RUSSIA STEREOTYPES | MUST watch BEFORE you VISIT! (Before & After Trip Report)

[Music] what’s up guys welcome back to our final vlog in the series of Russia videos we’re putting out the topic of today is continuing on our last video which was the top 10 tips if you didn’t see that you can check it out here but we’re gonna talk about though is perspectives on Russia and that’s a bit of before we went what we were thinking we might be getting into and then after we went what truly was what we were getting into and also based on things people have asked us so like did this happen in Russia and this is a mix of kids and adults and just different ages of people but this is kind of yeah some sort of stereotypes and things you hear about the country before you go thinking like yeah anyways we’ll get into a list and you’ll see why we kind of think a little bit um some of them are kind of funny disclaimer these are our opinions and purely based on our experiences people may have different experiences different opinions there may be different facts this is purely a perception based video so keep that in mind when you’re watching everything that this is based on our soul experiences over the course of three week trip okay the first topic we’re going to go into is language and if language is a barrier so when we first went we weren’t really sure because Russian is kind of hard to read because it’s not something that you learn there’s some languages that you can kind of relearn yeah like Spanish if you know Italian or French you can get some of the words not a case with Russian doesn’t sound like anything doesn’t you can’t read it it’s just it’s hard if you it you can’t don’t understand any of it if you only know English wasn’t actually that bad we always found somebody that spoke English even if we was willing to help us like people were really quick to even if their English was shaky really eager to help which was really appreciated yes even if we were in a restaurant and there was 20 employees there’s always somebody that spoke English fine so for the most part not an issue we also used Yandex translate which Katie used often and it was a huge help we’ll post a little picture of it here and basically what you could do is you’d like take a picture of the text that’s like let’s say us on a menu and it’ll translate the exact what it says and sell out pretty yeah pretty much bang on it was really really good so that was super helpful for reading Russian if we had no other way of going about it so we we use that a few times to assist us and almost every restaurant had an English menu even things that were in local neighborhoods so that was really really helpful and appreciated as a tourist because you don’t really expect to go to a country and then necessarily have an English menu for you I think it’s in Canada we don’t have menus in other languages often so I was really appreciated and made it a lot easier to me and I think the World Cup and the Olympics made a big difference so people that have gone before that might have had more a different experience whereas now things are much more accessible for English and and getting more and more so okay the next one is that no Russian people are friendly and they’re very stern faced and you’re not going to enjoy interacting with the people because they’re all not friendly people so this is something that we learned from a few people it’s just a Russian custom to not smile at strangers they see it as strange the fact that we kind of are smiling when we’re talking and smiling everything and just customarily people don’t do that which has no indication about the friendliness or openness to getting to know someone else it’s just purely a mannerism thing that it’s seen as your yeah why are you smiling you must be crazy I think someone said that one of our videos yes and we do smile a lot but I feel like our smile is genuine we are always very friendly and bubbly with everybody so value and so that would be yeah that’s one of our biggest surprises of the trip so expanding on that that people were very friendly we actually met me met someone in a restaurant that happened to we ended up sitting down having dinner with it with him and had an amazing time like such good conversation and it was all just because he was sort of reaching out to try and show us some of the different meals that he was trying and like these delicacies and whatnot he was opening up to us it wasn’t even a stand obviously we’re very like yeah so I wouldn’t normally would lean over a restaurant I’d be like hey no yeah so just super friendly like that and also all of our guides were very bubbly very friendly like no one was was like very like you know I don’t know boring and she’s happy yeah yeah which we’re not either yeah there’s there’s anyways everyone was really really friendly and it was really great so they might not necessarily walk around with a smile on their face at all times but everyone is very friendly you just need to talk with them and open up the next topic is politics so this is a really tough one because we see a version of Russian politics in Canada and I have my own set of beliefs about the version that we see however when we’re in Russia they very we very much were able to separate the politics from the people and it seems like the people have done that as well