100 Replies to “Onision’s STRANGE & Messy Legal Dismissal, Kobe Bryant’s Heartbreaking Helicopter Crash, & More…”

  1. This is a big one but there was a lot to catch up on and I didn't even get to everything I wanted…
    Timecodes: Onision (00:09), Coronavirus (3:54), TIA (5:47), Kobe (7:21), Trump/Bolton (14:16)

  2. Susan Collins is never going to vote in favor. She’s just a standard liar. The only GOPs will be ones who think witnesses will exonerate.

  3. There is a video of a Chinese nurse saying they're covering up how much people actually died. Supposedly the number is 90,000 …. yikes. If that's true. But who knows , could be a lie. Hope it is a lie tbh.

  4. You didn't say much about evan Rachel wood as you did with ari shaffir? Why are you protecting her and not telling the truth about her being a hypocrite and being buddy buddy with a child molester named woody Allen.

  5. I’m always wary of people who show too much outrage against people accused of rape to the point of surpassing the outrage of the victims themselves.
    I feel like it’s a way to hide their true identities, “look at me, I’m a good person. I’m so outraged”.

  6. if someone decides to settle rather than going through the legal process, the person that they accused of rape did not "get away'' with rape. omfg that guy is deft AF

  7. Phil, I was working at the Staples Center when the news dropped… from within the complex the news spread… it seemed everything and everyone stopped in their tracks in the midst of preparing for The Grammys… it was totally surreal. As I stepped out into the one of the balconies facing the Microsoft Theater… the fans began to show up to show their love and respect. I’m still haunted by the news and the imagery.

  8. When people try to exploit people like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jackson AFTER they died I just think that‘s distasteful. Like I’m not agreeing or denying if any of those allegations are true, but they’re already dead bro. Isn’t that the ultimate punishment? Who are you trying to punish in the aftermath, the family? The fans? We’re at a funeral and you’re dressed like a clown

  9. didnt all previous flu viruses originate in china? the swine one.. the bird one.. maybe not have the chinese do other stuff than electronics? let india have a go.. they have cows right?

  10. Why are the people who run my country acting like angry toddlers constantly?

    I genuinely have no clue how my country hasn’t imploded yet.

  11. Ok with onision, is there evidence that the women have agaisnt him? Other than text? Throughout the decade all I've seen is just accusations. I'm not trying to defend him, I just never seen or heard evidence before, so does someone have any?

  12. This is my first ever one of these. Came from Joe Rogan and Hot Ones. So impressed by the quality and thoroughness this must’ve taken. New fan for sure.

  13. the senate republicans need to learn what a real trial looks like, probably followed by first hand experience in prison!
    but really, i do not see how the supreme court hasn't gotten involved in this as it has been flagrantly at odds with how the constitution demands this be handled. a real judge would never be allowed to hold a court like this.

  14. When I heard the Kobe news breaking, I was in the car and it was on the radio on a classical music channel. It was so surreal, so strange, jarring, and incongruous, that I thought it was a hoax. Then I thought "no, nah, nahh, can't be." I still can't believe that him and eight others are just gone so suddenly.

  15. I'm not a basketball fan or anything even close. I've known about Kobe probably my entire life of 24 years that I can think of. I have never once heard the man talk before actually but hearing him talk about getting the helicopter for his family and all that was just sad. Tbh I havent really felt anything about the news, I mean I'm not into the sport in anyway but that little clip hit way to hard.

  16. Ari Shaffir is a gross human being. I used to like his podcasts and his shows but won't be watching them or his podcasts anymore. Will be advising everyone I know to do the same. Hope his career is over after this.

  17. He’s gone and people especially his love ones are mourning.
    His love ones don’t want to see all of these negative things about him at this time.
    I don’t think anyone would like to see their love ones be slammed by shit when they just lost them.
    How heartless could you be man.
    He should put himself in their shoes and think if his love one did something in the pass and is getting brought up while their dead how would he feel.

  18. i think it is fucking insane we are talking about impeaching a president for investigating corruption all while having no issues with the person involved in the actual corruption running for office.
    people also like to forget the extreme level of scrutiny Trump had under the Obama lead administration when he was "the opposition" yet no one has any issues with that. hypocrisy at its finest.
    the only thing that would give me worry is if the Trump admin faked information in order to frame his opposition but that clearly isnt the case.

