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Leisure Cruise – Sailing

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At The Heart Of A Giant: Postgres At TripAdvisor

thank you so where was this talk born from so whenever I end up coming to Postgres conferences I get a bunch of questions by you know smaller operations about how are you using it what does your infrastructure looks at look like inside of the company and whatnot and we are we are a […]

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At the airport – Speaking English at the airport. Common words and phrases

welcome to twominuteenglish.com teaching you English in two minutes or less in this lesson we will listen to conversations at the airport hello can I see your ID and ticket please sure here's my ID and my ticket thank you you may proceed to the check-in counter good evening welcome to a1 Airlines please give […]

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Momento del asesinato de un hombre en la estación del Megabus

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MiG-29 High Altitude Stratosphere Flight – long version 8 camera HD | flight data

Stell dir vor, wenn jedermann Überschall-Kampfjet Pilot für einen Tag werden könnte. Rate mal, wo dies möglich ist, Der einzige Ort auf der Erde … …ist hier. Dies ist eines der ältesten Flugzeugfabriken der Welt Es befindet sich unweit von Moskau in Russland und interessanterweise hat die Fabrik seinen eigenen Namen, "Falcon" (Falke) auf Englisch […]

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The top destination to visit in Asia in 2017

I am Pierre Chang I have been a travel writer for 10 years and have authored four editions of the Lonely Planet China guide Gansu is a fantastic provence with a light of geographical and cultural diversity improved the Gansu has been picked Bologna plans travel experts as the number one destination to visit in […]

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Taylor Swift and Robbie Williams – Angels – reputation Stadium Tour

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[MV] So!YoON! (황소윤) – "HOLIDAY"

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The Best Places to Visit in Texas, USA

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The Underachievers – Final Destination (Audio)

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