Pentagon sends Thousands U.S. Troops Deploying to the Middle East in Response to Iranian Threats

Menehune mathematician Moniz boy effeminate Iran, aha afternoon naritsugu ramayana to me by a venal chillingly As PG&E chignon of a little bit box filled after they won’t not bad everybody The United States is deploying nearly 3,000 more army troops to the Middle East amid increased tensions between the u.s And Iran following the death of Iranian general Qasim soleimani the thousands of troops come as the u.s awaits retaliation from Iran for the airstrike that killed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard chorus cuts force leader and has tens of thousands of Anti-american demonstrators have taken to the streets in their own to protest the loss of the general Prior to the airstrike at the Baghdad Airport that left Soleimani dead the US had to avoid about 700 soldiers from the 82nd airborne to Kuwait have US embassy compound in the Capital was stormed by iran-backed militiamen and their supporters The thousands of additional troops are reportedly going to be deployed from the same division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina according to Defense Department officials who spoke to The Associated Press Shortly before or during the troop deployment Donald Trump justified the attack on Sony money saying that he had killed more badly wounded Thousands of Americans over an extended period of time and was plotting to kill many more it remains to be seen how Iran may respond to the killing which targeted a well-known and respected military leader in the But we’re on state television does it killing is the biggest miscalculation by the US since the Second World War No longer allow Americans to stay the network said Harsh vengeance awaits the criminals that got is another martyrs blood on their evil hands in last night’s incident said Ali Khomeini Iran’s supreme leader US officials have provided disparate accounts of the threats that Americans now face in the region The US State Department is urging Americans to leader That is far from the consensus And major military powers in the world UK Foreign Secretary has said Britain recognized the aggressive threat posed by the Iranian military leader But cautioned that further conflict is in none of our interests Germany meanwhile has also expressed concern for ongoing conflict But provided a qualified statement that the killing was a reaction to a whole series of military provocations for which Iran bears responsibility according to the Associated Press France Russia and China three permanent members of the UN Security Council alongside the US and UK have all warned that the actions on Friday morning against Soleimani have made the world more dangerous on Wednesday about 750 paratroopers from 82 nd 2nd battalion 1st Brigade Combat Team coordinates East At an off-camera Pentagon briefing Thursday Both defense secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs chairman general mark Milley said that additional deployments were under consideration Desper said that about 100 Marines in Kuwait were initially sent to backup embassy Security but edit we are prepared to reinforce other positions throughout the region as required over the coming days Milly said there’s a variety of forces that are alerted and prepared if necessary to deploy Depending on the situation as we move forward Both million Esper’s spoke before the u.s Strike on an access road to the Baghdad Airport that hit the two-car convoy carrying the 62 year old soul Imani leader of the cubs? Jerusalem forced within Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC Duck defense officials declined to say how the strike was carried out, but the Iraqi state media said the attack came from the drone In Tehran Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for three days of mourning for the death of Seoul Imani charged by the u.s As being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American troops in Iraq through his direction and supply of Shiite Paramilitaries who fought against the US Vasia thought in a statement published by iran’s Fars news agency Khomeini said a forceful revenge awaits the criminals who have his blood and the blood of the other martyrs last night on their hands

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