RC AliX Delta wing Air combat plane TRIPLE Maiden Flights

Big salute and thanks to our dear firend Captain Dani from Germany for visiting us and for such perfect planes. Great birds, so easy to handle and anyone can make himself one and just have perfect fun and dogfights with your friends. Big salute to all RC lovers all over the world from Captain Dani & Captain Blaž & & Captain Kristjan & Pilot Robert Slovenia. See you soon. Oh yeah…

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  1. That was awesome!! Cap'n Dani kicks ass for doing this! 👍 Those delta wing planes are awesome! And Dani's daughter zoomed the shit out of them on the camera! Hahah!

  2. Very nice and welcome to Dani..  Thank you all for the great fellowship and information.  A guest appearance should be made once a month.  Too cool, thanks for over, above and beyond!! This brought big smiles to me today.  as always I am looking so forward to the next video.

  3. I like this vid alot youal look very happy and are having alot of fun .that looks like a great plane aswell .hope to see more vids like this.

  4. That’s what it is all about: to have fun with each other. And you did, with three nice flying planes. Great flying and camera work. And one can see how difficult it is to talk to the camera, how difficult it is to tell something interesting to the RC lovers in the world. Our german friend did it very well also. Great.👍

  5. Good day my friends, that was so cool to watch I will have to look into this a bit more, Pilot Blaz another good landing, and. Well done to your camera operator who did a great job. Cheers Steve

  6. Go captain Dani big salute from Denmark 😉 I loved the salute you guys made completely at the same time awesome LOL these plane looks like very big joy to kick around superb flying mates and nice to hear an angry quad flying there too 😉 cheers Lase

  7. Great video. How great to have a visitor from Germany. I love that little plane. Can you post a link for us? I will call it the Dani plane !

  8. Hi
    These little planes look like great fun. I have searched but can't find them. Could you share a link with us all.
    Oh Yeah

  9. Fun times ! Very cool of Captain Dani to make those personalized planes for you guys ! Too bad about the rain but it will pass and then back to the famous zooming of the babies hey !

  10. great video giuys. i hope one day i make it to slovenia. i will come and fly and eat with you guys. very cool little planes oh yeah

  11. That was great. I can see you guys were having a blast. That looks like a great plane to take to the park and have dog fights. You never put a link for the plans for the plane

  12. Our group “XCell RC club” has a section that flies RC combat. Historically we have used Horizon Hobby Strykers (original versions). Unfortunately these are no longer available and we’ve been looking for a replacement. This aircraft looks like it could be it. Thank you!

  13. Just excellent times eh? Respect to Cap'n Dani for building the little planes and bringing them for some fun in the sky.
    Thanks for sharing with us x

  14. How sweet it is to have guests come and fly with you both. And foamies as well. And you can see the smiles on everyone's face as all had a GREAT time enjoying this GREAT hobby, as you always say pilot Robert.
    Job well done for all. Now we need video of captain kris flying his drone as a chase plane. Oh Ya!

  15. good fun again captain Robert you have already received your streamer from you friend in usa .can you fit them and do a dog fight video next captain Robert and blaz I solute you .ps nice work captian dani for your effort

  16. That’s a great little plane can you please post the plans so we can build some for our club. Great job with the reviews guys.

  17. That was a perfekt Day…Brothers! Thanks for everythink!!!! It was very nice here in Slovenia!!!!! You are the Best!!!!

  18. Fantastic guys , those planes fly well. Dani did a great job building them. Green video again, this channel is fantastic.

  19. Cool trio flight! 🙂

    Are you guys about ready to maiden the "Seagull Piper Twin Comanche"?
    Can hardly wait to see that bird fly!! 🙂

    All the best!! 🙂

  20. Formula 1 car race starting up is what it sounds like. This is awesome. You guys are awesome. Captain Donin is especially awesome!

  21. Well that was great. Many thanks to Captain Dani, Robert and Blaz. A great fun little plane. Someting to throw in the back of the car for quick fly. As you say Captain Robert a great hobby with friends around the world. Great filming by Dani's daughter, not an easy thing to do.

  22. Hi guys,that was awesome seeing the both of you and Dani flying together!!! Very cool planes for something like that.I will have to make a couple of those!! Captain Dani,it was very nice seeing you,and so cool of you to bring those neat planes! Captain Kristjan what goggles are you using?It was nice seeing you also! Pilot Robert and Captain Blaz you had better watch out! That camera operator did a fine job and may put you out of a job,lol.Cheers from Wichita,Kansas to all of you!!

  23. Hahahahaha this was an awesome airfield flying party! Thanks Dani for bringing those planes along, and excellent camera work by Dani's daughter!!! And Captain Blaž's landing gets first price! And so does pilot Robert's expert babblink!

  24. Nice flying pilot Robert,nice plane too,I fly the Crash Test Hobby rebel wing in combat with my club it is lots of fun and they are pretty indestructible,we try to knock each other out of the air and last plane flying wins the round.

  25. Hey Robert I need to talk to you do you have Facebook if you do shoot me the link it's important I want to give you some information on that DX radio and I don't want to broadcast it at least not now please get back to me don't do any more flying until we talk

  26. Big salute from Canada to Captain Dani for building and bringing the planes to Slovenia to join Pilot Robert and Captain Blaž in the wasps nest – that was some fun flying to watch – Ohhh YEAHHH !

  27. nice flyer.. looks cool in the air.. what material is it made from? corrugated polyethylene would work for that i bet .. tough and light…

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