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This BreakFast In Lagos Nigeria Saves Life

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Gmod Death Run Funny Moments – Going Through Airport Security! (Garry's Mod)

Joe earlier on just before this recording session started I said oh god I have a feeling about something this motherfuckers been making sure I was in this recording session he's been asking for a few days now okay well whoever you're fucking for you to me look at the landing gear everyone gets a […]

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Legion of Skanks – Luis Cries

so but here's the fucked up part okay so you know I watched this with my mom the washer my sister's a little kid dude love this movie then I watching my son now you can watch the whole movie and they finally come back together Milo meets a cat and a female cat and […]

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Priority Landing for a Medical Emergency on a Flight From Dubai | Heathrow: Britains Busiest Airport

air travel is more popular than ever before with 284 million people passing through UK airports last year and those that require help may have come face to face with a passenger experience manager like Harry his stomping ground is Terminal 3 which opened in 1961 the oldest of all the terminals it occasionally suffers […]

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Porto – European Best Destination 2014

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A Tour of IIT Bombay by IITBBC

hello welcome to iit bombay the second-oldest iit in the country and the best [Applause] [Applause] let's begin from the beginning the main building like all other main buildings it holds the various administrative departments of the Institute along with the offices of the deans and a very secret staff can be the convocation Hall […]

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Learn American Holidays – New Year's Day Holiday

hi everyone I'm Alisha New Year's Day is on January 1st in the US it's almost universally a day off from work and in the u.s. clothes stores gas stations and other businesses are common sites come January first it's preceded by some of the largest celebrations in the nation and weary from being up […]

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Hannity: Mainstream media 'smear machine' in full gear on Trump's UK visit

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I'm here to tell you about how to livestream your destination wedding video hey guys i'm christian francis with travelers collective and i'm here to tell you about how I livestream my sister's wedding and Italy if you're having a destination wedding most your friends probably can't make it to your wedding because it's expensive […]

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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Walkthrough Part 1

all right what's going on ladies and gentlemen wow I have not said that phrase in a very long time welcome back to some more content let's go ahead and start it up they would go ahead and jump right into it look at that beautiful sunset sunrise fuck afternoon there we go I have […]

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