[Music] 1 million our little family has grown to 1 million I I can’t I can’t even how could we have gone to that amount and this amount of time baby it’s incredible and I know it’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to update you guys I actually kind of got into a little bit of a cycling accident a couple of weeks ago so I took some time off to heal and to rest but before that happened I had filmed a video that I wanted to share it with you guys like three or four weeks ago I didn’t get around to editing it but I kind of want to share that with you now we have the keys to the studio space oh my goodness I am so excited I have been looking for a place to work out of for over the last three months and when we finally found the place that you know we fell in love with it was gonna be our studio space we had to wait for it to finish being built but it’s now done which means we can start moving in okay [Music] I feel like I should first welcome you to our bedroom and I know that might sound weird that there’s plates and cups and bowls and things like that in our bedroom but it’s just because we don’t have room for it anywhere else so when I first moved to the Netherlands that was like October of 2016 and I was actually living with Robin in his student room which was 10 square meters so the two of us were living in a 10 square meter space which is ridiculously small but I have this vision that I wanted to start pickuplines and I didn’t feel like I had the space I needed to do that but I had to work with what I have I knew I couldn’t necessarily film in that small space and we didn’t have a kitchen that we could work with so I figured that during that time what I would do is I would create the pickuplines website and during that time we were hunting for like an apartment that we could move to I wasn’t making an income and Robin had just started his ph.d so he kind of had to support both of us during that time so finally in like January or something of 2017 we found the apartment that we’re currently living in and that’s when I started making videos for pickup lines and it was really exciting and I was just so glad to have a space that I could work from so it was an upgrade from the 10 square meters but a 40 square meter apartment is still relatively small and our kitchen is incredibly small and I think sometimes I’ve had people even message if I had a kitchen like that I would totally be able to create videos like this and I think you guys see these certain kitchens in some of the videos but those are either my sister’s kitchen my mom’s kitchen Robins mom’s kitchen they’re actually not ours you’ve actually never seen our kitchen in fact I’ll just show you this is our kitchen and the space right here it’s pretty much all I ever had to work with but I’m vegetables right here you don’t see our screen is a fridge and a stove but it’s also a microwave combination let me show you right there that’s it see what I mean it’s not it’s not much to work with so I’ve been making do with what I can with the space that we have available like just filming in various corners but I feel like I’ve just used all the space I can including putting a shelving unit like this in our bedroom alright let’s go to the studio it’s gonna be completely empty so don’t get your hopes up too much but you’re just gonna see the progression of it as we continue to get the space ready let’s go [Music] davus to do we go I’ve never tried setting up a camera on the car before this isn’t working you did it Junior did it lens is dirty there we go this guy has been the most amazing support person for the entirety of my time being here he’s teaching me how to speak Dutch he’s driving me around because for 10 years in Canada I’ve had my driver’s license but here I can’t leave really Drive because also in Europe everyone drives dick and I drive automatic so that means he for now for the time being he has to chauffeur me around and help me with dropping off all the stuff at the studio and buying old furniture and things like that so some more little fun facts about the studio space Franck who’s the name of the guy who built this he’s amazing all of the stuff here he made from recycled material or at least as much as he could let me show you these wooden planks came from a canal here in Eindhoven these brick floors came from the train station in Amsterdam this bench was just made using recycled wood and doors like this one were made using reused metal sheets let’s start over here okay over here you just want to give you guys this tour we’ve already seen this large window behind me which is really nice to have a whole bunch of natural life in here this is where we’re gonna be putting the kitchen the pickup lattice kitchen there is we kind of custom-made it which means we’re gonna have to wait like another month for that to be ready and for it to be sold but I can’t wait for you guys to see that the colors and the plants it’s all gonna come together so importantly all of the recipe video is kind of going forward once the kitchen is installed it’s going to be in this space and if you’re hearing an echo it’s just because the place is totally empty I’m hoping that goes away when we get some furniture in here so let’s carry on to this this corner is going to be our food photography corner when we make recipes for the