Planning a visit to the Maryland State Archives

The Staff of the Maryland State Archives looks forward to welcoming you to our public Search Room. As you are preparing to visit, we suggest
you review our website for the most up-to-date information about hours, unexpected or weather-related closures, and directions. To find the operational schedule and closures of the Archives, please go to our homepage at: From the homepage, please click on “Visit
the Archives” from the left hand “Quick Links” menu. Then select the box labeled “Hours” The Search Room is currently open from 8:30am until 4:30pm Tuesday through Friday, and Saturdays. We are closed Saturdays of holiday weekends. Also, on Saturdays that we are open, please note that we are closed from 12 to 1pm for the lunch hour. The Search Room is always closed on Sundays and Mondays. Please scroll down the page for a full listing of upcoming holiday closures. During our operational hours, records are pulled every half hour starting at 8:45 AM
with the last pull of the day occurring at 3:45 PM. The Maryland State Archives is located at 350 Rowe Blvd. in Annapolis, Maryland, 21401. It is a 3-story red-brick building with “Hall
of Records” inscribed over the entrance. We are located directly across Rowe Blvd.
from the Courts of Appeal Building in Anne Arundel County. For more specific directions, please go to our homepage at: From the homepage, please click on “Visit
the Archives” from the left hand “Quick Links” menu. Then select the box labeled “Directions” The Archives has its own dedicated parking lot for visitors in front of the building
with accessible parking. Please be aware that we are very close to
both downtown historic Annapolis and the United States Naval Academy and that traffic in the area can be impacted by local happenings and sporting events. When you arrive at the Archives, you will enter the building immediately into our front lobby where you will be greeted by both reception and security staff. Please have a valid, government-issued photo ID with you to show the security staff. Accepted forms of ID include driver’s licenses, passports, military IDs, and state-issued photo ID cards. After checking in at the guard’s station, please continue to the lobby reception desk. If this is your first visit, then you will
need to submit a registration form at our lobby desk along with 2 forms of ID. If you would like to complete this form prior to your visit, then it can be found online. Please go to our homepage at: From the homepage, please click on “Visit the Archives” from the left-hand “Quick Links”
menu. Then select the box labeled “Registration Form” to print out a copy. At registration, you will receive a patron ID number to use for future visits. You will also sign our daily guest log, receive your desk assignment number, and be given access to a locker to store your belongings. Only loose leaf paper, pencils, laptops, and light jackets or sweaters may be taken into our Search Room. You will be required to leave all other materials in your locker or vehicle, including pens, folders, binders, bound books, briefcases,notebooks, newspapers, envelopes, purses, tote bags, laptop cases, handheld scanners and heavy coats. In addition, no food or beverage of any kind, including gum, mints, candy or bottled water, is allowed in the Search Room. You are allowed to use cameras and tripods in the Search Room to photograph materials, however the flash must be turned off. We have a lighted copy stand that you may use free of charge to facilitate better photography of documents. We ask that all cell phones be muted, and that you always leave the Search Room to conduct any calls. You also will be required to use headphones if you are viewing any video content that includes sound on the computers or your own devices. All payments for copies, publications, and services are done at the lobby desk. This is also where you can receive access
instructions and a password to the wireless internet account. Please note: while the Archives has free wifi access available for laptops and mobile devices, you can only access scans of original records through the Archives’ networked Search Room computers. You are now ready for your visit to the Archives and we are very much looking forward to assisting you. Thank you.

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