  19. Okay so this is the first Phillip video I’ve watched. Um does he always talk with his hands ?? Or. He seems like a cool dude it’s just kind of distracting if I’m being honest 😂😂

  20. I mean, Ari Shaffir IS an absolute scumbag. He beat the shit out of Bobby Lee. TWICE. For nothing more than Ari (wrongly) thinking Lee was making moves on his girlfriend or interfering with their relationship. And then he drugged Bert Kreisher without his knowledge. I don't care both of them have forgiven him. He is an animal and should be in jail, in a cage.

  21. 9 people. Including 3 CHILDREN. Died in that crash. How fucking dare someone say they don’t feel sympathy cause it was a private helicopter or because of Kobe?! How could you ever rejoice in the death of innocent people…?

  22. Kobe plead not guilty. Since when was being accused equal to being convicted? Unless there was another one that I don’t hear about.

  23. I'm sorry about the Corona-virus recipients, but on the news today they announced that a third person is being tested for the Corona virus with the first two testing negative. Really! "Hey, maybe a third person doesn't have the Corona-virus"… Why the scare. Yell when there is a fire nearby!

  24. We may not know for sure whether or not Kobe assaulted that young woman, but I do know one thing for sure: his daughter was SO young, she didn't deserve to die, and I'm very sad that she did.
    We'll be able to argue over his legacy forever, but right now might be the time to let the dead rest in peace and the families grieve.

  25. Ari is a dickhead who drugs his friends for fun. Kobe was went to court for it and the case was drop. One is fact and one is hearsay. SOOOOOO since its fact fact that you think its great to drug people, you don't get to speak.

  26. Ari….Ari….Ari…. I was going to watch your special that you’ve been talking about. Even though when you were on Joe Rogan you talked about doing some messed up shit to your friend Bert. Pretty lame dude. Either way because I liked the show, This is not Happening, I found about you. Then found out you are friends with Joe Rogan, who I listen too all the time. You sir, are a sack of dog shit. Where was calling Kobe a rapist at, when he was alive? Probably didn’t have shit to say then. You never heard anything about Kobe leading up to that incident and after it, nothing but great things. The man was a legend, he helped people, was active in promoting women’s basketball, loving father, devoted husband and friend. Even after he retired he only got better. I believe he was guilty of infidelity but, that was his mistake and his wife could give him shit for it, not you sir. Whether you think he’s a rapist or not, he had 8 other people with him on his helicopter. People who were friends and his young daughter, all gone from this earth. Have some respect for the dead, and his surviving family. They don’t need to look on the internet and see your shit. Eat one Ari, and fuck your special. I won’t watch.

  27. Everyone bringing up the rape case are just trying to show how much more moral they are than People who are grieving someone they idolized

  28. He was a living legend. It was difficult to see one of the best in a generation go so generically.. And so suddenly..

    Too bad those claims are a thing.-

  29. A very rich man died in a helicopter crash with his daughter… his surviving children and wife are very sad but have lots of money forever… not really as sad a story as some I could think of. Some happening right now.

  30. Ari Shafir is pronounced Sha-phere. Sorta like pronouncing sphere. But boy is he getting people to hate him lately

  31. Phil you should learn sign language. You already talk with your hands. It's just that they will actually make sense.

  32. If Onision is wearing a knife proof vest then the guy has most likely got enemies. Either that or he’s paranoid, could be a guilty conscience getting to him? Idk, but 19 times is quite a bit of interaction to have with the police

  33. I have only been to one pro basketball game and it was the lakers. It was a while ago but like his name was so big In my childhood. Kids would be playing anything with a ball and they would say his name cause he was soo good at the game. Even though he made mistakes he was looked up to by so many and I think In the last 10 years he’s been great and will be missed.

  34. thank you for sharing how you feel and that we are all hurting, we dont talk to strangers about their day to day or how they "really" are. Its ok to show pain and hurt openly. Hug eachother man <3

  35. Your view count going down so bad you're having to jump in on the crucifixion for $$$ train huh?

    Who's worse? Him, or all of you trying to make a buck under the ILLUSION to your viewers you actually give a shit when none of you YouTube ticks do. Whole channels dedicated to onionderp go$$ip. Now you're all trying to lick Chris' bunghole in hopes an actually real celebrity will notice you and advance you. You're as rotten inside as Gerg.

