NYC Food Tour- LARGEST Little Brazil in Astoria, Queens ! 🇧🇷

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon, coming to you from Astoria, Queens And today we’re going to be exploring the Largest Little Brazil in New York City. We have an awesome guest host with us, she’s also a YouTuber She’s from Brazil And she’s going to show us around her favorite spots in this neighborhood We’re going to be eating a lot of good food Hope you’re hungry Hi guys, welcome to Astoria My name is Martha Sachser I’m Brazilian and I’ve been living here for about 7 years I believe And Astoria is my home Many Brazilians live here You will find many restaurants, supermarkets Bakeries And I want to take you guys to explore some of my favorite spots here in Astoria Alright Martha we are starting this tour at the Rio Market A Brazilian Supermarket What makes this place so cool Whenever I miss Brazilian food.. I come here Not only to eat fresh food But also to buy cookies Desserts Sweets, Pastries, everything to take home So I have plenty of Brazilian food for the rest of the month So it’s my favorite spot for everything Brazilian This is the Brazilian corner You will find other Brazilian products throughout the store But this is where you find all the good stuff Like all the cookies And things we’re very proud of The famous Brazilian Flip-Flops I think I bought some of these when I was in Rio actually You can find them here very special Styles.. Limited editions So it’s really cool Which one is your favorite? Which one would you buy? I love the one with the Brazilian Flag Just because it’s cool I see a lot of people wearing them. They’re not Brazilian.. So.. it makes me happy Okay so if you come to a Brazilian supermarket You want to buy snacks And these are some of my favorites These are Fandangos I think they have similar things here Like Elmo Chips and stuff.. But this is very Brazilian And also Biscoito.. they have different flavors But the original one is the best in my opinion So you’ve gotta.. try it They kind of look like little peanuts Yeah.. it’s very crunchy It’s delicious You can eat the entire bag in like 10 minutes What is this? This is tomato sauce? It’s Tomato Sauce It’s the elephant one The elephant tomato sauce This is Pao de Queijo The most popular thing in Brazil Food. You can eat it for breakfast, for lunch, for a snack For dinner For whenever you’re craving something good And it’s made of cheese But also made of 2 different kinds of flours So.. You must have this in Brazil And you can buy a bunch of Pao de Queijo
What do you call it Mix? To make it at home More paion de queijo
Pon de queijo We need some work on my Portugeuse Everywhere You guys are obsessed you’re right Every day for lunch We have rice and beans Every single day Lunch and dinner sometimes So this is where the good stuff is You’ll find Coixina I don’t know how to explain It has chicken inside I just showed you.. You will also find pastel Which is similar to Empanadas But better I’m kidding So you find all the good stuff here At. the.. you know here I don’t know how to explain it Guarana which.. I drank a lot of when I was in Brazil
And I don’t know if I’ve had any in the last.. 10 years It tastes just like I remembered it It’s very good This is Coxinha How do you call this Like a dough.. A pastry.. ? It’s a chicken inside And sometimes it comes with cheese Like cream cheese And sometimes no.. And this is pastel.. And it’s kind of like Empanada It’s kind of like empanada Brazilian style empanada Beef and cheese No this is chicken and cheese Chicken and cheese Let’s do it over Chicken, cheese.. looks delicious It’s fried Doughy Let’s take a bite It’s crunchy I like how doughy it is in the center And then you get to the chicken It’s a nice snack I think if I had two or three of these I could probably call this a meal We serve them at birthday parties Birthday parties Like a smaller version.. This would be the perfect spread for like the super bowl Forget your nachos and cheese I’m just going to go with this.. In February.. and Guarana And Guarana Maybe mixed with some alcohol though.. I don’t know… I want you to explain to everyone how little Brazil isn’t like .. let’s say Chinatown where every single shop Is Chinese But this is very spread out.. It’s not like only one location And all the businesses are Brazilian
