Q&A #79 Does the ARMY Brainwash You? 🧼 Do I Still Visit the Motherland? Thoughts on Louis Vuitton?

Hey guys! Q&A Tuesday. And I start with a wrist check and I am
wearing a oldie but a goodie. A yellow Offshore from the mid 90’s. This is one of the earlier pieces, this is one of the pieces that I talked about
on one of my last episodes which I feel a sleepers I’ll be kind of collecting them up. They come in yellow, purple, green, orange, blue, etc. Since I mentioned that on my episode I can’t keep them in, let me close this door. Unfortunately, since I mentioned that on one of my episode I can’t keep them in stock fast enough. This is a second yellow Offshore that I bought on last month, the first one I bought I sold. I sold the blue one and I sold the green one. I’ve been picking them up in the low to mid teens. And I feel like these are certainly the next collectibles just because of the overall aesthetic of them and the different colors that I have and they’re very appealing as a collection. Kind of like the Beach Daytona that comes in various colors and we have them as a set, it’s very appealing to a collector to have all colors. Hopefully, I’ll wear this one for a little bit longer before somebody calls on it. In either case, let’s jump into some questions one from I cannot see that, oclvcarbon123 PS, “Roman, what did you learn from your time
in the military and a Deutsche Bank that you applied in your business? Terrific
content as always.” Thank you! Good question. It’s a lot and I don’t want to take up a whole episode so ,I’ll pick a couple of specific things starting with the military. Discipline obviously is going to be number one it’s the obvious answer and I’m sure you expected me to say that so I won’t get into much of that. For any man or woman out there, to receive the type of discipline that the military gives you is it’s, it’s really priceless. I remember coming back from basic training, right? And my basic training I decided to be a
scout or now it’s called a forward observer. My basic training instead of being 8 weeks and then going on to learn how to do a job that’s non-combat arms like accounting or driving or anything in that nature. It was a back to back thing that lasted 5 months and it was difficult. I came back from basic training and one of my guys said, they we’re talking about like, “Wow dude you seem to be like brainwashed or something, right?” You know, yeah I am an 18 year old kid, you know this is what my friends are telling me. It’s a very common cliche I guess to say that army brain washes you. But then I quickly realized and I answer
my friend said, “No, it’s not brainwashing.” What they do in the military specifically in basic training is they break you down both mentally and physically, they build you back up into a one well-oiled fighting machine, right? That’s what they’re supposed to be doing and no there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s not wrong with that, it’s the army right? But the brainwashing part or at least what it seems like to the outsiders or your peers at the time is the fact that they make you grow up in an unnaturally short amount of time, right? And which is why I feel the military would be good for anybody at least basic training part of it. I think everybody should, I’m not saying make the military mandatory. But I think it would be good with just about anyone because they do really make you grow up and become a man. Sort of speak well obviously there are women as well, but when it came to me that’s what it did for me that’s the brain portion part came in and discipline is what came out of it. The discipline to knowing that you have to
get attached done test complete nobody’s gonna do it for you and army your life depends on it so, that’s kind of what I got out of that. But the one thing I’ll bring forth is SOP. Military loves it’s abbreviations, SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. As a scout or forward observer, I learned
Standard Operating Procedures for pretty much every task that I had to complete as a forward observer. Let’s say for example classifying a bridge right? So, as a forward observer I would go forward. I would, let’s say there’s a whole battalion of Calvary tanks and this, that any other behind me that’s trying to march through to a certain destination. I have to classify the route and the route can have overhangs, bridges, river crossings, tight roads, possible ambush sites and all those things. So there was a Standard Operating Procedure how to classify bridge, how to classify a turn, how to measure that turn. Because what happens, let’s say if you got a hundred tanks trying to make a tight turn that’s gonna slow down the whole thing by X amount of time, right? So, these are things that the officers need to know ahead of time before marching forward on to the next location. So, I did apply that in my business, simple. Standard Operating Procedures are everywhere in my business and my employees love that bus term. So, I have a job of let’s say a QA person or
shipping person or receiving person it doesn’t really matter who it is. And shipping you know there are certain things you have to do A to Z. And because if I was a basement operation obviously, I did every job on my own. I was the shipping department, the photography department, the marketing department, the receiving department, the QA department, the sales department and everything under the Sun before my company grew and I managed to hire people to do those things for me. I’m still involved in a day-to-day heavy
duty, minus the micromanaging things. I still evolve some of these processes of
