Raja Ayurveda and Air Travel – A Yogi’s Guide to Flying

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podcast for mental grit and resilience hosted by Vie Binga and Tim Ganley — Hello — this is Vie — and this is Tim — and this is
episode 6 of our Spartan mind strength podcast — yes actually our episode
came up yesterday we’re now on Apple and all of those things —
exactly — we started yesterday so today is actually October 1st — yes happy October —
and tomorrow we’re flying to Greece so this episode is mainly (there’ll be some
tangents — of course — and stuff like that) but mainly going to be about a raja ayurveda look
at traveling — stay tuned we’ll be right back — this first part is brought to you by
global ayurveda conference’s bringing Ayurveda all over the world — we’re going
to be talking mainly about Raja Ayurveda and flying but even though flying wasn’t
around back when ayurveda was created unless you listen to astronaut theorists say there was flying — ancient astronaut theorists says yes — yes but for this talk — let’s assume — let’s assume that humans weren’t flying so how do you
bring in Ayurveda to something that didn’t exist because you can’t say that
okay they wrote this in the books on how ayurveda for traveling exists — it’s the
same thing as ayurveda’s view on coffee and chocolate you use Ayurveda the way it
was intended which is you use it as a framework to analyze different
situations ayurveda gives us the frame the framework through the qualities the
20 qualities the five elements the three bio energies and — bio energies are the
other stuff we’ll be talking about we’ll be talking about all of this forever but
quick synopsis of what is a bio energy because that’s gonna be important for
this right — exactly very important so Ayurveda says that there are three bio
energies first we’ll name them and then we’ll analyze them there is the Vata
Pitta and kapha the vata bioenergy is the bioenergy of movement — the
bioenergy is not something you can see necessarily but you feel it
so the vata bio-energy is all about movement think the air element has
a lot of movement in it think the space element so travel for example has a lot
of that vata bioenergy it’s a lot about movement the pitta bioenergy is about
transformation think fire think water it transforms things mainly fire a little
bit less water and like it would be turbulent water and then the kapha bio-energy — quick question on that so but does that fit into here being in st.
Pete and then ending up in Greece is that what — that has a lot of the movement
in it and it has — transform — some of the transformation because it’s it’s the
environment has shifted has changed there is a lot of transformation going
on that’s that’s exactly correct I was trying to keep it a little bit simpler
but and then kapha is the bio energy of stability think calm stable static
water think earth — where’s that in flying — there isn’t exactly that’s why you want
to bring it in wow you’re on today so the idea is ayurveda
says okay look at the air travel what do you have a lot of you have a lot
of movement and you have a lot of transformation and not necessarily good
transformation because another part of the transformation is the inflammation
like as in bacteria and viruses too so so what do you want to do you want to
bring in a lot of the kapha a lot of the stability and the easiest way you’re not
gonna like me for this the easiest way to do that to bring in the stability
during flying is to fall asleep while on the plane — which I can’t do at all —
and most people cannot do that’s why we want to analyze everything
else that you can do — so Vie can sleep because of your parents – I am blessed — your upbringing your mother was — she worked for several airlines in Greece and we had
free tickets everywhere and — your father — and my father was the head of the Civil
Aviation Authority and we had access — so you’ve lived at the airport —
exactly exactly I used to go to the cockpit during a lot of flights and hang
out with the pilots — nice — what because tomorrow we leave we head for Greece we
fly out we’re flying Emirates so we head we leave from Tampa to Newark and we are stuck there for a while — and then Athens — and then Athens — yes so we’ll be in Athens like Wednesday afternoon local time — we
started preparing for this travel almost a couple weeks ago — yeah a couple of
weeks ago yes — because you want to do certain things — you want to prepare ahead
of time you want to start adjusting you want to start start helping your bio
energies and there are a lot of things you can do in terms of movement in terms
of food and in terms of habits and that’s what we’ll start talking about — do you like
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questions you may have Tim and Vie would love to hear from you and we’re back the first thing is
movement a lot of mobility — mobility mobility mobility you want to be doing a
lot of mobility training for a couple of weeks before you are going to fly — Sun
Salutations get-ups — Sun Salutations Spartan get ups — and wild table rock
pose — squats lunges — the peanut butter jar thing — the coconut manna jar — so lots of
different movements to keep us mobile — exactly because what’s going to happen
is you may not have the chance to be able to get up and move around as much
while on the airplane — and then the one that both of us hate the most is the standing in
