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sorry [Applause] we over this cruise you can grab all your stuff and meet me downstairs I'm not here everybody anybody trying to get home hurt though by the blood doing so far away from the fire rifle don't talk that way okay thank you to the P store downstairs look the phone get your […]

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INSANE 2 Iron Ball Flight ¦ GOLF

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10 Exotic Wedding Destinations In India

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Ocean: A 360-degree tour of the mysterious, magical corals of Palau | The Economist

we define ourselves by our ocean around how we live how we survive and if that disappears it would be devastating my name is Lukas Assad and I work as a researcher here at Palau International coral reef center today we are going to a very special place and we are going to count and […]

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Four public holidays announced for Eid-ul-Fitr

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Duterte kicks off 4-day working visit to Japan | ANC

hi Karina president Oh Tara's official activities here in Tokyo Japan will begin in a few hours he is set to meet with Philippine and Japanese businessmen in a business forum organized by the Department of Trade and Industry he will also have separate roundtable discussions with Japanese investors and tourism partners this afternoon trade […]

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Brony D&D: "Destination" (Part 117)

as you turn the corner you see another you see another Curren who GaN like with his arms folded and just tapping very impatiently and looking at a very giant door it's stretching from ceiling to the floor and stretching from wall to wall strange markings line the edges let's not go super close to […]

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Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude – Gameplay PC [HD]

did you hear the news Swingle does in town uh-huh yeah I'm listening what no no no no cancel the Nashville meeting that's sort of well you let Merle Haggard know I'm privy to the whereabouts of a certain Civil War strongbox he's been searching for for the last 42 years yeah now listen to […]

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Bankers, arms makers expect Iran war profits

take a look at this headline go ahead if you could put that headline up arms manufacturers tell investors that Iran tensions fuel business take that in go ahead let me describe where that headline comes from defense executives crowded into a Goldman Sachs Building in downtown Manhattan to meet with bankers just just think […]

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