standard operating procedure to set in place. But the biggest thing is this, my whole thing I learned is that if you want to do something right do it yourself, find, find the process of which is the ultimate for a particular task within the company which can be a floating target sometimes ’cause times change. When you do that and a new person comes on you literally hand them an SOP say, “Hey! this is your job from A to Z this is what you need to do.” right? You know they tell me it sounds like a monkey pressing buttons, right? It’s kind of like that, but no. Because the only difference between me and the Army is that I allow, not that I allow I expect the people that take on that position read that SOP to then go on and improve it based on their experience and time in the company. Because if I’m not out down in the trenches for saying shipping things every single day I don’t know how the process could possibly be improved So, I give everybody every opportunity to change my SOP. If they need to flip it upside down and I deem it to be better and they can show me that it’s better I’m always here to listen, I’m always here take advice and I do change my SOP’s from time to time based on what the person that’s using
that so he has to suggest with the experience that it may have had here. So, SOP’s is one of those things I really take close to heart from the military to my company. So, I mentioned Deutsche Bank imagine
corporate environment well, guess what? It kind of carries over, in the corporate environment the army help me with the corporate environment to stay disciplined. Because you know corporate environments have certain expectations. Yes, they’re not like the military you know you can go a little left, a little right it’s not true. But most corporate most corporate environments are that inside the box thinking you have a particular position, you have to do a particular task is sort of like that SOP an army where you know there’s not a whole lot of room for negotiation and then making suggestions really all depends on who you work for. If you work for bosses a little stock up and you make the suggestion you know what he’s saying is not that great it can be better. It may affect you negatively, it may affect you positively you never know. But in Deutsche Bank I learned how to deal with people. And I hate to make it sound shallow but I learned how to deal with people that are dumb and people that are smart. As much as I would like to sit here and say that everybody is on the same way when it comes to intelligence, when it comes to smarts, when it comes to
technical smarts and things of that nature we’re not, we’re all different so much smarter in certain things and dumb on others some are just overall dumb and somewhat overall just geniuses in everything that they do. And I’m not gonna put myself in any of those labels that I just did because it’s irrelevant. What I did learn is how to deal with different people. People with different intelligence level how to approach those peoples and how to be able to work with those people and that carried me a long way within my journey in the corporate world even outside, even before Deutsche Bank I learned how to deal with different types of people I learned how to be able to work with those people in a team environment knowing the expectations I can have for
the persons based on their intelligent levels when it came to the work at hand or the tasks at hand. And oftentimes it’s frustrating to work with somebody that is let’s say less intelligent than you. Again, maybe it’s a technical knowledge
or whatever it might be and at the same token it’s very hard to work with somebody who’s much smarter than you. Who’s 10 steps ahead and whom you may
not just get because you may not be on his level. And then, in the corporate environment you have politics on top of it. So, if you have somebody who is higher
up than you and that usually was the case because I worked in the technical side of things, right? I was the Youngblood knowing the latest
and the greatest technology where the people that were above me were not that familiar with it. So, when I was telling them certain things, certain technical things they have no freaking idea what I was talking about. But at the same token there were my boss and I couldn’t make him feel bad so, that’s when politics came in and that’s why I absolutely hated the corporate towards the end and this is why I left and chose to go my own reality. But dealing with different people helped me in the company now where I managed to save myself on things No.1 micromanaging. It taught me how not to micromanage, how not to have my hand in every single little thing that goes on here. They taught me to set those procedures in place and most importantly deal with an acceptable margin and error. Accounting department I have about 3 people working. I’m the one to set up the accounting system. I ended up going through about 4 accountants until I literally found one that set glue to my hip for about 4 to 5 months. And during every single transactions together and everything until everything was done right. And then I was able to let go and still to this day there are mistakes but the system I set in place isn’t such a way that when I run my daily, weekly reports I can quickly see if mistakes were made within accounting and asked them to correct it without really flipping out because it’s within the acceptable margin of error. It’s not the person is not good for you let them go you find the next person. I went through four accountants and when I was initially started, well these was bookkeepers really. I was looking for a bookkeeper. Again, this allowed me to learn how not to micromanage, allowed me to how to work with people with different intelligence level and basically deal with it, deal with the
fact that not everybody is me. And most importantly that there are people out there that are smarter than me. So, the Youngblood that comes into my