the low low squat to help to — yes you want to put a link on this episode for that
— sure sure — yeah it’s sitting in a low squat — yeah but you call it
something special isn’t it the Spartan squat — yes actually I do call it the
Spartan squat because it is painful in every way —
yes and everyone at the studio hated that one — yes — so it’s a great one to do
— and everybody can do it and they can do a modification of it — that’s before — yes —
now we are at the airport — so whatever your mobility training choice is just go ahead and do
it — but now we’re at the airport we do something different — while at the
airport try not to just sit walk around that’s
why it’s also good to travel light because then it gives you the chance to
walk around walk around walk around walk around stand just don’t sit — yeah
we’re going to Greece for six weeks to set up all these trainings pick the
olives all of those things and we’re bringing three carry-ons for both of us
and that includes all the computer gear — exactly and no checking no checking three carry-ons
and that includes yes all of the electronics so you can do it — it takes a
while but it does work — it may lead to some domestics but it’s worth it — on the
plane — on the plane um well I sleep so I am good — you should get up and walk — yeah you should get up and walk just get up and walk like every 20 minutes or every half hour just
move around even while sitting see if you can sit like cross-legged just
crossing one leg at a time just do something — point and flex your feet if
that’s the only thing you can do while you are waiting — exactly — stretch like raise your
arms overhead and stretch you know — don’t hit the people behind you in
front of you or next to you — yes stretch your
obliques your sides just do something fidgeting even is is
healthy just do that — when we land — — and when we land again mobility
mobility mobility as much as possible and the other thing we try to do we
don’t always succeed depends on the environment is go out at a park or
something on the beach if you can and walk barefoot but that depends on your
environment — and that’s the kaphaness — and that — kaphaness that’s a word right — the kaphaness oh my goodness I think I will remember that forever — kaphaness —
that’s that’s raising the good kapha quality that is
giving you grounding that’s the best thing you can do and not just in terms
of movement the walking but in terms of your mitochondria you are bringing in
good gut bacteria but then again when we say walk barefoot use common sense
please and only do it if the environment is conducive for that otheriwse
your kaphaness will lead into bad pittaness because you are gonna pick
up things you don’t want to like bad bacteria and viruses — movement is very
important — movement is very important if you haven’t gotten the point by now
movement is very important — number two is nutrients what do we eat and not eat
before during and after so let’s go with before — okay so there are two things that
are going on here you want to bring as much good kapha as possible to keep the vata
at bay so grounding and stability you wanna bring in and also you want to
support your immune system against any negative pitta
so you want hydration you want good fats — oleation — oleation and you want nutrients
for your immune system okay hydration you want good electrolytes so don’t
just think water — don’t think Gatorade either — yeah no my goodness don’t think
Gatorade yes thank you for that don’t think soda so hydration is clean water
filtered water and good electrolytes and when we say electrolytes we are talking
Himalayan salt lime or lemon and a little bit of good sugar to assist with
that which would be the raw unfiltered honey — as long as you can eat
honey — as long as you can eat honey — oh by the way attorney thing if — yes yeah —
don’t do anything you shouldn’t do — full disclaimer don’t do anything you
shouldn’t be doing or anything a doctor a medical
doctor has told you not to do and so good electrolytes and if you cannot do
honey maple syrup organic raw maple syrup is the best in terms of good fats
you want your extra virgin coconut oil your extra virgin olive oil careful when
you buy olive oils a lot of times they have canola oil in them — and canola oil that’s a whole another podcast — yes that would be a
very long tangent we would have to go on so no and since we started no vegetable
oils period and then good grass-fed butter good grass-fed ghee good lard if
you can tallow all that and avocados if you can if they are in season and we
said hydration we said fat and now the immune system to support your immune
system the best thing you can do is have bone broth we make our own bone broth
but you can always get good bone broth from the store as long as it is
grass-fed — grass finished — and grass finished and you’re usually gonna find it in the
frozen section — yes — not in the what is the soup regular bad broth section
so that’s what you want to do before in terms of food — on the plane ideally
you — real quick before we get on the plane is we cut out any any dry food
like salads — yep no raw perfect yes no raw food like
salads nuts — that all feeds the vata — that all raises the vata and that’s
what you do not want to do and no cold no we cut all well we don’t drink cold