so people were very light-hearted about different political issues making jokes about various things in tourist shops you see all sorts of tongue-in-cheek pictures about different leaders and so we found that it wasn’t something we didn’t ever bring it up we don’t feel like it’s a fair thing to do in a different country because we know we’re only sitting seeing one side of the story but I never felt like the politics that we see were impacting the daily life of the people when it came to interacting with tourists so that’s something that I’m sure is very much a hot topic in Russia and I know it is for the Russian people but going as a tourist you can really remove yourself from that which I and I don’t think it’s our place to comment so that was just that was really easy it didn’t come up we didn’t see any views that we didn’t see it looked like it was impacting mm-hmm and we didn’t necessarily like she said we didn’t search it out we didn’t try and have discussions about it but we did it with a few like the person we met that dinner with we did talk a little about politics again and the odd guy who brought it up here and there we talked about little things but nothing too too intense and and it was it was never like a tense topic it wasn’t something again we don’t make big discussions about it but it was never something that was really like an awkward discussion it was just kind of like you avoid and I think a lot of people want to be seen as separate from yeah political issues and very much and it absolutely anything same way as well as some people might not agree with our politics and certain things and we want to be separate from that as well you wouldn’t want to look to judge you based on based on the politics of the country necessarily this next one’s a fun one we think it’s really funny you literally think it’s a thing but not like we don’t think Russian people think that this is thought because we had a few Russian people say this desk go home to Canada and tell people that there are no bears on the street we’re not walking around with ak-47s like down the street no it’s nothing it’s actually funny cause in Canada there are bears on the side we see what we see we actually literally see bears sometimes here on the highway and so but Russia no and a few people wanted us to really point out to Canadians that they were in fact no bears and I think that’s it’s just those old stereotypes from Soviet times they’re just still kind of kicking around but I’m sure in some countryside areas there are many bears no different than in Canada I mean your claw Yaroslavl they’re literally their coat of arms is a bear with like a this ax thing so like I mean obviously there are some bears and there’s bears and the legends and whatnot too but it’s just so funny that they kept bringing it up thinking like tell them that there’s no bears here tell them that we don’t walk around in 1847 and that’s kinda like us saying tell people we don’t live in igloos but if we don’t know we don’t write dogsled is actually traveling if we do it or not yeah exactly so just a really absurd point it is quite funny like we joked about it a lot and even some people call it in our videos and we’ve joked about the bear’s point and so I’m sure it’ll be more on this video no bears at least nothing that you’re gonna have to worry about no bears all over in Canada if you’re from somewhere else it’s just yes I’m the highway never going up to like the mountains and whatnot for sure yeah you’re in a very wild area so okay next point is another sort of tense one for a lot of people and I’m concerned that a lot of people have and that is a that they’re going to be like military all over the place and Russia you’re gonna feel like you’re being watched in Russia you’re gonna have censorship on the news and things that you hear and again that was something that we just never really found that we experienced so for the military side sure some of the big major sites there would be some military presence and whatnot but no different than any other major site in the world you’re always gonna have security and these days today’s day and age security is high we see more military and somewhere like Europe and let’s say we’re in Italy at some of the sites there than we did in Russia so you never feel like there’s military just all over the place and making your face and I think this is something left over from Soviet times because from the people we talked about during the Communist era Cold War it was a very very different time in the entire world and so those are the views that are kind of left over from that but not something happening in current day that was visible whether it exists or not as a choice it’s impossible to tell we love to hear about those kind of things so feel free to comment down below and tell us your experiences if you’re from Russia but as a tourist that wasn’t something that impacted our trip at all on the censorship side we never felt like we were being censored really on any of the media we could see so I can go on all my social media platforms I could watch the BBC I could watch CNN all sorts of different great TV stations and whatnot so alternatively in China when we went Google will say when you search some results have been omitted and it gives you insights the different laws so one of the censorship