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Travel Philippines vs.Thailand ? / BEST TRAVEL DESTINATION ?

Thailand or the Philippines that has been the question often asking myself when planning my tropical adventure in Southeast Asia and we all know both places have beautiful beaches and overall a lot to see but which one is the one for you this question will be answered today and with that welcome to today's […]

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Baby Elephant rescued… viewed with Alan Tours while on Safari at the Addo Elephant National Park.

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British Holidays – Easter

hi everyone I'm Gina after Christmas the second biggest religious event of the year in the UK is Easter even for people who don't celebrate Easter as a religious observance it is an important time of the year the date changes every year but it always coincides with the start of spring in this lesson […]

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Borat visits Amsterdam

but the cause of stance of a stock type of lifter Haleyville Holmes an angle on the promoter a baby for that but him up company in Amsterdam the ExoMars man Ambala nice to be here in your country of Amsterdam's yes like ever much it is a beautiful city I particularly am impressed by […]

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DESTINATION ULTRA (Memories of Ultra Worldwide 2014)

you dance music's literally exploded here in the last five years it's going bigger it's like it's inevitable it's really conquering the world you just don't see scenery like us anywhere else in the world together one giant pile like crazy losing their minds so Foom just got to meet people from all over the […]

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Leisure Farm, Johor Baru, Malaysia.

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No. 1 Beach on TripAdvisor: Siesta Key

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At the Airports

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Milo Yiannopoulos on Legion of Skanks Monday night – Final thoughts!

let's go on on Jewboy Luis je Gomez good afternoon Sunday I'm just hanging out on my fucking fire escape because I'm a New Yorker as we do sometimes and yeah I wanted to fill everyone in on the Milo situation with Legion skanks and what's going on with that show some of you guys […]

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9/11 American 11 Flight (HD)

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