drinks but if you were to be drinking cold drinks you don’t wanna have cold drinks — no ice cream and yogurt today — no no you can have it I am not it’s not
worth it so and then on the plane again we stay away from all the peanuts nuts
pretzels they are dry they have vegetable oils in them they are just
terrible — we actually don’t even eat anything — we don’t eat the airplane food we do not touch it we do we do time
restricted eating it’s not only that you stay away from any bad stuff that you
would be putting in your body you also through the not eating assist your
mitochondria who creates the energy of life and then when we land we go for
great warm home-cooked style food again — yeah when we went to Okinawa they took us to a great
restaurant and we had — it was the best thing ever — it was pigs feet and some type of —
some type — organ soup — yeah organ soup it was warm and those noodles whatever they
were buckwheat noodle — yes yes yes — oh my god it was like the best thing you can have after a long flight — and that really kicks — and that yeah we didn’t feel anything we had even way more energy than before leaving — we actually had more energy than some of
the people that were taking us around — oh of course yeah but yeah it was amazing
so home-cooked meal lots of good fat lots of good oleation your good
electrolytes and your are set — that’s food — that’s food — we’ll be right back with
some more stuff — yay — — and we are back — this next section is brought to you by
Snow Shimazu of air beautiful all about staying sane while traveling we’ll have
the link in the comment section of course — of course —
so now we’re getting into habits and the — habits — habits — and we’re going to talk about before during and
after so what do we start doing before we start traveling — time restricted eating
and intermittent fasting what it is basically is you eat eat eat and then
you don’t eat for anywhere between 12 to 24 hours
no caloric intake — and I want to jump in real quick because some people that are
listening might say well that that’s today’s fad — fad exactly — and it’s not a fad this actually
this is what what is the ayurvedic term for this — this is as ayurvedic as they
come it is considered the most important practice to address any imbalance and
the Sanskrit word for it is langhana and the reason it is so it is the
most important health practice is because it helps your ahara rasa which
is considered the input to your rasa dhatu in other words it helps clean up
what goes into your body that will feed the tissues — and what that means is — just
do it — because because this is thousands of years old and it’s not a today’s fad — no
it’s not — eating every two to three hours is a today’s fad because that’s only ten
years old twenty years old — yeah — it doesn’t
fit — yeah — the way that ayurveda the way that Greek medicine had talked about in
the scriptures — and this is one of the things that both systems of medicine
both ayurveda and ancient Greek medicine were saying it is the most important
thing you can do for your body is stop feeding it all the time — and we’ll get
into fasting a lot because that’s one of the main things that we like to do so
let’s jump though to travel — so basically what exactly so before traveling a couple of
weeks before traveling what you wanna do is have your last meal or your last
caloric intake say your glass of wine by 8 o clock in the evening and then do not
put any calories in your body for at least 12 hours which means 8 o clock the
next day that would be 12 hours if you want to do 14 hours it would be 10 o
clock so it is really easy to do so that’s what we do a lot well we
do it all the time — all the time but we make sure that we follow it — exactly — two weeks before — and that’s why
we mentioned when we are on the plane which all together it can be more than
twelve hours we just don’t eat and and then once we arrive there after the
first couple of days we do it again this way you allow your body to cleanse and
rejuvenate no caloric intake means you can have
black coffee you can have your tea with as long — but I wouldn’t be drinking
black coffee on the plane — no no no no no no we do not put
anything in our body that comes from the plane except — sparkling water — sparkling water which comes out of a sealed bottle because even the water the regular water bottles — can be — can be —
refilled — yes — a lot of the planes actually refill the water bottles — exactly — and then
bring them and that refilling is coming from the
tanks which you don’t know the last time — exactly — that was cleaned — and you may be putting bad pittaness in your body doing that — see I created a whole new slang — yes so that’s about the time restricted eating and
intermittent fasting — supplements — supplements we like to take activated
coconut charcoal which is again an extremely old practice because
charcoal was being used to help people get rid of — poisons — and — with that though
you don’t want to eat activated charcoal with good food — no because then you’re
missing out on everything — because it’s sucking all the goodness out of what you just put in
your body we take the activated charcoal because we’re on the plane breathing in
a whole bunch of stuff — exactly that’s why we take it and we take it like on an empty
stomach and — or if we did eat bad — or if we did eat bad because of whatever — so that’s and then