was a thing or not I’m sure there was a bit no no doubt but we never felt like you never felt like oh I can’t access this I can access this or you can’t go to this website I think it was like one or two random super random websites we couldn’t go on when we were there so it’s not really like a big issue yeah nor do we feel like we were being watched by you know Big Brother or something like that I mean there’s never anyone you never feel like you’re Watson was watching you on the streets or something weird like that’s just that’s not a thing and Russia is really one of the leaders of technology kind of in the world and so true whether that was something that’s just the text down that you don’t even notice I don’t know and I’d be really curious if you if anyone knows that feel free to like probably are being watched because you are here to you that we watch the show on TV there was time what there’s like 5,000 data points on every single person in the world so like yeah well and all these different data points like you credit cards and whatnot so like but no different there than here like nothing different okay so the next one and this is one of those things that you obviously know countries aren’t defined by their stereotypes but in a lot of movies we recently watched stranger things we watched the oh way the villain is Russian and so it’s the Russian mobster the guy selling secret stolen arms and so we never actually saw anyone like that which we knew we weren’t going to but you kind of part of you is like oh well like is a stereotype based on anything and it very much wasn’t it seems to be one of those things that’s kind of those stereotypes are continually perpetuated and in a lot of movies there’s certain types of people that are continually typecast in a negative way and this would be very much an example of that and I’m sure there is a mafia there’s mafia in every city you go into an entire world but you’re not going to sketchy places you’re not seeing sketchy things and it’s the same thing as any other city you’d visit so stay out of sketchy establishments and that’s a travel hack for life and don’t do things you’re not supposed to do and everything will be okay very true yeah again that wasn’t ever a concern for us we never felt unsafe in that way no and another stereotype that you often hear but we did see it a little bit is women really absolutely dressed to the nines of men dressed very casually and very very casually and we had we know some people that were there about ten years ago and they saw a lot more of that and we did we saw a few instances of women like beautifully dressed sky-high heels with men in kind of sweatpants so it was really interesting to see that contrast which is not something you see at home but it’s not a good thing or a bad thing it’s just something kind of interesting to look at because they’re walking these shoes that I would break my ankle so that wraps up our video on some of these stereotypes and the before and after after perspectives that we went through when we were in Russia as a tourist chosen to write as a tourist and observe as a resident I can’t comics I’ve never lived yeah it can be very different obviously we were only in the tourist cities we were in tours the areas we were never out in big rural areas and and you know living there for a long period so things could be different in different situations but as a tourist we never felt held back we never felt in danger we never felt I was expecting kind of this like adventure like we’re going to rush on an adventure and I think that was probably really naive of me because it was an amazing vacation but it wasn’t like yeah like we’re I don’t know what I was thinking it but we were seasoned travelers like to call ourselves seasoned traveler if we travel a lot we’ve been a lot of places in the world and if our opinion was a little bit that way initially then just someone that might not have traveled much might have an even more biased or you know internally biased opinion exactly yeah so we just wanted to sort of throw this out there and then if people watch it they you know hopefully feel a little more comfortable visiting and the country is opening up more and more to travel you know they’re trying supposed to be loosening up the visa application process and whatnot which is great so really really awesome country great to go see there’s so much amazing history that people are great just how do you Richmond and I think the tourism dollars are really appreciated I think that’s an industry that can really grow and just really contribute country in a positive way and so you say put it on your travel list Russia on your travels so that is that and that finishes our series on Russia we actually have a video coming out about how to get a Russian visa and that’s more for Canadians I’m just little bit of help for the Russian visa application process not so much on Russia but on the visa application but that pretty much wraps up our series on Russia if you guys have any questions or if you want any other in videos to come out by all means comment below let us know there’s something you’re interested in and we’d be happy to talk about it otherwise stay tuned our next video is coming out we head to Italy and to Greece and many more adventures to come so we’ll see you guys in the next one

