Our First Day in Japan! Visiting Osaka First Impressions

Good morning. Good morning guys from Japan. From Japan. So this is our first full day here. Yes. We arrived last night absolutely knackered. Jet lagged. So we ended up sleeping in. Like we had two different sleeps. Like we woke up in the middle of the night
we were on our computers and now we needed a second sleep and now it is like almost 10
am. Ten thirty? I think it is 10 in the morning. Yeah. So we’re like a little bit confused. A little bit dazed but we figured let’s go
get some food. Yes. This is going to be brunch I guess. Brunch. And the plan today is to just wander around. Yeah. See what Osaka is all about. Yeah, basically this is going to be our first
impressions of Japan. First impressions of Japan. Our first full day here in Japan. There we go. Super excited. Let’s get it started. Food! So this is something that I’m finding interesting
already. In this street you have these vending machines
just put in some coinage. Yeah and they are everywhere.Get yourself
a drink. They are everywhere. And it looks like cold drinks. I wonder if these are heated. No those are cold coffees. Cold coffees. Yeah. There you go but I think we need something
more substantial. I could probably use a cold coffee with a
big infusion of caffeine. A jolt. This isn’t a bad idea if you are like on your
way to work. Yeah. And you are running late you just grab a coffee
from here. Especially if you don’t have time to brew
one at home you just grab a cold coffee to go. Look. With lots of caffeine. There is black and cafe au lait. Interesting. We are also just noticing a lot of people
riding their bikes which for me is so unusual to see in a city. I would expect everyone to get around by metro
but no you see people in like business suits riding their bikes. People doing groceries riding their bikes. And there is lots of bike racks as well so
I think this is a common mode of transportation. Pretty cheap as well. So when we first arrived like we did a little
walk around our neighborhood and we didn’t see a grocery store nearby just some convenience
stores but look it is right here. We found it. And Sam loves a supermarket. So here we go. Something called Sokanbicha. This looks interesting. So what did we get? Alright so we’ve decided to eat at family
mart because the restaurants were just not open. We walked around for a while. Yeah and it is always fun to eat at a convenience
store. So we’re going to have what we thought we
were having last night. Remember the pork cutlet that turned out to
be fish. This should be pork cutlet. Yeah. With melted cheese. Right. And then we got some sushi. So this looks really good too. And some tea. This is Oolong tea. And all 3 of those came to just over a thousand
Yen which is actually slightly under ten US dollars. Okay let’s try this. So opening this up. It looks so nice and warm. And something else I found just now guys. Oh wow. A second container. So it doesn’t get soggy. They separate the rice from the meat. So you can decide how to eat them. Interesting. So I’m going to grab a little rice. Oh wow. It is thick. Thick on there. Okay. Grab a bit of that. Working those chopsticks. Mmmm. It has got a bit of a sweet sauce. Yeah lots of gravy on it. Yeah. It is really good. Have it with a bit of rice. Mmmm. It is going to be a good lunch. Good stuff. Alright guys. Time for sushi. This was my pick. When in Japan. When in Japan. Mmmm. A one biter. A one biter. This is pretty good for convenience store
sushi. Yeah. I’m really liking it. Are you? Mmmhmm. Wow. Okay so now that we’ve had some food we are
just walking to the metro station. And we are thinking of visiting Osaka Castle
because why not. Okay so here we go. First press the English button. Ticket. I think it is subway. Oh one ticket. Uh huh. Then you press which line is it on? Good question. Oh we are on the Nagohori line. Okay. But I can’t find it. Haha. This is interesting. Haha. We have finally figured out our mistake. We need to put money in first. So let’s try this again. A big problem is like I have lots of Canadian
coins. Very smart. Not my smartest moment. Okay so hopefully here we go again. English. Ticket. One ticket. Subway. And now it says please insert money. No the coins go in there. Oh right here. Yeah. Oh yes it is working. They take 10s. They take 50s. Oh and this is how we figure out the price. It says here 230. There we go. So the price is right here. Now we know. Now we know how it works. We figured it out. Oh my gosh. It is actually pretty simple. Watch this. This is going to make our lives so much easier. This should be the exact amount. There you go. Look and then you can press over here. This is the fare button. 230. Check that out guys. Excellent so we’ve got a ticket for one person. We’ve got a ticket. Now we’re going to do the whole thing again. So when it comes to buying tickets we also
have this massive map and shows you the fare for each station. Because based on where you are going you pay
a certain price and it is all in Japanese but it is also number coated so then when
you come over here you find your stations name and there is also a little number next
to it. For example we are going to Osaka Business
Park N21. Osaka Castle. Prrr. Is that a purring cat? Haha. It is or a pigeon. Haha. Anyways continuing with first impressions
we’ve made it to the park. Yeah. What is a it called? Osaka Castle Park. Yes. Osaka Castle Business Park that is where we
got off. That is where it is. Um but yeah something we’ve noticed is that
it is very quiet here. Yeah. Not just in the park but the city in general. We noticed there is very little noise pollution. Yeah. Like even when people are out and about no
one is being rowdy. Everyone is just soft spoken and there is
a sense of tranquility even though we’re in a big city. Yeah that is really true. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be
more busy and crowded. Yeah. But it has been kind of a nice surprise so
far. I mean we are heading to Tokyo soon and I’m
sure we’ll get our dose of that. Our impressions may change. Yes. It will definitely be more crowded there. But yeah so far it has been quieter. I’ve also noticed um like I don’t think we