office some of the sales guys, I think I’m the best salesman in the world, I think I’m the best salesman in this company. But I learned to recognize the some of the younger blood and some of the younger kids that kind of work for me are actually better than me and learned to live with it. Goes kind of hand in hand with micromanagement kind of thing, right? I also realized learn how to listen to some of this new blood. I don’t say younger blood necessarily I have some people here that work for me they’re older than me. And when it comes to certain tasks they’re smarter than me. Recognized talent, keyword here recognizing that talent and not thinking that you’re better than everywhere else just because you sit in the higher seat. I follow and mean that you often see online the difference between a manager and a leader. And the manager is the one that sits on a big rock with a whip, right? And all the employees are pulling them
forward where the leader is in front of the herd helping their team pull stuff along. Then that’s really how I go about running my company. My experience in the military and in the corporate world both helped me with that tremendously. And I feel that I’m lucky in that way, I don’t know what would happen if I went to work for my own all right out of high school. I don’t know how successful I would have
been. Hope that sheds a little bit of light into that question. Is there another watch unrelated question from catcat40000, 4000 it’s 4 and a lot of 0’s. “Hey Roman awesome video as always.” Thank you. “I got a question for your Q&A Tuesday episode I noticed that you have shown off Louis Vuitton several times in the past. Would you say that this is one of your
favorite non watched luxury brands? With that being said, can you show off or
recommend some of your favorite non watch accessories ie wallet, belt, shoes, cufflinks, ties etc? Thanks again! Well, I’m not gonna make this episode about Louis Vuitton I do own quite a few Louis Vuitton accessories but mostly I own quite a few Louis Vuitton trunks. I have a steamer trunk that’s probably about 100 years old along with some smaller trunks and trunks choice. And I stack them up and I have them everywhere because I feel they make for a beautiful decorative objects and it’s not coming from the fact that I’m a brand who were for say. It’s coming from the fact that I love the history behind Louis Vuitton Okay, quick history lesson right? So, what was box making back in those days? when people went to travel they used to make boxes for everything they have. So, people from Paris went to their summer homes they would box literally everything up including dresses and it’ll be ones that went into a single box to wardrobe sets where they put in pants, shoes etc, etc. I have one of those sort of opens up
vertically it’s like 100 years old. And at the same token it took household items like vases, decorative objects and things like of that nature. And these box makers, this fancy box
makers that’s what they did. They made boxes for those items to be able to move in long distances. There was a lot of Louis Vuitton trunks on the Titanic. When people travel back in the day that’s how they travel by utilizing fancy box makers, another one would be the yard, right? Of course fast forward to today a Louis Vuitton is not what it used to be they no longer make these boxes. Although they do, you can order a custom case for just about anything if you wanted to with Louis Vuitton steel. but now it moved into fashion accessories and watches and jewelry. And I have to tell you I am NOT a fan of the Louis Vuitton watches. I am a fan of what Louis Vuitton is and always was about and that’s trunks, that’s luggage, accessories like wallets, backpacks, murses. I have them here. Yeah, there’s one. So, here’s what, you know a lot of my friends make fun of me it’s a murse, right? It’s some old man purses they called it. This is a very convenient little bag because it can fit a lot of stuff in there like air pods, Oh look, international currency. I often travel with one of these, I have one
that’s slightly bigger as well. But for the most part I keep this one locally and the reason for that is because my 9mm Kimber fits into this bag very very well. So, if I’m out at a fancy party and I’m wearing a suit I don’t really want to I feel like having my gun here or on my hip because it might stick out it fits perfectly into this little bag along with two clips and 16 rounds. So, I’m not a big fan of their clothes personally, maybe some of their jackets maybe, but things like t-shirts which are extremely overpriced, I wear $10 Calvin Klein t-shirts. Their t-shirts ranged from $500-$700 makes no sense. Their jeans are terrible after a few washes that tend to come apart which sucks. I am a fan of some of their shoes especially Virgil Abloh did some wonderful things for them and I bought a couple of pairs of shoes there. So, really just outer wear, maybe some shoes but for the most part its accessories such as these. So, I have a backpack like this, I have a wallet like this, I have a money clip like this you have a lot of stuff like this, in fact I have too much of that stuff. But listen you only live once, right? So, sometimes you allow yourself to buy a few toys and but for the most part I’ll put my money into older Louis Vuitton trunks such as ones I just showed you before buying myself a pair of jeans or a t-shirt or something like that or a watch or jewelry from them. And speaking of jewelry day, we have some Louis Vuitton jewelry that’s terrible resale value. You go out there, you buy yourself a bracelet with $12,000 from Louis Vuitton you walk out it’s worth like $2,000 or $3,000. I’m showing you some designers out for sale. In the case hope that somewhat answers your question. Here’s one from Trevor Walker, “As always another amazing video.”
