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Megabus MCI J4500 64183 Audio Recording

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Flight 513. Mystery When Missing plane reappears years later!

over the hundred plus years since man first took to the skies there has been an ever-increasing number of strange occurrences and mysteries some of these mysteries have grown to become legend famous tales like the story of Amelia Earhart and her disappearance the many planes that have vanished over the infamous Bermuda Triangle and […]

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500 Destinations Just Waiting To Be Explored

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Classroom Tour | That Teacher Life Ep 4

so I thought that today I would give you guys a quick classroom tour I will preface this by saying that my classroom is nowhere near actually complete this year teachers were only given one day to actually work in their rooms before open house which was yesterday so I still have a lot more […]

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i broke my hand on holiday…

comes with a sunshine this is Golden Eagle rainbow dick we're gonna crash if I haven't driven in three years castles a dirty bitch this is a pussy hello guys I didn't get much sleep last night because 10 was just simple over the place first thing well it kind of is at the moment […]

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Dubai : 10 Must Visit Places

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Final Destination (2000) – Alternative ending

you need to slow up there somehow lightweight are they still in flight somewhere are they safe when I was a kid like a six or seven he used to worry so much about my parents dying lying awake at night just worrying Oh kids do I guess those kids never have it happen when […]

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Technology: Leisure – Has technology changed how you entertain yourself?

like caught it on the television so it's a lot easier you don't have to like go out I couldn't say go too soon all the time because them because you don't want to go in the cinema if it's like not a really good film basically otherwise you just wait until it comes out […]

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6 clicks to connect TripAdvisor to your Facebook page

hello my name is healthy for us all I run a company called sponsor we offer courses and services to people in tourism now what I want to show you today is how to connect your TripAdvisor page to the through your Facebook page so that people visiting your Facebook page can see your reviews […]

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Amazing [Ultra HD 4k] Malpensa Airport – Incredible plane spotting

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