are experiencing as much culture shock as someone who has never been to Asia before
would in Japan. Yes. Because we have spent considerable time in
Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong. I’ve been to Shanghai. So there is definitely some similarities. Mmmhmm. But um so far we are loving it. We are loving the nature too. There is a lot of green spaces. Yes. I even noticed in some back alleys while we
were walking this morning that people were like tending to little gardens and things. Like even in like areas where there doesn’t
even appear to be any space for these gardens but you just notice a lot of greenery. Pockets. Yeah. Just little Oasis. Oasises? Oasis. Yeah. I don’t think that is a word. Probably not. Haha. Anyways we’ve been really enjoying it so far
and yeah this is just the start. The update is we are going back to the apartment
for a little nap. And then we’ll head out later in the afternoon. I’m not sure what we’ll do yet. We made it to Co Co Curry. We sure did. And they have a very extensive menu. Like it was they have the classic ones like
with the pork cutlet. The chicken and beef. Then they have all of these like variations
too. Which is interesting. Hot dogs. There was a burger that was oozing out cheese. There is fried chicken. I forget where that one is. Yeah. Look at all of these different ones. You can even go vegetables if you want. Yes. And this is the Japanese curry not an Indian
curry. And this is something I really want to point
out. It is really really cool. Is you can choose the amount of rice you want. Yeah. So this is the base rice. 300 grams. But if you are hungry you can go for 400g. Super hungry 500g. And it shows the price increase. Yeah. And so I’m being a little mindful of my belly
so I actually went down a level. My is -51 to get 200 grams. Yeah. Yeah. And then you can also choose your spice. Oh yeah you sure can. So if you want to spice it up you pay extra
but they have up to level 10 spice. That must be insane. Wow. Yeah and then at the bottom you can also choose
your meat. Yep. So if you want to build your own curry you
can. Customize it. I think we’re going to come back here another
day and like do a dedicated we’ll do a full dedicated video for this for sure. So this is what I went for. I went for more of a soupy curry as opposed
to the classic. And it comes with noodles. There is beautiful eggs. Like look at the colour. Wow. How do they get it so orange inside. That is cool. Look at that egg. And yeah it comes with a bit of minced meat. I believe that is pork with a bit of spice. Cabbage. Bean sprouts. Haha. Lots of yummy stuff. Mmmhmm. Going on there. Tasty? So hot. So hot. And you are eating too much. Big bites. I really like this. So now time to introduce you to Sam’s dish. Try to time the pork cutlet here. Look at that. I’m just bathing it in copious amounts of
gravy. The curry gravy they left me. This is so cool. Break one of these in half. And I got chopsticks but Sam got the spoon
because there is just so much gravy there is no way I can use chopsticks. This gravy is awesome. Mmmm. Oh my goodness I’ve been craving this for
such a long time. This is one of my favourite Japanese meals
to be honest. And like just the amount of gravy that they’ve
given. It is so rich and wonderful. And it is just this is just awesome. I’m really in my happy place. And you know what? Since we’ve started eating I’ve really like
I’ve woken up. That is awesome. Like jet lag is temporarily gone. Yeah for like a half an hour I’ve just been
struggling to get up. And then now that we went for a walk, we had
some food I feel so much better. So this is this was a really good idea. Something we’d recommend to you if you have
jetlag is just try to fight through it. Try to stay up. Stay awake and try to get on schedule. Okay let’s talk about more first impressions
of Japan. Oh yeah especially in regards to dining. In regards to dining we’ve actually found
it to be a little cheaper here than what we thought. Yeah. Like we had this idea that it is going to
be so expensive in Japan and it is going to be like the Switzerland or Norway of Asia. It just hasn’t been so far. Um I mean we’ve had some good budget meals. Our lunch costs 10 bucks. A little bit less. For 2 people. For instance this wonderful little meal which
came with complimentary water I should add. It came to a grand total of 1512 Yen which
at the moment is 13.70 US dollars. Mmhmm. So divide that by two and also factor in that
you don’t tip here in Japan. It is totally not part of the culture. And um in fact we have a funny story about
that when we went to Bishkek we went to a Japanese restaurant yeah and we were going
to leave a tip there. And they are like no we do not take tips. This is a Japanese restaurant. Yes. And so yeah so this is the final bill. We’re going to go pay that and then I think
we ate everything. Look at that. Yeah we did. And I think we’ll waddle back um to the apartment
but I think I’m going to pick up some groceries on the way. We’re going to call it a day. So how about your first impressions in Japan? First impressions. It has been good. Yeah. It has been an exciting day. It has. And yeah I can’t believe we still have two
months ahead of us here in Japan. I know. It is crazy. And I think like considering it was our first
day in Japan and we were fighting jet lag I think we did a really cool. Not we did a really cool job. I think we saw and did quite a bit. We had some nice food. We walked around our neighborhood. So yeah it was just a great start to our trip. And we are excited to do a whole lot more. So stay tuned. There is going to be a tonne of food and travel
videos from Japan. See you in the next video. See you guys. Bye.

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    500 yen, but it can be refunded. It can be used for food and drink by charging.

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    Someone else mentioned buying an IC card or ICOCA. It costs ¥2000 and includes ¥1500 of credit to use. ¥500 acts as a deposit on the card which gets refunded when you return it. Way more convenient than buying tickets each time. And they can also be used in other major cities.

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