Thank you. “It’s a wonderful story how you became such a big player in the watch game and all the risk you took before you already had a great corporate job, guess the saying is true about doing something you really love! On a personal basis I did I don’t feel comfortable asking,” Guys feel comfortable to ask me anything by the way I don’t I’m good. “And don’t really need a reply, but I was
wondering about the Russian market and how much you invested in selling during their booming economy in the early 2000’s. Guess what I’m getting at is do you visit the country to see dealers or customers as I’ve heard you mentioned that your father left the Soviet Union with little money and came to this country looking for the American Dream work his ass off at many jobs they made it happen. So, is there any worry going to Moscow in your Russian city? Because the family left USSR in search for a better life and now you made your own American Dream. Wonder if anyone in the government or just well-off Russians that might have a bone to pick with you? Long questions Roman and I don’t need an answer but this is something I’ve always wondered about if you go back to the family’s homeland. Thanks again for real watch content and making all of us comfortable coming across as just one of your boys.” Well, thank you for that by the way. There’s no more USSR. USSR fell apart right? So, when I go back I have no country to go back to and I do go back and I do go back fairly often and the reason for that is I still have a family there. I still have a nephew with a wife and 2 kids or was actually just here a couple of weeks ago they’re visitor for a couple of weeks. I’d never go back there for business, whatever business I did there in the boomer. Remember 17 years ago was 2002. So, I didn’t really get a chance to catch much of the boom, ’cause I was a very small fish working out of my house mostly selling retail. Where the business that was done there is dealer to dealer. I wish I was in the business 5 years prior to that I would have made a lot of money during the Russian boom. But I still managed to sort of catch the ascend of it before the crisis of ’08. And the way I did it as I chose not to risk I could have gone the Russia I have no issues going to Russia, there’s nobody that has a bone to pick with the government is no longer there so, take that off the table. But it was dangerous you know, it does become dangerous to travel there especially if you want to travel there with merchandise. There’s no way to ship merchandise there I know guys that literally hid their stuff and went through customs paid off somebody we’re selling these watches and making great profits every single time. But I chose not to take that risk, instead I chose to sell to those guys that took all the risks and by doing that I made less money but I didn’t lose any money I know a lot of guys that lost a lot of money when some of the bigger dealers that went under that older money they were left broke, you know. ‘Cause these guys they put all their eggs in one basket over sound to one big heavy-duty dealer there that eventually went under got arrested or
whatever, shot something that. And they were out of million dollars a half a
million dollars or their business was basically done overnight. Because the one guy went under, I decided not to pay them there’s really not much you can do. As an American you’re not gonna go to go to Moscow and start blazing AK-47. You know what I mean? So, yes! I do go back, I have no issues going back, there’s nobody there holding a grudge in me. I still do business with Russia and former Soviet republics but again I choose to do business through a middle person that knows his way around the country that often may even still live there back and forth in America. I cut down my profits a little bit but I certainly minimize the risk and that’s how I still do business with them. Hope that answers your question. Take one more and get out of here from C Davis, “Hey Roman, pleasure to watch your videos as always can you give your view on if the UK leave, she said when the UK leaves the European Union. Would this affect prices and demand on brands like AP, Patek, Rolex. Keep the videos coming. Thanks Casey Whenever there’s any kind of turmoil in any major region and maybe by area. UK is not that huge but as a watch market is a huge huge watch market. I talked about how post-crisis the Ukrainian market fell off and that’s specifically the Russian market Philopon, Nardin and Breguet kinda you know we’re dead in the water. I mentioned when Asia stop buying Baucheron and Piaget and they kind of. When any major region out there has something and likes of separating UK from the European Union right? You are always going to find some sort of effect. Well, there’s a long term effect or a short term effect only time can show. Personally my view on the UK leaving the European Union. I think it’s a good thing for them, United Kingdom has always been its own Empire There are a lot of countries that are sort of not pulling their weight within the EU. Some of their welfare systems I feel like way too enabling and things like that and that taxation is just terrible. So, I think UK will be in a long run better
