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5 physics experiments for the holidays!

[Musik] Zu Hause an den freien Tagen. Wie waere es mit ein bisschen Wissenschaft. Mischt etwas Backpulver und Essig in einem Becher und lasst es zischen. Vorsichtig das entstandene Gas in einen anderen Becher schuetten. Ihr solltet den Eindruck haben nichts zu schuetten. Probiert jetzt einen leeren Becher ueber einer Kerze auszuschuetten. Sieht etwas albern […]

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Kyoto: Top 5 Reasons To Visit This City

my desire to see Kyoto started when Steve Jobs in his biography cited this destination as his favorite city according to the genius behind Apple computers he drew inspiration in the design of the gardens and temples of Japan's former capital join me for a quick trip to Kyoto Japan my name is Lex Bonifay […]

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2019 World Travel Awards: Kenya retains title as leading tourist destination

in Nairobi Kenya so Kenya's rich tourism products emerged top of the 2019 of wild travel awards in Mauritius they have stood out as the leading beach destination the best business travel destination the finest meeting and conference destination as well as the leading airline the connector is aboard for the seventh time emerged the […]

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CBSE 10 History || The City of London

this is the famous London Underground Tube surveys millions of people use it for their daily commute to and from work however before the City of London became urbanized you could even spawned capital on its streets let's find out how London went on to become a modern world-class City London was a densely populated […]

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Los 10 mejores hoteles de México en 2017 según TripAdvisor

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Hong Kong Airport with ATC

[Applause] leave it to clearly discern anything about shopping because your sector is weeks ago – or degrees want to make families events Evan Mathis let's take off actually family to go seven nights never take off Felina zero feet this morning that's it thank you Judy holding point you good tool for you now […]

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Megabus tour of London for a fiver!

patient church 39 monix have been crowned in the abbey and serve women buried there no recently it's where Prince William married Catherine Middleton eighteen hundreds if they're Supreme Court we'll call to be paid in the UK the civil cases and for criminal cases from England Wales and Ireland this point is Chicago it […]

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Virgin Flight – Saturday Night Live

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Living Cheap – Tiny NYC Apartment Tour ($600/month)!

you know I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of creating and before I moved here there was just really one thing that scared me the rent New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world for rent and when you start looking online unlike Craigslist you start […]

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hi so I haven't posted a video and like a week and I know it's really going I got sick again outside and exciting and I'm just remembering now so that's why cuz that were weird but I really did not want to have to make webcam video but I just got home from dance […]

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