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  1. What date of the year is this? I just came back from Rome Oct. 4 to 10 and man oh man. Crazy crowded. Thanks.

  2. Wolters World, Master of recycling content over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…

  3. I'm visiting Rome tomorrow and i can't wait!!! Your videos are really good and very informative so I'm feeling pretty ready for my avventura italiana!! 🙂

  4. My tip is go in winter. Definitely. Hands down. https://worldwideoyster.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/rome-in-winter/

  5. Great video. I just got back from Rome, didn't buy fast track tickets for the Vatican, got there at 9am and queued for an hour. The time flew by as I had good company.
    I got to the Colosseum about 3pm, again didn't buy fast track tickets and queued for about 5 mins!
    I don't think it's necessary to buy fast track.

  6. In Rome, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their kids and many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Italy, deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future actually depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Rome!!

  7. A Roma, molti dei genitori ignora le leggi genitori sono dipendenti pubblici. Gioventu in Italia meritano rispettosi della legge, etiche e coscienziosi funzion ari, loro future in realta dipende da esso. Raddoppiamo multe per il traffic in citta capitali e attesa da tempo di orologio, adulti e rispettosi della legge strade compaiono a Rome!!

  8. Hi there Walters, you are nice man, I like you, we have been to a few places that you are on about in your videos, and I need to admit that things you are saying are real and sensible. Less than two weeks ago we came back from short break in Rome, we loved every minute of it, we found Rome very friendly and safe, we have walked over 45 kilometres in Rome it self in three days,and about 15 kilometres in Ostia Anitca. Thats very true, if you don't have comfortable shoes, you wont see much of Rome, but its not a big problem to get cheap pair of shoes in central Rome and you can carry on walking.

  9. I hope to vist Italy someday. it's my dream I'm part Italian also and my great grandma was born in Italy she spoke Italian. and my great uncle was a race car driver there he was born there too. I hope to vist there maybe next year or in 2 years in 2019 or 2020. or by 2021. how long is it on a plane. too there from the USA. state of WI how many hours to get there.

  10. You can also stay at the Hilton airport hotel. They have a bus which takes you to the city center. You don't have to worry about thiefs in the bus. Also, get you pizza in Fiumicino which is close to the Hilton. There is a small restaurant. The food is amazing there.

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