(festive upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan and
today I’m here with my sister. – Audrey from AllAroundAudrey! – And we’re gonna be doing the Red and Green Smoothie Challenge! So, what we have here is
a bunch of green items, and a bunch of red items
and we are going to draw which smoothie that we get. Then we’ll mix all of the
green or all of the red and we’ll end up with a
red or a green smoothie. And then we’ll taste it at
the end to see what it’s like. So, let’s do Rock, Paper,
Scissors to see who gets to draw what color of
the smoothie they get. Ready?
(gasps) One, two, three, go! (screams) Okay, I gotta draw. I’m gonna go with you! I got green! – Which means I get the red smoothie. So do you wanna switch cups? – That couldn’t have been
planned any better, honestly, look, I have all the green
stuff in front of me. – I know, and I have all the red stuff. – So that was really easy. So, now it’s time to start pouring in all of our ingredients. Yay! I don’t know what to start with. Okay, I’m gonna start with my liquids. This is Sugar Soda green apple. – Mine is strawberry lime. (screams) It smells good. I like it. – It smells good. – It smells good to me. – Ooh, mine smells good too. – Oh, it’s a soda. This might taste a little weird. – Woo! ♪ Look at that ♪ ♪ Look at that ♪ (laughs) I dumped in a ton! Mine’s fizzing a lot. – Wow, you did dump a ton. – Most of my bottle. Alright, I’m gonna go
for these right here. Spice Drops, little gum drops. – Does that mean I got for the same thing? ‘Cause there’s red.
– Yeah. So we could do red and green. So, I’ll pick out the green ones. And you get the red ones. – Oh, it fizzes when you put them in. – It does! – Listen to mine, mine’s like really loud. – Whoa. Mine doesn’t really do it anymore. – Gummies? – Ooh, yeah! Red and green gummies. And then we could both
have some of the white too. (gasps) What did I get? It’s a little snowman! – I have a snowman too. – It’s a green snowman. Woo! – That doesn’t really fizz as much. – Aww, I get the green guys. – I get the red ones. – Yummy. I am so excited to eat this
but I really don’t want to eat the rest of the things in here ’cause I want the sweet things, not like the pepper or the avocado. It’s an avocado. Thanks.
– Thanks. You’ll have a very
healthy smoothie though. – Yeah. – I guess we both will. – I’m gonna go for another sweet thing. ♪ Candy canes ♪ ♪ Candy canes ♪ ♪ Candy canes ♪ ♪ I love eating candy canes ♪ Guys, what’s your favorite
thing about Christmas? ♪ Candy canes ♪ Comment down below. Is it candy canes? If it is, tell us down below. (gasps) Next up is Peeps! At least for me. I got the little marshmallow
Peeps Christmas tree. – I’ll put in my pepper. Pepper slice. – I’m gonna put in two. They’re floating. They’re just chilling in my smoothie. Ta-da! This is my smoothie so far. Looking delicious. I’m gonna go with the apple next. The green apple. – I’ll put in my red apple. – Ta-da! – I don’t think I have
enough room in my blender. – I’m just gonna let it chill in there. Oh, yeah. – It’s kinda small. – Ta-da! I’m gonna go with a
lemon, a lime, not lemon, lemons are yellow. I’m gonna go with a lime next. So, yes. – Are you just dumping
it in, or squeezing it? – I’m just gonna squeeze it in. It’s gonna be so sour. (screams) – I’ll go for some of my raspberries. – Rasp berries. – My raspy. – Why is there a P in raspberries? – The P is silent. Raspaberries are yummy. – Raspberries taste so good. Okay, I’m gonna add in these. I guess these are like chewy candies. So I’ve got the green,
Audrey’s got the red. I’ve never actually tried these so I’m gonna try it too. – I think I’ve tried it once. They’re cherry. – Ooh, let’s try it. – I did. (laughs) What’s yours taste like? – Sour. Mmmm, mine’s green apple. – Yum! Mine’s cherry! – Gonna add a lot of
that ’cause that’s good. Okay, next I’m gonna add in the avocado! – What about the watermelon? – Oh, I guess the watermelon. ‘Cause this is green
and red on the inside, so I guess I have to add in the outside. – I’m adding in a slice
’cause it won’t fit. – I don’t wanna add an outside. Guys, don’t eat the outside
’cause I don’t know if it’s really that healthy for you. – I don’t know but it’s a fruit
so, I mean, it’s part of it. – Yeah, true. Now I will add in the avocado! – I guess I’ll add in the tomato. How am I gonna add this in? – It’s gonna be like a guacamole smoothie. – This is not gonna work. (laughs) – Maybe you need to blend yours. Let’s blend this smoothie! – Team work makes the dream work, sister. – Okay.
