one of this relatively soon because we don't have you know we're sleeping on our just Sleep Number bed and it's based we don't have a bed right now we don't have nightstands we don't have a lamp don't have nice things demonstrate the window coverings just every night and morning doing that five days then it's already getting a little old and so just to face eventually I would love to take this fireplace down a few notches I think for for the master it's a little overwhelming for me doing something more modest not Rock removing these I think will make the room feel a lot more peaceful and then I really wish that there was a way for the fire for the bed to be facing the fireplace but it just seems so natural to have the bed on this wall and so I'm kind of struggling with the configuration of the room right now but we might try it on that wall I don't think it's that work though we'll try it everywhere this is about yeah so things one would be a painting I'm thinking something dark maybe doing something about the tray ceiling I I've never been a huge fan of tray ceilings this house has a lot of them and so I'm doing some research on maybe what we want to do with the tray ceiling and maybe for the first time in our lives we'll have a dresser in our bedroom tricky thing with this one is they've used it for the ducting but if the ducts are accessible from above we might be able to raise those watts see yeah this is our bathroom chris has a few words to say about yeah toilets awesome that's super clean toilet see it's always warm but not in there like somebody just sat here warm which is very uncomfortable more mentally again we have a bathroom that is largely taken up by a tub now something that I realize now we did we took the time out of our bathroom because we are shower people and this shower although it is enclosed like our last one it is not as bright correct it's a decent sized shower and it goes I did that's weird it does have a light on it normally it just needs to be swapped out the ceilings are tall so it doesn't feel cramped in there but we would love to still maybe put this free-floating freezer freestanding freestanding reconfigure a few things in here maybe do glass in between spaces instead of full walls so that you can you know get away with you gain probably a foot foot and a half in space just by using glass in between spaces instead of the wall so and on this wall again we have like these great windows and there's beautiful trees outside and so we'd love to put a larger window here just want to swap the tub to this die and the closet I realize the closet is probably weirdly the thing I missed the most for her last house because I'm really struggling I think there's just no drawers at all and so figuring out some sort of closet system sooner than later will help back but it's a great tall closet with natural light I've always wanted a closet a natural light so I'm excited about that I'm just we just need to get some sort of system in here I think that's it I think that's the house so oh we can go all back let's go yeah the doors when you're coming through the doorways and you're open and closing doors it just kind of breaks up the flow a little bit so making these just constant walkways will be nice backyard we love this area out here and I mean you can see the work that they've done is awesome the door looks beautiful of course it does need some refinishing but they've put these lights up which are really nice and they're hung really well so we will we're kind of trying to figure out exactly what we're gonna do out here but I think we'll do like an outdoor kitchen and this section back here just back in this corner we want to open this up and add that's just a small set of stairs steps to go down to the path there if a lot of times people will come around here to the backyard and I always want to just walk up through the garden beds and I often do so having some stairs right there will be nice a seating is like a sitting area over there we're replacing the pump on this one it's not working right now but nice little waterfall that comes down here and there's another one out there that's just turned off right now we're gonna do but this is yeah the outside of what we plan on doing we would like to carry the stone all the way on just this wall here so do stone all the way across and then on the chimney yep and stone up on the chimney and also this fascia on the house there's some nice trim work on the house and then this is kind of done a little bit as an afterthought so we want to really up the trim around here I think that will make a really big difference and then like Chris said earlier do instead of sliding doors maybe just do some windows we may to make it feel more like a room instead of a patio we may move the lights over a little bit closer and then you start a window here with a stone pillar in between and then you have more stone in a window a stone pillar in the window so you kind of spread out the light a little bit more instead of having pockets of it I think this is this is probably gonna be one of our first projects like major projects is this back area right here just because we're gonna do the dining room yeah so it's kind of yeah part of that and then out here we would love to get a pool and we're trying to decide where to put the pool I still want some grass and things but we're thinking maybe somewhere over here doing a really modest dies in-ground pool and hot tub for the family so and then we I feel like on the previous video we never really showed our whole yard so we're on three and a half acres and there's a play set over here and the tiny port here a water feature here and then over here we have a little paddock and pasture area some horses or they said that they kind of baby bison they said that they were gonna get enough pack up we're not I don't know if we'll really get anything anytime soon so this is the pasture area and then you can see a paddock and we would love to build maybe you know we have this whole huge yard right here we'd love to build I think some sort of barn shop over here with an apartment above it yeah we talked about doing something here or maybe something over on that side of the yard off of the driveway that already exists just stops at the house I'm not really sure but that'll be four or five years down the line back here is the garden we got in a bit late to actually plant something the previous owner owners they planted some strawberries in one of the boxes so we'll look forward to harvesting that everything else though it's really just weeds are these fruit trees maybe could have fruit cheese would be this one's not alive that would be cool now fruit trees it's a lot of fun we've already been out here played some basketball on it it's just a nice place and the evenings as the Sun Goes Down Goes Down over there the trees shade this area really nice on summer evenings it's just it's just wonderful out here lots of weeds along the side though that we need to take care of this is kind of my favorite view of the back of the house or of the house is of the back of the house and I would love to I we're trying to decide whether we want to go light or dark with it I'm pretty sure we're gonna go light with dark windows and maybe add some sort of mortar to the rocks to add a little bit more of a schmear but it's really just the most magical little place we just love it so much yeah place that needs a little bit of repair needs to be sanded down restained some parts of it are broken so we'll do that as well some parts that are laying in the yard you know speaker there's just speakers all over the place yeah he's tucked away in there anything but I want to get that hooked up so I can see where the music plays everywhere no shortage of yard here on this is the owners use this as a chicken coop and our girls are just dying to have it as a playhouse so we'll clean it out and redo it in there you back out the front and you can see that I mean they've used the arch in a few places here I think we'd really like to incorporate it in a few more places in the house and maybe unify some of the spaces a little more to bring you along and I mean it's gonna take probably a decade so buckle up

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