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  1. HUGE Thank you for all of the support with our Russia video series!
    Please subscribe and like for more videos to come — and let us know if you want to see anything else…. Should we try speaking Russian words in our next video? That might be fun!! 🙂

  2. After the collapse of the USSR in 90ths Russia was very dangerous country. Literally there was a killing spree and chaos. But eventually all the riff-raffs took care of each other and the things came back to normal.

    Usually there is practically no police in the streets unless there is a soccer game or public event. But there are a lot of surveillance cameras using facial recognition technique targeting criminals. During the soccer cup on the request of Brazilian government in a matter of an hour on a packed stadium they pinpointed some Brazilian criminal who came to watch the game under disguise and false identity. When you mug somebody and get caught on camera they would very soon apprehend you.

    Major cities are very safe, zero violent crimes. A drunken girl with high heels, miniskirt and deep cleavage with packs of money sticking out of her pockets can cross the city without being anyhow harassed not to say mugged.

    There are some safety issues in some national republics like in Buryatia (Ulan-Ude). Due to some national streak native locals become uncontrolled while being drunk and killing rate is high.

    There is no considerable political tension in Russia. Any political themes can be openly discussed. 60% of media is anti-government. Although the government controls election process and 3 main media channels.

    But incitement to hatred is a crime. It is explicittly prohibited by the Constitution and Penal Code.
    To say or publish “Putin is a criminal and I want him to be incarcerated” it is allowed, “I want Putin to be killed” – it is a crime.

    There are some minor internet sites which are blocked. The site can be blocked by the court order when it has inflammatory content or violates intellectual property like torrents or distribute drugs. This block can be easily bypassed not like it is in China. There is no universal firewall. I would say that all the sites which I are blocked do violate regulations.

    There are more than 100 nations living in Russia speaking more than 100 languages and some of them have millennium bloody feuds and thus reasonable control is understandable.

    When you are visiting Russia please take into consideration that our country has rather strict anti-drug laws.

    A 19 y.o. girl from NY is now in jail in Saint Petersburg for having 19 grams of drugs in her luggage for which she had American license to use for medical purposes which is NOT valid and not legal in Russia. First offence is not a serious crime and eventually nothing catastrophic would happen to her but by the law the judge cannot release her on bail for she has no permanent registration in Russia. (The law was written for Russians not for tourists.) So be careful with drugs and everything else is allowed.

  3. Вы еще в Крыму небыли,там супер. Побывав один раз и заболеваешь,я недавно узнала название своего диагноза "крыманутая" )))))))))

  4. Guys, this gift from Russians you! we, too, are at smile, when for this there is reason)
    The project was conceived as a gift of cities for the 10th anniversary of Rosatom and brought together more than 400 talented people of all ages and professions living and working in the cities of Rosatom's presence. Each performer brought his own style, warmth and atmosphere of his city to the song. The result of this huge work were 10 unique video clips in which music is born here and now, literally before your eyes!

    10 SONGS of the NUCLEAR CITIES became part of the global project of Timur Vedernikov #MUSICALMENTE – analogue of the "Playing for Change", coined in the USA in order to unite the musicians all over the world. The idea of this project is simple – a small team travels around the country with a mobile set of recording and filming equipment, finds talented and interesting musicians and records them in different beautiful places. All recordings are made live. Thus going unusual arrangement, woven sounds of different artists in different parts of the country, and sometimes the world. Each of the participants of this virtual joint music-making brings something of their own to the composition. The result is video clips showing how, despite all cultural national or religious differences, music can unite people and bring peace and love.

  5. There are three empires in the world – British, Russian and Chinese. Each empire has influence on a part of the world. Russia is the weakest empire, but it is still an empire. Therefore, to travel the world you need to know the three main imperial languages – English, Chinese and Russian.

  6. If there is no reason for smiles, the Russian does not smile. If a Russian smiles unnecessarily, then he either wants to deceive you, or the patient in the psychiatric department of the clinic.

  7. Хотелось бы конечно знать , о чём там интуристы поведали нам о пребывании в России , но я так понял , что Россией они остались довольны .. С помощью Яндекс -переводчика могли общаться в любой момент с аборигенами , но только не на политические темы , но были весьма удивлены и расстроены , когда не увидели на улицах российских городов пьяных медведей с балалайками и каждого второго ребёнка , с АК-47 , наперевес .

  8. Для иностранцев у них подозрительно отличный письменный русский (в описаниях видео).. Гугл с яндексом так не переведут..

  9. Russian women have to dress and look out exclusively due to high competition for men 😀, so it was dangerous for Katie to travel with Mark. Though, the counter statement is also right 😉.

  10. Here is the problem of blocking sites is very big! Many useful and old sites are blocked, mainly online movie theaters and file downloading services.

  11. Thanx for the great tips. As a person who actually moved from the US to Russia I might even add on the censorship topic that as strange as it might sounds there are even less restrictions in Russia than in the US. It is mostly connected with the absence of strong PC culture than with politics but Russians are usually much freely express their minds on different topics. They are also discussing the politics absolutely freely not worrying about criticizing the government etc so this censorship issue is definitely a stereotype.

