Overly Excited Tourist Goes Nuts In Seattle

– Cake by the ocean! I’m in Sabbatical, Washington, home of Frasier. Let’s go get a couple of nasty Starbags and have a good time. (hip hop music) (glass shattering) Are you joking my ass? What, is this duck dressed
as Dan Trump for Halloween? What am I, what do you, what is he, what am I, what is he,
what is he, Donald Duck? (laughs hysterically) Whoa, baby boy, there it is, the original Starbags! They say it’s a hundred years historical, but it can still make the
poopies flow like the river Nile! (chimes ringing)
Holy snopes, look at this instrument
sent from Christ himself. (chime ringing)
(laughing delightedly) Employees must wash their hands before returning to my ass, there it is! The Washington Manument! They say it’s a hundred feet big, and the top spins around
’till you blow nasty chunks! Oh, what am I, some sort of
an angel boy with a halo? No, that was just the manument! I was doing an illusion! Get out of my ass! I’m at Pugget Sound, a great place to spot some whales, or at least my haters’ moms! Bye, honey! Toot, toot! Whoa, whoa, whoa, “Peek Place Market!” Come, come, chep, chep. Ew, here’s their famous
nasty, bad hiccupotamus. Why you so nasty? Danosaur backpack! Look at these bad boys! They’re throwing fishes like footballs. Whoa, be careful!
(crowd cheering and singing) Mmm, now I’m hungry for some
nasty fish with which to eat. (upbeat techno music) Look at this nasty hittopotamus,
just spinning around, like America’s not about to
break out into a civil war! Shit on my face but don’t tell mommy, look at the size of this troll! They say he’s a hundred feet big and he’s a ghostwriter
for Dean Koon-shisht. Toly crobus, what a day I’ve had here in Senile, Weatherman. Now I get to kick back with a glass of the jitter juice and
let the soft boys flow. It even was the best day of my whole life. (upbeat techno music)

78 Replies to “Overly Excited Tourist Goes Nuts In Seattle”

  1. My ass! You are just rocking it all these neat places giving complete accurate details. It's like it's joking my ass. 🙂

  2. Only came here to dislike because this guy is a horrible imitation of comedy. Complete failure of a ripoff of steve brule.

  3. Ryan I'm not kidding your Ass, but some dude is in AMERICAN VANDAL ON NETFLIX who looks just like you! The cast says the guys name is Ryan too? I told them they a joking my ass!

  4. TOLY CROBUS it's a hilaribus new video! They say its a hundred feet funny, and Dan Trump is…for sure gonna get impeached.

  5. when I went to visit Seattle a few months ago I went to the troll statue and there was a pile of human shit on some cardboard at the top of it.

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