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My New Apartment Tour | A Model's Home In NYC + Fashion Closet Tour | Sanne Vloet

hey guys today is a very sunny and bright Friday I can't believe I'm literally standing outside with the little top and I'm not cold at all it's so weird in New York City anyway yeah so a couple months ago before the holidays I posted a vlog that I was moving and I asked […]

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Public Holiday Fails

"A summer job fail." "In a clothing store." "And now for a summer job EPIC fail." "Don't get trampled for nothing this public holiday." "Most people get paid for working public holidays." "For example, if you work in a shop it's likely you're covered by the retail award." "And you'll get paid more, for working […]

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Visiting Russia's Poorest Town 🇷🇺

I am in Russia's poorest town which is called Kissel mahalik I've come for a look around it's not often that you come to Russia's poorest town and look too bad you see gazelle Masha look is located in the poorest Republic in Russia which is Tuva and it's in the poorest region of Tuva […]

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Charging ANY EV from a Tesla Destination charger

g'day CDV here he's just a quick video showing how we charge our Mitsubishi Outlander and I'm Eve or how you can charge up any TV using a Tesla destination charger as you can see here he's a tester that's nice in charge of somebody prepared earlier basically we use this adapter it's called the […]

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THE LEISURE SEEKER Official Trailer (2017) Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland Drama Movie HD

poetry is Hemingway's secret people have confused his simplicity use how many special sauces for your burger no no we'll be fine thank you Chantal say your seeker we've had a lot of wonderful trips in this old rust bucket I'm finally taking John to see Hemingway's house in Key West kids we won't be […]

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Jeff Palmucci @TripAdvisor discusses managing a #MachineLearning #AI Team

in this episode Jeff emoji from TripAdvisor talks about his journey to create machine learning group so stay tuned so welcome everyone to another episode of future of data podcast today we have Jeff Thal Moochie from TripAdvisor a quick bio on Jeff as a serial entrepreneur Jeff has started several companies he was VP […]

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ᴴᴰ ✈ Worlds BIGGEST MODEL AIRPORT – 1:87 – MiWuLa Hamburg

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Flight (2012) – A Little Pick Me Up Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

I need a glass of water I need a credit card I need $100 bill I got a 20 she'll do with banana boats are coming and I need a Coco Puffs what just take the tiniest little bit of tobacco out of the top of the cigarette please damn amateur you're almost home okay […]

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BEST CITIES TO VISIT IN ITALY IN 2019 – most popular Travel Destinations

hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Tanya I'm a trouble and lifestyle vlogger if you're new don't forget to subscribe today I'm going to be sharing with you guys the top best cities to visit in Italy I live here so I know but before I get into the video I […]

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