blog all of these kind of plates and bowls and cups and things like that that you saw me packing earlier I’m gonna put it along here this space has the best natural light it’s not a direct light but it’s kind of like that it diffused by which is perfect for food photography now if we do a full turn follow me follow me follow me here we go come over here we’re gonna have the kitchen area our sort of office area where myself and a couple other people are gonna be working we did find a pickup lines enter and by the way so I’m really excited to introduce you to her when she comes to work with us in the space in about and over here we’re gonna have like a living room area couches things like that just a lounge space a hanging chair loads of plants I’m planning on making this full space like a jungle of sorts it’s gonna be really nice I hope and then back here yeah I’ve got some plans for it plans are not ready to share just yet but you gotta keep some surprise that’s it this is the studio it’s obviously not much yet and it’s because we still have to get things and furniture but you’ve seen it from the beginning and since filming that like three or four weeks ago a lot has happened to let me update you we did loads and loads of furniture hunting we got the cutest pots and accessory items from second-hand shops we made what feels like hundreds of trips up and down the stairs of the studio to drop things off we loaded up the car with our new plant babies so that we could start creating our little jungle and it might look like I overdid it on the plants but I just feel like you can never have too many and then it was time to bring in the kitchen so I haven’t been at the studio for a few days because I’ve been resting up my arm and my leg but today is the first day I’m back in it’s for a good reason they’re delivering the kitchen today [Music] so the kitchen has arrived that’s what all of these boxes here are all this left is actually just setting this up which is gonna be tomorrow so see that so the kitchen is being installed today and I’m like really really excited but I’m trying to like keep my cool as well because I’ve heard from so many people that when kitchens are newly installed there’s always something that goes wrong with it so I’m hoping for the best but I’m expecting some hiccups titute [Music] are you ready to see the new pickup lines kitchen because I am it imagines it and there were a few hiccups we we saw that coming right so let me just show you what those were so starting over here these handlebars are really cute but they are actually not the ones we ordered we need to create a whole new wall for this hood fan we didn’t know that when you get a kitchen you’ve got to get a plumber to come in separately so there is no running water right now also if you look back here you’ll see there’s a big gap between where the countertop ends and where the wall begins it turns out the wall is not totally straight so we’re gonna need to get like a strip along the whole back kitchen and now you get to see it before you see the rest of the space because the rest of the space let me tell you it’s a mess I’ll give you a tour one day what it’s ready just give me some time now fast forward a couple more days to when pickup lines reached 1 million subscribers Robyn’s mom and some of our friends had come by to help me with organizing the space and I had no clue that some of our other friends were coming by to surprise us with this bike that they had fixed up and custom made especially for us they pickup lines at 1million anniversary printed on to it in the pickup limits pond and my knee was still kind of busted so I couldn’t take it for a test run but Robin had the liberty of doing that for me and there’s a whole journey and this whole experience it’s just felt so surreal and it’s because of you guys and you’re nothing short of incredible in your comments and your support from the beginning have meant so much to me and I would love more than anything to get to meet some of you guys I’m actually going to be giving a talk at the Berlin vegan food festival on August 26 so if there is any chance you’re hanging out in the Berlin area around then please please come by it’s free events come say hi I think yeah it would just mean the world to me and one more thing I think that you guys have seen the videos we’ve posted here on the channel for the last year and a half but what you might not know is have actually been creating recipes and even recipe videos actually with my sister for I think it’s been over four years at this point videos I haven’t shared with anybody else so the whole pickuplines idea and vision it’s been a dream in the making for quite a while now so remember that the beautiful thing with starting small with whatever your vision is is that it’s gonna encourage you to get creative and work with what you have and remember that it’s going to continue to grow and expand as you do so just keep working at it and thank you so much for always staying by my side as I’ve worked at it too and I think I’m gonna get back to organizing the studio of it it’s a bit of a mess but thanks a lot for watching thank you so much again for the 1 million you guys are absolutely incredible pickuplines signing off we’ll see in the next video [Music] you

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