But that’s where most Brazilians live in New York I mean the largest group of Brazilians So.. yeah.. There’s more than a dozen Brazilian spots all srpead around through Astoria We’ll show you some of her favorites Alright we’ve made it stop number 2 Pao De Quiejo I’m going to pronounce that right eventually If you want to try authentic Pao De Queijo And it is you favorite Brazilian food right Yes.. you have to come here If you want to try authentic pao De Queijo So right here we have Pao De Queijo It’s one of the most traditional best foods in Brazil And we eat it for breakfast.. For snack And birthday parties Any time of the day that you want And if you don’t like it. If you try it and don’t like it We probably don’t allow you in Brazil I’m just kidding.. But I’m sure you’re going to like it.. So cheesebread Very traditional Brazilian I haven’t had this in so long But.. I know what it is Mmmm Okay Brazil can accept me Very savory Nice and doughy Soft in the middle A litlte harder on the outside 7 of these for $3.00 I could probably eat 50 So.. when I became vegan Pao de Queijo was the one thing.. the hardest thing for me to give up Until I found out that.. there is vegan cheese Available in the market It was the first thing that came to my mind I’m going to live without cheese bread So.. my favorite food in Brazil And it’s from Minas My state so.. I love it I keep saying I’m going to put this away And bring it to Adriana And we have 3 left.. and.. Sorry Adriana Sorry Adriana.. You know people are going to make fun of me for this I ate just about every Pao De Queijo in here I think I got it I think i got the pronunciation right And we are going to our third stop Because there’s going to be so much food We couldn’t more in here right.. We have a buffet coming up? Yeah.. It’s going to be good It’s going to be good guys You ready lets go? We walked by the front door and I smelled meat The second we walked by Just the odor of meat And I’m already hungry This is one of your favorite places right? Yes, perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s very convenient by the subway So it’s another.. it’s a different atmosphere Of Astoria also The vibe So.. it’s one of my favorites Alright guys I smell the meat let’s go So this is a traditional Brazilian buffet We have rice and beans of course A bunch of meat And also a great salad bar But if you want.. if you feel like having a Brazilian Churrasco Which is Brazilian BBQ You go to the back And they have an amazing Churrasco spot And it’s 8.99 a pound if you want to include a Churrasco Or 7.99 a pound for this buffet over here Guys I have to admit They have some really healthy options here It’s not your typical buffet They’ve got quinoa They have salmon That was the first thing that jumped out to me How sweet potato The healthy choices they have But if you’re anything like me You’re here for the Brazilian BBQ And I saw this stuff hanging on skewers Thats what I’m going to be getting for sure We have top sirloin And skirt steak This is what I’m most interested in I’ve been to Brazilian Steakhouses Brazilian all you can eat places Where they.. carve it right in front of you so.. I like that touch here Where you can go order whatever you want And just add it onto the price of your buffet Let’s try some top sirloin Very tender, i like this a lot Also just the right amount of salt I’ve had problems at steakhouses in the past Where’s there’s just to much salt on the meat Not an issue here But I really love this top sirloin If you come here.. This has got to be your pick But I missed the Brazilian community so much So I tried to live as close as possible.. so Astoria is a perfect mix for.. You know New York and Brazil Why don’t you show everyone your super healthy meal? This is Acai Very popular in the world But it’s a Brazilian thing especially It’s really good They blend it with Guarana So.. Speechless? I don’t want to .. get food.. Jon wanted to have a tradtiional Brazilian experience Like a meal I asked the people here What would be the great.. best option for juice So they brought the juice to the table And he doesn’t know what it is So.. you have to guess Ready? I’m so excited Okay, ready? I don’t know.. It tastes like vegetables Is it beets? Is it beets? I knew it Most Brzazilian restaurants You will find at least orange or lemonade Or in this case Beets, Orange, and Carrots. Super fresh I really missed this here We’re eating this lovely Brigadeiro Martha said if I don’t like this I also can not go back to Brazil Mmm You ate the whole thing at once I thought you were going to take a bite And be like..mmm very creamy.. mm delicious That’s not my style I hope you guys liked it There are a lot more to see here.. in Astoria And if you want to check out my channel He’ll leave the link down below I share everything in New York City And also my Instagram is MarthaSachser And I hope to see you guys soon here in Astoria Chao Chao. And remember Astoria is more than just amazing Brazilian food. Of course you should come here for that But it also has Greek It has Egyptian We’ve covered this area before So much going on Make sure to visit here when you get a chance And also watch our other New York City playlists All linked down below in the description Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.