  36. There hadn't been a RAID ad for a while. I thought maybe you guys decided that integrity in a news organisation is more important than the stack they throw your way for every spot, but nope… still promoting a product that sees children developing gambling habits and addicts in financial hardship from a company owned by the second largest slot machine manufacturer on the planet.

    I stopped supporting Phil through DeFranco Elite and merch as soon as he started running those ads and it made me rethink my position entirely on Phil and the direction the company is going. If any of you give a crap about scruples in business and actually wanted to see PDS and his other projects develop into reputable and influential works, please stop supporting Phil while they are still willing to sell out to a exploitative and ethically bankrupt companies like Plarium and Aristocrat Leisure Limited.

    Some copy paste:

    To anybody who holds Phil and Rogue Rocket to a higher standard than that of conventional or mainstream media organisations, please read on because there is a disturbing fact that only a small percentage of Phil and Rogue Rocket's audience seem to be aware of and even fewer who care.

    Right now there are regular sponsorship spots being given to Plarium and their games on the Phil DeFranco show. Plarium is a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Limited, which is a gambling machine manufacturer. They are the second largest manufacturer of slot machines in the world and in 2017 they spent around $1.4 billion acquiring Plarium and Big Fish Games. In short, Phil is regularly promoting gambling companies that are currently being investigated and even facing class action lawsuits and a mountain of scrutiny for unscrupulous and grossly unethical business practices.

    If you or your team vetted that company you should have encountered a wealth of info highlighting why there are concerns raised about their dealings and products. From gameplay and pay2win algorithms modeled almost exactly like slot machines (I'll repeat this for emphasis: Plarium was acquired in 2017 by Aristocrat Leisure Limited: literally a gambling machine manufacturer that get the bulk of their revenue from half-demented retirees and gambling addicts pissing away pensions on rigged machines in dark corners of casinos), to entirely fake "gameplay" trailers which are being marketed largely at children, to the actual numbers ie. average spend per user and daily revenue from in game transactions being huge red flags about the nature of these games and how they operate.

    The fallout of their demonstrably criminal misconduct is millions of people with severe addictions that have lead to tens of thousands of cases of financial hardship and they are subject to none of the regulations that gambling operators have to be compliant with despite the games being nothing more than rebranded slot machines with a powerful social hook.

    In the same breath that you would espouse integrity and ethical business dealings as being tenets your company hold essential, you promote morally bankrupt developers of the equivalent of digital crack and you personally contribute to harm and issues with addiction for millions of often young or vulnerable users.

    It's pretty disgusting that this continues to be a thing. I ask those of you reading this who are actually informed on this problem and know of what I speak, to thumb this up or copy paste it until there's some sort of explanation or Plarium is no longer used as a sponsor. It's something they should be doing an exposé on – not taking cheques from to promote companies that exploit life-destroying addictions.

    Some links with info, some directly related and others highlighting some of the issues that are arising with these games and how they operate:

















  37. That comedian acts like he cares so much about women. but id bet you anything hes the biggest hypocrite and secretly loves to abuse women.

  38. LOL Bolton is just a salty loser who's annoyed that he can't be a warhawk anymore. This salty warhawk is just trying to sell books. Unless there's absolute solid evidence, recording or something like that it's all heresay

  39. I think it's pretty damn funny that the democrats are whinging about someone trying to investigate someone for something that probably didn't happen but when they do it it's okay LOL

    Did we just forget the fact that Russiagate resulted in absolutely nothing? Trump didn't have the liberty of the US FBI, thus asks the country the investigation involves to help.

  40. i love kobe, i always did, when i first heard the news on the weekend i didn’t believe it, i did realize that it was true until tiktok, i cried for 3 hours

  41. Those last 2 people that said those things about Kobe especially that last guy are sick in the head and karma is a mother fucker to the fullest. Those charges were dropped. But to say that the day him and his daughter died is just gross.

  42. I guess I missed it, I was under a rock, I saw a random tweet here and there, i saw Shaks tweet and was like, huh, did something happen to Kobe? sad. It is the reason I hate traveling separate from my wife and family. Losing a family member is very hard, sure dieing sucks but being the one left behind sucks even more. The pain of loss is crippling, devastating. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, not even my most hated enemy. on the Onision story, he is just a prick. I used to follow him more than a decade ago, then he just turned out to be a psychopath and I stopped watching him. blocked him on twitter because I didn't even want to accidentally see someone retweeting his insanity. He did that whole court case simply to cost repzion money.