off on their own. However, I spoke to a couple of guys from the UK, in fact that the last night whe show video I did I spoke to a couple of guys from London. They told me all hell’s gonna break loose in the short term you know? Because people are not gonna know whether they’re coming or going Currencies gonna go down, currencies are gonna go up. People are gonna be as sort of that
unsure state. And that’s the key here, unsure state is what caused a pause and it’s that pause that’s the worst thing it’s the same type of pause we had in 2008 where everything just stopped. When you’re in a running business such as mine and you have pretty decent overhead and you have a pretty decent cash flow. When something goes on a pause and that wheel stops, this is where it become scary, this is where it becomes unpredictable, this is when a lot of people can go under potentially because that wheel stops. It’s a question of how long that will will stop for? and how big is your exposure in terms of overhead? in terms of how much merchandise you hold? how much money you need to survive? how many reserves you have? That’s what’s going to be key. But listening to the guys from the UK, they basically said all hell it’s gonna kind of break loose and it’s not just gonna be for AP, Patek or Rolex. Yes, if the currencies go down tremendously in the UK you would think, “Oh wait a minute I can then go to UK and buy all these hot Rolex’s and AP’s and so on and so forth for cheaper.” No, this is what this guy told me when I spoke to him he said listen, “Yeah, you can come into the UK and
the pound is super cheap and buy up a bunch of pound and start buying watches, but we’re gonna raise our prices.” Well you would say, “Why would they do this?” Still the pounds rate, if they bought it for 10,000 pounds why not sell it for 12,000 pounds? It’s the same 2,000 pounds profit. Well, the pound is not worth what it used to
be. And more importantly, in my business it’s replacing the merchandise. Let’s say the pound goes down 20% and we’re working on a 5% – 10% margin. Let’s say 20% margin, let’s say at a retail store with jewelry and maybe a little bit more. If my power went down 20% and I gotta go now replace this merchandise that I just sold for the same price is gonna cost me 20% more, especially if I’m buying from overseas right? And a lot of these dealers in UK as because the market may be a lot of the business they do outside of the UK. They buy it from me at the Hong Kong show at the US shows you know and and all over the place right? Oftentimes, I will import merchandise onto UK for them right? But bottom line is this it will be a ****
short-term. But it will quickly even out, how long that would take? I couldn’t tell you my, if I have to guess probably 6 months to a year. So, all my UK dealers you know you got to kind of hang tight there once the currencies even back out which I’m sure they will. I actually, I’m betting on a UK currency to
go up eventually you know after this turmoil happens and after they leave and then the turmoil is over I think the British Pound is gonna go back to where used to be. I remember being in London next two hundred two thousand twenty cents to a pound. Though I went to Starbucks in it costed me like $20 to buy a couple cups of coffee. I remember that very very well and I think
we’ll see that again, I think we will. I don’t see how country such as UK with
the history that they have and the years in history that they have and the mighty empire that they always were going down anytime soon, if you ask me. Hope that answers your question. Well guys, that’s it for me for today, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. As always comment in your questions below. Like, share, subscribe to my channel if you’re not a subscriber. Do all those wonderful things that help my
channel grow and I’ll see you guys next Tuesday.

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