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Dragoon Changes | FFXIV Shadowbringers Media Tour

dragoon is a very jumpy boy now with five total jumps all for your dying pleasure this is the new AF as you can see my tail is actually in there it's stuck in that little uh dragoon a wyvern tail the headpiece itself also has a dragoon wyvern tail on the back and this […]

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hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so today's video is gonna be a really fun one and it's gonna be a holiday you prep with me video and everything that I like to do before going away now you would have thought by how I look how burnt I am that I've already […]

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There is a monkey friend visitor to visit monkey Maodou,he is so terrible

Maodou, who did this? Why do you pull the paper towels everywhere? Is it yummy? Your mouth is full. Is it yummy? pick it up. Yes, don't waste food.

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Destination Eurovision 2019 (France) – Reaction to all songs!

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Going 4 UMRAH :)

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Cirrus Vision SF50 Jet at Santa Monica Airport

we're at the Santa Monica Airport what's your name and what type of aircraft are we looking at here today I'm Justin Dillon with Cirrus aircraft and this is the new vision jet sf50 that's awesome so what do we have behind you over there far away so farther back we have the new g6 […]

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Virginia Tech to pay student to take a gap year

wait a year to go to Virginia Tech and you could be rewarded in the form of cash the university is anticipating its largest freshman class in the fall ten News reporter Alisha Jones is live on campus in Blacksburg Cerrito what are the what are their options to help with this over enrollment but […]

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Crew Capsule 2.0 First Flight

good morning everyone from the origins launch site in beautiful West Texas command-n to start 2 1 [Applause] there you have it a beautiful liftoff of our next generation new Shepard live from West Texas 1,000 feet separation is confirmed well over 250,000 feet at this point all right so the booster and the capsule […]

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[Applause] this is the story of a visit to one of Britain's far-flung island colonies Antigua one of the most northerly islands of the Leeward group here is a tiny island of great charm and rich in the history of the British Commonwealth at the end of the deep sheltered Bay lies the island capital […]

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