Ontario International Airport | Most Convenient Air Travel in California

(plane engine roaring) (upbeat music) – Hi. – Hi. – Can you tell me where ticketing is? – Oh, yeah it’s going to
be right down this way. – Thank you so much. – Okay, have a good day. – You too, thanks. – Bye. Welcome to Ontario International Airport, one of So Cal’s fasted growing airports. Millions of passengers choose to make ONT part of their journey. And sitting in one of the
nations largest counties we’re right in the middle of it all. Hiking! Beaches, nice! Theme Parks, you name it. (kids playing) (camera click) – Layla. – Aye, Willy. – My girl, how you doing? – Fantastic as always. – You’re looking great. Getting a little sun out in Southern Cal? – Oh yeah. – Always, helps when we make
you feel like a star at ONT? (camera clicks) – Oh, yeah. – That’s my cue, I got to go. – Elliott, come here? Pump, good girl. – Excuse me, are you lost? (speaks in french) (record scratch) (bell rings) – Oh, my gosh. (speaks in french) – Oh, my gosh, California. – I did mention that this
was Ontario, California not Canada, right? At ONT we care about what
matters most, and that’s your journey and connecting
you to the rest of the world. Thanks for choosing us. (plane engine roaring)

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