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  1. If your in Astoria, go to Steinway and get the chicken Swharma over rice with everything and it is great! Some of the best food, and for pizza try little boy

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  3. Unfortunately, my life is too hectic to have time to get to Queens. Not even to see the Mets' bullpen suck. But maybe when I retire…

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    Oh yes went to school PS 2 in Astoria
    Astoria the best of the best foods

  5. Bonjour Jon….merci pour cette vidėo très joyeuse malgré la pluie…on parle rarement de la cuisine brésilienne….c est vraiment intéressant et appétissant ❤

  6. Hi ! I am going to NY next week with my daughter and I am watching all your videos that are really great! For little Brazil, do you know where to find a Bookshop for children ? I am half Brazilian and it's difficult to find Brazilian books in Europe. Cheers !

  7. So many Brazilian by the pound buffets in Astoria! Need to try out Point Brazil – we really like Villa Brazil

  8. You eventually spoke pão de queijo right, good job 🙂
    Since I am from Brazil, whenever I go to NY I run away from Brazilian food, since I prefer to eat what locals eat. But I know a lot of Brazilian tourists who can't handle more than 3 days without beans and other types of Brazilian food, this video shall help them a lot 🙂

  9. Very nice this video. The tips from restaurants with Buffett were really helpful and they are inexpensive. Very good 👍

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  11. Didnt knew they had Little Brazil in Astoria, I'll have to visit it, there is a Little Brazil also in my neighborhood in Newark.

  12. Great recommendations…will definitely try these places.. I never knew these places existed in queens ny..👍👍

  13. Odor of meat as you walked by?? Not the best choice of words when attempting to promote a restaurant or type of food!!

  14. About 95% of my visits to Astoria is spent in Little Brazil. Brazil is my 2nd favorite country in the world (Only beat by Japan) so knowing that this subsection exists in Queens is awesome. Sure it doesn't have the feel of actually being in Rio De Janeiro or Sao Paulo but it's certainly the next best thing and…far less expensive and less time consuming with travel and costs. Might hit the place up for lunch tomorrow.

  15. I am working my way through your clips before we travel to NY. Could you advise on the cheapest way to get to Woodbury common from times square?

  16. Hi Jon! We are Brazilians and love this foods..specialy coxinha and pao de queijo! We love NY too, Brooklyn is amazing! Nice video.

  17. Skirt stake? WTF is that? All chopped up like grind meat? Dude… Gotta eat a real Brazilian bbq. Come to Brazil and I'll make one for you.

  18. I’m so late to watching this video 🤭🙉😩 ! So awesome I love the food, everything looks amazing and Martha is so nice.

  19. Awesome vlog Jon! I enjoyed watching! We have a Brazilian Restaurant in San Diego called Rei Do Gado. Also my son Jay Jay (Jaycation) had Guaranha in Barcelona he said d it's good! Thanks for the vlog!

  20. Nice collab video! I enjoyed the market segment and learning about the snacks. Haha i like it brazilian food for super bowl!

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  23. hey john,i just run across your videos a couple days ago i live in north fl and i find your videos very informative on NY..i find since watching your videos that i dont need to visit NY i think that i get the big picture of NY…new fan..keep up the great videos and ill keep watching…take care my bro.

  24. I’m from Brazil and I live in Dallas and it’s hard to find a decent/good açai here. I’m glad you guys covered it in the video!

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