Our FIRST holiday together *relationship goals*

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] good morning guys welcome this floss – a second food I had in blog yes I forget which one it said I explore enjoy they're one of the little towns I wished exploring and so yeah it's so fun I don't get so so far but it's cute so I just got back to the room it's at lunchtime now I'm going to do a room tour later um when it's tidier but I'm you know she's got about we're gonna go through some Lynch now and so I'm gonna go have a little pool afternoon think guys all know she ain't speaking because I'm actually obsessed a bit if you watched my shoe and what I mentioned it was on the way but I hadn't hunted to show in the shin hall yeah this is machine and I honestly never it fits so well wasn't even that expensive it comes as a set and they're doing loads of different colors I honestly wish I'd got all my bikinis machine because she means bikinis are incredible like mud mat I love it so yeah that money I come these grounds are honest he's so gorgeous I don't know what that noise it would ignore it so what okay it's sad no a little bit maybe a little kind of kook you make that noise but it was nice nice weird strange one Simmi dinner you know I'm great I think we just had a hard after tux it's so hot yeah but you know what all inclusive men at most of their go be and then we're gonna go to the beach Christmas again like we did last night which will be a very life Hey it is I think it's to say let's see what you say Wednesday it's Tuesday it's half I would go with had breakfast loose and cleaned up and now we're gonna get we go to the beach the pool goes the beach yeah yeah we go to the beach having beach morning um and you know that's the bun today try and get tan a real turn anyway right so we've got everything let's go the caning of the day is um I'm Sheena gonna yeah Shane Georgia ready don't mind her yeah just like friends I've no bright for the Sun God my nose it's well worth man live have no colder holiday but if I'd give you a little apartment room tour of what we staying in can I just have it spring when we got here we were like what's the hair like because we've had like a little standard double and it looks nothing like we do like online and a good white light it's a lot bigger than what we were expecting say a Seymour kill his little door we've got wardrobes here wardrobes are a murse not gonna lie cool and then about food here is a comment okay here's the bathroom got a shower and above it out she's better then we've actually got another shower here a toilet then you can run here bed mirror yay color just in the way mirror bed and then we have this extra bit here which you won't expect there that kind of like kids beds sofas what I'm gonna call them more storage and I've got patio when you were getting the patio or balcony why not just leads up to the gardens there yeah it's kind of big like for a standard double do you know what I mean yeah we go Matt to the porn er yeah well hey guys and it's not dinnertime and this week is going so quickly so sidelights days being the quickest day but you know what it's fine I'm gonna get home and pick another holiday where we're going out for dinner now she's going to the buffet we go to every night so yeah oh yeah I'm trying to play suit from pretty odd thing so yeah Joe it's actually so nice I haven't got any fake turn-on I've got no makeup on not warm I kept this is are the longest I've not more makeup since I don't even know when but it's so nice to just not care that's what I like about holiday they just don't care you'd bit like because you're never gonna see anyone again apart from her boyfriends but he doesn't care over the oakiness that's being in this suitcase yeah these were the first things in the suitcase want that bigger it's one of the sades fries in those nicely back it's boiling enjoy it so I found another iced coffee it's become here and I hate something on miiverse so now there's thought about iced coffee stitch but you know – can't speak I'm honestly so happy about it and I'm gonna go down to the pool to use it my inner six year old is coming out with this work you know so that it has glitter inside it yeah I think it have to be pink now yeah Miami purring range hashtag much ya know I don't I take my camera that's what I guess goodbye and so each night we get a little kite of desserts to try and and tonight with one a little bit overboard Thomas carnauba line 16 here to the former she's gonna try and block more outside rather than inside will excite Wow no it really wide in that I think I'm gonna get peddler today which I'm so excited about yeah good night yeah we'll be good go up and risky quite honest head and always happen to my lawyers but it's basically ma CBI right we're going to the Paulo and then it makes a day right iced coffee ice cream maker combo [Applause] Sallis tie Iram transfers not until 9 o'clock tomorrow night we do have all day yeah we enjoyed the pedlow so much yesterday darling last everyone will come up with it unless you've got the whole day at a block party can you see CK girls yeah all that bottom lip is gonna be out all day and come on let's get some brekkie you I'm sad I've gone home in a bikini guys jokes it's kind of annoying cuz checkouts at 12 but we don't got picked up till 9 but the sixth time I've not said in this vlog so we're gonna have to carry out on a hand luggage carry we can put our suitcases somewhere we're gonna have to carry a hand luggage around and then we've got our going home stuff in there that like to find some words change into my sky absolutely yeah generally what I might quit quit my job as well let's go you have been bean lift honest cop once hanafi Minaya speech it's been delayed by like Charleston which doesn't seem that bad but we already had a half 11 flight at 9:00 so now it's at what hundred aircraft supposed to me it means yeah so a London boy English how much we stick play into what we used to have American breakfast on the way back we can open sky yeah I mean guys 24 hour together I say guys I'm upset he met hot pan I am sorry we like mouse they're only on the bright side now a professor at 20 past 10:00 I reckon it's karma for me keep 10 the doctor relief at 9 long it's nice this is karma for Avenue North I know probably not got on it and I don't go back excellent it is huge [Applause] I'm a bit concerned about how together hooligans like denial civilization today I'm gonna end this book here Davis over yeah I hope you guys did enjoy this holiday vlog I'm honestly so excited to edit it like so excited but yet understand had the best time ever that's what they I've ever been on those when do we stay we went to cost grace beside me and landscape features or was it gorgeous and I was honestly incredible so yeah but how you guys enjoy it I see you're bracing your blog thanks for watching bye guys

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