krill oil — krill oil — we like to take some extra krill oil because the omega-3s is exactly
what you need to to pretty much to prevent any inflammation omega-3s are
really important because a lot of what you’re you may be breathing in or eating
or whatever has too many omega sixes and again we do wait 12 hours before we put
the krill oil because that is fat — exactly the krill oil is fat and it is considered
calories and you don’t want to take krill oil together with coconut charcoal
because then you are missing out on all of the benefits — you just spent a whole bunch of money on nothing — exactly and — glasses — glasses blue blockers or blue light blockers this is something we
wear a lot when we are inside you know bad lighting which is pretty much
everywhere and we don’t wear them all the time though but on the plane
on the airplane and the airports you just have way too many bad
rays hitting you and that’s why we like to wear the blue blockers and there are
several out there now we have just a couple of favorite ones and we’ll put
the link in the comment section and they I believe also they look really cool so to
me — if you’ve ever seen her YouTube videos you will know that she
wears them pretty much all the time — yes — next is the socks — yeah compression socks
and air beautiful has great compression socks they are actually — in fact
those are the ones we use — those are the ones we use and I didn’t know how
great they were until I actually used them and we wear them like pretty much
from the moment we leave our place to the moment we land — yep — and they help they
really do help a lot if you have to just sit a lot they they just they just work
— and then we bring layerings — layering is the most important thing at least for me
in terms of clothing because the temperature changes the airport maybe
depending on where you are depending on which say lounge you are at — like right
now it’s 98 degrees outside — yeah — when we hit the airport it’ll be 50 degrees — so
depending on where you are and then on the airplane also the temperature
changes so again you want to minimize as much of the vataness the movement the
change in temperature you want to minimize it you want to help
your body yes when you are healthy your body will thermoregulate
on its own but why add an extra stressor to your body so layers work great this
way you don’t have to carry around really thick stuff bulky stuff like
sweaters and things like that so layers work great
— we get we’re using patagonia — yeah Patagonia’s jackets and shirts — because
they pack up really small so it’s very easy to carry the rain gear and their jackets we take it
everywhere — and they look really cool they match my sunglasses and then
lounges — yes spend the money on being able to get into a lounge because when
you’re doing like a six hour layover man it’s nice to be in the lounge
instead of in sitting on a hard — exactly yes in the main area it is it is great it is
worth it so — in fact sometimes we actually even try to get the lay over so
we can go spend the time in the lounge — yeah some of those lounges are pretty
impressive the lounge in athens has one of the best dishes of lamb and
potatoes I’ve ever had — and that’s going from that’s going from Athens to —
to London — to London yes oh my goodness — excellent one of the best lunges I’ve ever been in China’s lounge was nice too — oh yeah it was it was really good — we were in China for what we had a layover 14 or 15 hours — yes — and so we had to
leave because it was overnight so we had to leave the International Airport and
go outside and then we got to come back in right when it opened in the morning — fresh food and everything — we hit that and their food was excellent — their service — the people there was beyond wonderful
— yeah they spent forty five minutes trying to help me set up the internet
connection and they didn’t complain at all — no — so if you get into the lounge it
is very simple and it costs us because you are you are a – american express priority pass — priority pass so you’re free and I’m sometimes a free pass and sometimes not — and you are a companion — I’m a companion so the lounge is by far one of the biggest
things that makes traveling simple — yes it adds a lot and next is grounding right
like — do things that ground you — do things that ground you so when you get there
when you arrive to your destination go outside find a clean place and walk
around barefoot if possible otherwise just walk around and observe your
surroundings just for a little bit — and if you can’t even with that because
sometimes the layovers we can’t but grounding poses such as one-legged stuff
tree — one legged balancing poses yes — are extremely grounding and you don’t
even have to do the whole pose so people look at you weird — yes — if you want to you can
but just taking one foot off the ground will start getting your body back into
being grounded — exactly so if you can get outside and walk around and observe your
surroundings please do that just for a couple of minutes and if not then just
the one-legged balancing poses even in your tiny hotel room will do wonders
they are more powerful than you think you may think oh that’s too easy too
simple simple doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work actually simple is the most
powerful and one of the other things that we didn’t mention but we start doing right about what two weeks out is no inversions — oh yes no
