Renegades CS:GO – HyperX Gaming House Tour

Hey guys, welcome! this is the Renegade
CS:GO house and I’m Nifty. And I’m USTILO. And we’re going to bring you to the
house show us up. Alright guys and this
is the living room. You can see we have a
few people sitting here right now. We usually use this area, you know maybe
watch some Narcos. That’s what we’ve been watching recently.
Watching Counter-Strike, whatever, just hanging out. Alright guys, over to the main hallway. As you can see we have
some beautiful new pictures. This is me. A nice vase of
flowers there. In here we just got like a nice little kind of merchandise area just extra jerseys. You know, some extra headsets,
headset cases. We’re very proud,
this is the new addition to the house, so… Now into the gaming room. Everybody’s in here either
death matching or browsing Twitter. This is where we spend all of our time practicing and putting in all the hard work for our upcoming tournaments and stuff. This is where the magic happens,
as Aleks would say. We got a nice 5-hour energy thing going on here. Of course all of our
HyperX mouse pads, Detroit Renegades TV. This is actually where we watch all of our demos of like past tournaments matches. This is where I sit right over here.
The AWPing station. And then we’ve got jks.
Say hi. nexa and our coach. I’m surprised is not a few dents on
this table over here. You know you hear a lot of
[smack sound] smashing left and right, so… This is over here is where Karlo sits. A little few cool maps here as well. The coach will explain a few things. – Brainstorm?
– Yeah just brainstorm basically. We call those theory sessions. All right, so moving out of the gaming room
we’re coming in the kitchen here. This is our beautiful dining table. Not use much for dining but maybe like
recreational activities. Or, kinda like is the artistic table,
just whatever we’re working on. Over here, if you want to
come get a close-up on this, of course. This is Justin’s coffee mug. This is where the magic happens
in the morning. If he doesn’t have this
he’s a little bit grumpy. If you want to come into the
fridge over here. We keep a pretty stock fridge unless we’re gonna go travel for a week, two, whatever. You know, so we got some leftover
Buffalo Wild Wings and stuff. Freezer again, stacked full. We eat a lot of vegetables and waffles and stuff. The pantry is right over here
behind me. We have two. So what we do is,
because there’s seven people living in the house, you know, we got to like pick
the shelves and then we name them, so this up here is my shelf,
we got the cook, you’ve got all these necessities for pasta and stuff like that. So, again, kind of the same thing. It looks a little bit more bare over here but you know that’s fine I guess. People are on “diets.” Over here is our secondary fridge. I don’t know, we usually just use it for
like drinks and stuff. As you can see our main
fringe is really full of food. So this is where we put
all of our drinks. Again, another freezer. You’re actually about to see my room and I have a feeling you guys are going to love my room. Especially the HyperX guys. So, we just got my bed,
nice little HyperX station. Maybe with some M&Ms
because why not, you know? So this is where I tend to bow to
the HyperX gods. You know so I get a little the bowing action in here.
So, you know, ❤ I love you guys. ❤ All right guys, we’re going to show you upstairs where
everyone likes to sleep. So…. First room on the right here. This is Justin’s room. As you can see, you know, he’s just kind of wandering around. It’s clean as well. Little bit of a HyperX station over here. Don’t forget to show off his little chocolate stash over here. He’s a big fan of chocolate, especially the
Aussie kind. The Tim Tams… Cadbury, one of a kind. Tim Tams,
yeah these Aleks and Karlo love these. Over here he has his vent taped off
because supposedly Karlo snores. It’s not true. Really loud, vibrates through the walls. [snore sounds] Snores vibrate through the wall. In fact he has the same
thing on his vent in the other side so… Honestly, it doesn’t do anything. [snore sounds] So, anyways,
the very next room on the right… Now coming through to my room. Yup, we’ve got Karlo’s room. Bed, TV. I like to watch a bit of Netflix,
a bit of TV after practice. Also got a little closet in here. Not much to really see in here.
just a few clothes, suitcases, stuff like that. And forget watches. Yeah, my nice little watch collection. A $10,000 watch, by the way. $10,000 24 karat gold. We’re finding our way to the master
bedroom here where the Great Beast AZR lies. I’m not sure what he’s doing with
all this free space. He just kind of confined himself in this little
corner so it’s a little weird. Right here we have a really cool closet.
Super nice. I wish I had a closet like this. Oh yeah you got some of these
HyperX headsets down here of course. You know, extras. Need ’em. You know Nike
5-Hour Energy, Eleague, stuff like this. Master bathroom right over here.
Aaron takes baths here on the daily. He might tell you otherwise but he’s a liar. But yeah, pretty nice bathroom. I like it. Very next we have Aleks, our coach. I don’t know what he is doing in here,
you never know. Here he is. Alexa, say hello. Hi there. [laughter] That’s his girlfriend. [laughter] That’s who he talks to every night. Garfield, this is actually
from my girlfriend. I keep it close. A few things that makes me irresistible. [laughter] Prada, Jaguar. A little bit of water
to keep me hydrated all of the time. I need some energy.
These guys… I mean come on. All right, so this is nexa’s room. Here you can see he’s just
watching some TV. Very calm. He’s got some Renegade slides.
You can’t forget those. Those are nice.
Very handy to have around the house. $40 on eBay apparently. He’s wrong. Anyways, over here we got
a really nice closet, actually. He pretty much just started
buying all of these clothes and stuff. So he’s still building his closet along. – That’s Nexus room. Any final words, nexa?
– Leave. Yeah, this palace is
cursed. We need to get out of here ASAP. [scary music] All right, moving on down to the games
room or the ping-pong room. There’s a lot of battles that have happened here,
as well as broken rackets. Those net shots! And the winner is Aleks! The champion, as
you have it, ladies and gentleman! There’s been a lot of
trash talk leading up to this point. Who would win first on camera. Moving out to the back deck. Over here we actually got
a really nice backyard space. Also when Jonas brings his dogs over,
he has like two really nice big dogs, and we just play fetch
with them so it’s really fun. Thanks to HyperX for coming by.
This is the Renegades house. See you guys later. – Thank you, guys.
– Yup, thank you. [AZR making carpet angels]

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  1. Their rooms are sooooo basic, am I right in thinking that these guys only care about playing games and nothing else?

  2. 0:17
    Nifty: You can see a few people sitting here…….

    Me: I cant see them

    At 0:19
    Me: ooh, now i do see them

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