(blender whirring) (screams) (laughing) – Wipey, wipey. (screams) It’s moving the whole table. – It’s leaking! – It’s splattering everywhere. – It’s leaking everywhere! (laughing) I’m trying to plug this leak. (blender whirring) – Why is it so scary? – It’s so leaky! Ahh! Okay, you’re good. – Wow.
– Woo! Let me smell it. Ahh, it’s mainly red pepper. Why? You put in so many good things. It looks like strawberry. Why does it have to be– – I put a full on tomato in here. – Now it’s my turn to
add in the green pepper. – Oh, you want the pepper now? – Yes, okay. – Plop! – Ohh. (laughing) – Yours is gonna taste
like mine real soon. – I’m not excited. This is the worst one, spinach. I don’t know why, I
just don’t like spinach. – Radish. Radishes. Eww. – Eww. Do I have to add in a leaf of that? – Yeah.
– Aww. Why? I was like, “Please don’t
make me add in a leaf.” – It’s good for your health. (laughs) – Another delicious treat. – I just got the shivers! (laughing) – I was like, “Another delicious treat.” Okay, that’s enough. Chips! Oh, you forgot these. – Oh, yeah, I also have to
add in this random thingy. – It’s a, what are they called? – A Twinkie. It’s Christmas. – Isn’t it a Ding Dong roll or something? The Christmas little– – Twinkie Ding Dong roll. (laughing) – Something like that. And they have cream in the center. And they’re so good. Okay guys, the last item is
red and green holiday chips. – Chips. – Chips or crisps or chips. So I didn’t even know
they made red and green for the holiday season. That is so cool. – I didn’t either. Don’t, you’ll make it explode. (laughs) – Oh, it didn’t work. Okay, so I only get the green ones. – I get the red. – And it makes it 10 times
better that it’s green and red. – It’s time to blend. (blender whirring) There goes the radishes. – Yours literally looks like– – Mine looks so good.
– Strawberry jam. But it smells putrid. It smells like peppers. – (coughs) Smell, it’s worse now. – No, I’m not smelling it. I smelled it the first time
and that was a mistake. – You should smell it, sister. You should smell it. – Okay, Audrey you have
to hold this up to mine. (laughs) Just in case. – For my safety protection. – Okay ready? (gasps) Let’s blend it! (blender whirring) It’s like bla bla bla bla bla! Okay. (blender whirring) Yours is like a healthy
smoothie with chunks. – So I think mine looks
like avocado guacamole. – Yours is probably gonna smell amazing. Yours smells good. I smell it. It’s better than this one. – It smells a little bit like bananas. – It smells better. You didn’t even any bananas in there. – It smells peppery with bananas. Like if you mixed a pepper
and a banana together. – It’s better then what I have. – Smell it, smell it, it does. Now it’s time to add it
into our smoothie cups. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey! (laughing) – I’m having troubles. – Okay, let’s pour it. Ugh. – Perfect amount, bro.
– Ugh. These are our final red
and green smoothies. So, mine is the green one
and Audrey’s is the red one. And honestly yours looks like watermelon. – Mine looks good but
don’t let it fool you. (laughing) Yours is so thick! (screaming) This is what we’re talking about guys. I can’t get it. (gagging) – For the win. I swallowed it! – How? Yours must have not taste that bad. – It was a really weird flavor. It was like sweet. Like, all that candy made it sweet and all of a sudden it was like– – It’s very chunky. – It was like sweet. Yeah, it’s super think and chunky. – Random beets in there. – I had to chew on it to swallow. – I’m still chewing on it. – It’d be like sweet and then
all of a sudden it’s like, “Hi, my name is pepper!” (laughing) – Kinda same. – ‘Cause it is so spicy and
just that flavor it was like, “Pow!” – “Hi, my name is pepper.” – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up. These smoothies were pretty crazy. Comment down below which
one you would rather try. I don’t know, I feel like
I would stay with mine ’cause I don’t like tomatoes that much. – Yeah, I think tomatoes made mine worse. – Yeah. Don’t forget to hit the notification bell so you can get a notification
every time I post. So you can be one of the first to comment and I comment back as much
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we’re gonna try and post as much as we can in the month of
December and we want you guys to be able to watch those videos. We will see you all next time. – [Both] Bye! ♪ I hope this blends ♪ ♪ I hope it does too ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ – I’m scared to put my top on. (laughs) (screaming) (screams) (whistling) Yours is lower.

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