inversions no — before during and after — yes because inversions are the worst
thing you can do for your vata and pitta bioenergies it will aggravate the heck out
of them so that means no head stands no arm balancing inversions not holding
down dogs not holding standing forward folds
none of that anything that brings the head below the heart is considered an
inversion and it’s the worst thing you can do for your vata and pitta bioenergies and you won’t know it until it is way too late — yeah because it’s a very
subtle — it is a very very subtle energy that it brings in so the imbalance is
going to take a while to manifest in a way that you can realize it because what
happens is we do not realize how screwed up we are while we are screwing
ourselves up — very good so snow actually talks about two other
things that I want to hit real quick – yes — and you might have a couple things too but
two things that I really want to talk about is she brings throwaway shoes — yes — so
when you take your shoes off on the plane you slide them in so you’re not
picking up all that junk on the ground while you’re walking around while you’re
walking to the bathroom so she brings extra like slippers throwaway slippers — or thick socks — no throwaway slippers she
does not bring extra socks because that’s going over top of your socks you
are wearing then the other thing she brings she mentions is to when you flush the
toilet — make sure the lid is down the lid that covers the toilet make sure
it is down so all of those bacteria really nasty bacteria are not flying
around in the air while you are in there breathing them in and she actually
created a course I believe on things that you can do on the plane — yes yes yes yes and
all that will be on her website — yes — and the other thing is that it’s a good
practice unless it gets you into trouble with your neighbors is to cover the
shades — yep — to shut the shutters on the airplane windows so you don’t have all
that form of radiation coming in but only do that if it doesn’t cause any
trouble — yep — you don’t want things like that on the
plane — so we are heading to Greece tomorrow — oh and then the other thing is
please be nice to the people working on the airplane it is they have a very very
hard job they have an extremely vata and pitta deranging job and you wanna
you wanna show that you respect what they do so please be nice to them — give
them a tip even — yeah — so thank them — we leave tomorrow — yes — we fly out
we’re heading into Greece we’re going to be hitting the ground moving very
quickly we go to we have to deal with some
paperwork right when we get there and then we’re heading to South Greece to
pick olives — to start picking olives — from there we have to not have to we get to go to
the island of — Aegina and prepare — we’re setting up three different trainings yes the
first one is going to be with Deborah — Deborah Lamber of Picasso’s moon — and
she’s creating a this is very cool she’s bringing a group of people and I don’t
know she might actually already be full but she’s bringing at over 20 people — yes —
to the island to teach knitting and meditation and it’s it’s even more than
that she’s given them — it is using fiber and it is a very very
traditional form of knitting what she’s doing and you can figure it all out
through her Instagram account — yes — and that’s Picasso’s moon — Picasso’s moon yes —
next is right after we get done with that group we’re then going to do a
hundred hour — a 100 hour Ayurveda for the mind course which is it’s actually a
hundred hour course that involves online preparatory training in-person training
on the island of Aegina and then post practicum that’s actually the most
important part on how you can use everything you learn for your own
and with your clients –and then after that is a three to five day conference with AAPNA —
yep global ayurveda conference co-hosted with AAPNA the association of Ayurvedic
professionals of North America and we are going to have Ayurvedic doctors from
all over the world — we know already that India Canada US — UK — UK possibly Holland — Pakistan — Pakistan
so we’re gonna have this awesome awesome group of individuals that they
specialize in ayurveda giving a conference on that island — yes — and what’s
cool about that island is in Greek Apollo is the one who brought medicine
to the world today — yes — so and there’s this one of the oldest — the temple one of the
oldest temples — is right there on the island and we can look at it while the
conference is going — yes so talk about talk about an amazing place for
such a conference and if you decide you ever want to travel or
if you do travel Aegina Greece is one of the greatest — Aegina is the best one of the best islands you haven’t heard of yet —
yes okay anything else — that’s it — so — next time — we will be either doing this in Greece
we might be doing this in — Newark Newark — it depends — but will be on the road
thank you so much — much much love from both of us namaste kala may we all be
well if you found today’s show helpful please
give us a rating a review or both and subscribe to the podcast and never miss
an episode as always namaste Kalaa which in greek
means may we all be well this program copyright true fitness incorporated all
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