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Best of – Tour de France 2016

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we have come away on holiday and I thought it'd be nice to bring you with me hi welcome back to my channel if you don't already know me I am Katie and I am a mom of three and we love to travel we love especially traveling around the UK actually and we have […]

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PM Modi offers prayers at Guruvayur temple ahead of Maldives visit

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Destination Illinois: Rockford's Nicholas Conservatory

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PERVY GAME – Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry #2

oh here we go blacks these clean laundry well at least he changes his clothes every a man since when is lefty wear oh they must belong to this Aaron surely no one will notice if I take them surely they're not dirty though oh yeah give them to Becky yes we'll get her dirty […]

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O que fazer em BH? Vai pra Inhotim!

para quê incrível galera adorei essa obra cada caixa dessa representa uma voz ele escreveu a obra e alguém fez e ele fez um buraco de 200 metros para ver se a terra fazer barulho e ele está quebrado e dentro do muro você vê carne ala galera você clicou agora no vídeo o que […]

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Matteo Salvini: "We will close the airports!"

Italy kicking up a fuss about Berlin's migrant stance Italy's interior minister Matteo salvini has threatened to close his country's airports if Germany goes ahead with rumored plans to send migrants back on chartered flights if anyone in Berlin or Brussels is thinking of dumping dozens of immigrants in Italy through unauthorized charter flights they […]

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Legion Of Skanks on Leaving The Creek & Cave

so our Rebekah statement geez this is a funny it's a fun statement this thing is so long koplow so right right at that I check out I'm like I can't read all that it's great what happened to is she tweets it and then it's like tweet dot dot dot with a link and […]

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hey guys it's Stella welcome back to my channel fly with Stella if you guys are new here hi I'm Stella I live in New York City and I'm a new york-based flight attendant I travel the world and I try to take you guys with me as much as I can all my social […]

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How to fix 'Destination Folder Access Denied' You need permission to perform this action

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