Pangarkhal | पांगरखाल | हे पन्यारी | Visit My Village S3E4

Are you beating Jow ( Pulse )? yes! good! that’s how we do it. these are things we have to do. Namaste granny! Namaste ! You are not saying Namaste to Me. do it! Do it don’t you want to say Hello? I didn’t hear anything from you Namaste granny! you are saying Namaste to granny but not to me. This message for granny from granny! say Hello to her or what i should say talk normally as you do with her. they met us we brought Onions from there. speak ! don’t worry! speak ! speak Bija and I went together to your village our families used to
share goldcot ( chulu fruit ) fruits. because you have crops field together
( lady speaking in background ) one of your Aunt is in Sudhada yes one of your youngest aunts, she was my friend. you have three aunts
yes! Jona Bua, Bija Bua and Premvati Bua I have seen all of them. you were the neighbour that’s why
( lady speaking in background ) one of them who was in Bhatkoti,
we used to have good friendship very good girl ! hey Girl ! look at me hello This thing is called Gossa ( buffalo dung ) all we need to do is burn this thing
and all flies will be gone. that’s use of this thing. ok what’s happening Is everything good? how many buffaloes do you have? two !
That’s nice what is his name ? Gattu.
Gattu! look at Gattu baby buffalo let’s go home behind me there is a calf. behind me, look at him he getting scared out of me. he is thinking like, the tiger is here to hunt him. too scared let’s go brother. lift that can and let’s go Hey Girl There are few children who wants to meet you. two girls are running but let’s try talk with them tell me your name girl. i don’t know she said nothing second one on the top she is good at Games she wants to become P T Usha the one who is running name of this boy is Abhay the girl in her lap is Manvi that one don’t want to talk about anything two girls are ahead, let’s ask them don’t pour water over me. Ok I am overtaking her.
what’s your name? tell me don’t ask name ? her name is Babita My name is Diksha.
her name is Diksha. girl at the back is Babita they are bringing water pots one of them have plastic water pot one have of them have
original water pot made of metal ok what is your favourite thing about Pangarkhal? clear air and water wow! what do you want to say to
people who left their villages? I want to say to them, do the job anywhere but
Don’t forget your culture. beautiful ! They are handpicking Jow ( Pulse ) grains Jow ( Pulse ) ok this is what happens here. in most villages most of the people are doing this these days. I have seen beautiful crops of Jow ( Pulse ) i feel so good I have told you about this in Budogi village.
this is Lamenda ( Pumpkin ) i feel so good when meet people Pangar is a big village if I will go there-
there are lot’s of hosue i will go there too but today time is not enough the house you can see over there
it’s last house of Pangar i have completed that too most of the village you have visited now She is picking onions that’s onion ! fresh onions you want some? no no ! In Pata there are lots of them in our village Pata,
Onion and Potato are available in large amount. without water it get dry easily we don’t have enough water field,
we saw them in small amount you are not picking up the onions, but only leafs? only Leafs yes! you will have it for dinner yes, the vegetable ! they will make vegetable of onion leafs lets have some tea! I had it already ! i am going now straight from Pangar there is Balma village it’s over here in that mountain near Balma next village is Bhatkoti
which is out there somewhere behind that there is our village Pata here are the fields of Pangar and people of Balma beautiful
look at them! I am relaxing here underneath the Ficus tree. it feels hot in the sun but here it’s beautiful cool air is flowing and look at this
beautiful small temple. People of Pangarkhal are beautiful as well as children their thinking, they want to do build better future as they told me I like it but what about you.
don’t forget to leave feedback about that I made new friends, it was beautiful. you are loving all the videos, it’s beautiful moment for new viewers, i welcome you all enjoy new episodes share with your friends and everyone. if want to show this videos to your friends
who don’t understand Garhwali language tell them to turn on Subtitles or CC,
so the can understand everything you will understand easily! I will be back with new season stay tuned and have fun. till then have a good time, stay safe
Namaste Namaste Namaste ! Thanks

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  1. बहुत हि सुन्दर चमोली ।जी ।
    पूरी थकान मिट्टी जान्दी अपरा गौँ मुल्क देखीकी

  2. bhut sundar video & bhut hi khubsurt msg diya un Aunty ji ne ki job bahar jrur kro pr apni sanskrti or apne gadwal ko na bhule

  3. Chamoli Ji Namskar..I just want to say you thanks a lot.Mai v pangerkhal school se padha hoon dek ke bahut acha laga.Mai avi out of country me job karta hoon. jab aap ye cheese bahar dekte ho to aap soch v nahi sakte ki apni jagah ki kitni yaad aati hai.Mera gaun KOTI(Balma ) hai.ek baar aap mere gaun ka v visit kar lo
    Thanks..Keep it up!!

  4. आशीष भुला भोत भली वीडिओ अर प्रस्तुति च तेरी , तुम्हार गों भोत संपन्न अर बस्यूं च जो कि एक सुखद बात च. मेरो भी भोत पैली बिटी ज्यू छौ गड्वली मा व्लोग्गिंग कना को पर तिथे इत्गा सुन्दर गड्वली व्लोग बनांद देखिक ज्यू हरे गे इन लग जन मेरो सुपिन्या तिल पूरो कैर द्याई.
    टीरियाली (टीरी की गड्वली) सुणना मा कात्ति मिट्ठी लगदी !
    P.S : मी कोटद्वार बिटी छौ

  5. Water r very important that your video message, very beautiful village and plastic bantha very durable in mountain

  6. Ek Baar DAGAR ganw ki bana lo bhai, Awsm place to visit via Ghansali- Gaurya-Dwari-Dagar, There are soo many Banj and Burans around there.

  7. bhai thank u thank u so muchh mIte meru gaun dikhona ki khatar …. ye ma meru ghar meri chachi ( ju tumari fufu ji ka baara ma thai batoni )….. ar meru puru gaun thank u so muchhh bhai

  8. Namshkaar bheji bhut sundar lga apka gau ..
    Yaad dila di apne gau ki ..
    Hum bhi Chamoli ke hein bheji .
    Bhut khushi hoti h esi videos dekh kr .
    Jai uttrakhand

  9. Pangarkhal is my Nanihal

    All the 4 episodes of your pangar vlog
    Is tooooooo good
    Best part of this videos is.
    my school life

    Beautiful video bhai

  10. नावा कोट की वीडियो नहीं बनाई भाई कभी आपने बनाया आपने वीडियो

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