  43. That is horrible people are smiling and happy about Kobe dying because of his past. I'm not applying that behavior he did or not do is acceptable. But he has done a lot for people after the fact and seem to be more family orientated. His death and all the others on board is extremely heartbreaking.

  44. I dont think the knife proof vest is "weird" these are the kind of people that get stabbed lol. Everyone knows the screwed up shit he has done.

  45. It’s sad how people use a persons death to bring up bad parts. Yes he may have done something bad even tho the girl admitted she was lying, but why don’t you think about his family? His friends? His freaking daughter? Respect them.

  46. I think speaking about the fact that Kobe raped that woman is still incredibly important especially after his death. the media will absolutely try to make him out to have been perfect and never having done wrong. It's simply not true, he violated the Colorado sheild law and leaked her name to the press as well as launched a horrific campaign against her durring the criminal trial which is why it was dropped. She chose to save her life and drop the case. He also admitted to assaulting her and appoligized. I think Kobe really did want to change after that happened and chose to be a better person. That doesn't mean we should erase what he did especially because she has to live through his death too, she shouldn't have to see what he did to her erased. Complicated legacies can and have to exist to give people who are truly remorseful the hope that they can change, like Kobe did.

  47. LOL Ari Judging an alleged rapist after his death, is pretty crazy when hes rufied and drugged women on camera and laughed about it… hypocritical much?

  48. You can't just say someone is a rapist when it wasn't proven, it was dismissed and there was no clear verdict. And not just that, but to say it after they have died is just idiotic, leechy and seeking for attention. What a buncha dumb and parasitic people.

  49. Despite what Kobe did or didn't do in the past, he didn't deserve what happened, no one in that plane deserved death, that guy saying it's good news needs to get his head out of the past's ass and realize this.

  50. Onision's a softie, wants to run his mouth for ad revenue and views/ a social media following but then can't answer the toll for his own actions. Guy was never funny, his stuff is cringe and stupid turned up to the extreme. Glad he's catching what's coming to him. All the moves he has made since he started getting into the scene have lead him here, clearly we all see it. The fact Chris Hansen is turning out in 2020 is the most surprising. Mans like a media entertainment cockroach, just refuses to get down and lay down. The internet and this world alike are in a questionable time, everyone is being held accountable. Shocking as time passes to see what our fellow 'youtubers' and 'socialites' are up to in their free time. Pretty daunting. And the fact you gave that kid $23,000 or more for 'legal fees' is beyond hilarious – as long as there are stupid people supporting these morons, the greasy wheel of online entertainment continues to get greased fools.

  51. Philip I have always respected you unbiased vlogs, but I am disappointed in you talking about Kobe's passing being an eye opener for people about their mortality. About how it makes you think we could all die at any moment, and how his death is that unreal. Seriously…THIS man? Not all those kids that have died in the dozens of school shootings? Not the firefighters and Animals in Australia wild fires? This known rapist hailed as a sports hero is your eye opener about your mortality? Well just goes to show if you rape someone, nobody cares as long as you play in national sports.

  52. tmz has always been gossip trash. they use whatever material they can to slander the people they report on, respect of individuals and families be damned

  53. Why oh why didn't Onision start singing his Im a banana song in court? surely this was a missed opportunity to promote his lighter side. Everyone likes a jocular fellow.

  54. I have never cared about basketball, but still. Kobe Bryant's death was still a "…fuck" moment. Also, no matter what he was accused of or what he did, how can you celebrate this? Even ignoring Kobe, 8 other people died, including several children. How can you smile at this situation?

  55. Is there a good reason to keep White House officials from testifying that doesn't undermine their position? Not wanting them to testify because they will "help the democrats' case" sounds a whole lot like "I did it, and I just don't want my people to tell you that I did it".

  56. Can we get this guy's channel off YouTube? How many times do the police have to be called before something really terrible happens?

  57. It's always so disheartening seeing social media after the death of celebrity as every half assed journalist or media influencer tries to leverage the situation as fast as possible. Express your grief if you want to but, damn, give it a second would ya?

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