  12. 1. Politic.
    I think people just don’t want to discuss about politic with people from Western countries. I’m software developer and worked in large company where were people from whole world. With my Indian and Chinese colleagues we often discussed misc political topics, de facto almost everyday talked about misc news and things. While with europeans and americans — never, maybe only several times in years. Nothing to discuss. Best way to lost control and became angry 🙂 Especially it is hard to separate political regimes of that countries and regular people, so better just ignore such topics 🙂
    2. Army.
    Actually militaries are everywhere (from soviet times amount decreased in 2 times, in large cities amount the same). But else in 1980s authorities issued law which limited for them usage of uniform on streets. It is result of Olympic Games in Moscow, attempt not to scary foreigners 😀 I’m living near military base and even not each year meet people in military uniform. Nowadays they just use civil clothes in cities. His month even discussed about law which will deny for civilians usage of military clothes (extremely popular in rural areas and towns).

  13. It's nice that you are convinced that the Russians are the same as everyone else. It's nice that you broke the stereotypes about us. Thank you for your opinion about our country! You have turned out to unravel a little our Russian soul! 🙂 From your video I have a lot of good emotions!

  14. I moved back to Moscow after many years of living in New York, China, Denmark and Norway. And let me tell you, Moscow is just so comfortable to live in. Energy-wise it can be compared to New York, but in terms of technology, ecological and tasty food, restaurants and entertainment, taxi, money-making opportunities – it's just so cool and easy.
    I pay 3 bucks for a comfort-class taxi to get to my parents. I pay 300 bucks a month for food from a supposedly expensive ecological grocery store with a very wide variety of ready-to-eat food (I don't cook at all!), vegan deserts etc.
    I'm getting huge cashbacks every month from an internet-only bank, incl.up to 30% at cool restaurants and very popular hipster-type food-markets which are also very affordable, and I and and my friends go there at least twice a week.
    Also, there are plenty of websites for freelancers and co-working spaces in the city, so more and more people opt out from working in the office and can make a living out of working for themselves.
    Medicine is free, they organize free health checks in the parks, doctors have become very friendly.
    Another thing: you don't need to own a car anymore, since car-sharing is very popular in the city. It's a little cheaper than taxi, and the variety of cars is very wide. Smarts, MINI COOPERS, Mercedes, you name it.
    At the same time, the newest busses and subway trains in Moscow are very pleasant. Free Wi-Fi, TV screens with entertainment (no ads), usb charge. And soon they are opening a new subway station 6 min walk from me. And a new fancy hipster food-market 10 min walk from me (Leninsky prospekt).
    Just amazing.

  15. We do not smile because we have a frost of -100 C and if you smile, then the saliva in the mouth freezes. And walking with a piece of ice in your mouth is unpleasant.

  16. I know very little English, but for the sake of people like you, I learn it. I want to understand our foreign guests, so that they feel comfortable in communication. Your videos are another incentive to learn English. Of course it helps Yandex translator, but I began to understand a little English 🙂

  17. You have seen only a small part of Russia. You will find more Baikal, Altai, the Black Sea coast, the Caucasus Mountains, the Urals and much more.

    Come in winter to a ski resort in Sochi (where the Winter Olympics took place). This is warm weather by the sea with palm trees and 30 minutes by car or train and a unique ski resort with unique fluffy snow.

      This should be the next point of your visit to Russia.

  18. Thanks god you haven't seen any bears on the street.

    Mishka take your balalaika – you can walk free now, they're gone)

    P.S. Thanks for the video!

  19. Хорошее видео. Хорошее оно не потому что я ваш подписчик, а просто потому что вы своими глазами видите то что показываете.
    Пока писал комментарий , вспомнил вырезку из журнала Newsweek, на Красной площади стоят танки с огромными красными звёздами и рядом с танками стоят танкисты в шапках ушанках с кокардами в виде красных звёзд и пьют самогон из самоваров.
    Сколько думал на этой картинкой – почему именно самогон из самовара пить? Зачем? Так и не придумал толкового ничего. Я не понял автора этой картинки.
    Вам спасибо за видео, желаю вам удачи, палец вверх .

  20. Hey guys. Thanks for your kind words. Just adding my 2c. Not sure if it is a common belief in the West, but Russians hate small talks and, if asked "how are you", actually start talking about their problems. Being a Russian who has lived overseas for about 10 years, I can confirm it is true 🙂

  21. Good points guys you are always welcome. I have met a Canadian couple in Sicily some years ago and they were very sweet and we had some great conversation. P.S. A little side note… pre-learning Russian is very hard but some actually consider pre-learning the Cyrillic alphabet the letters and sounds they represent it's not that hard(maybe a hour o two)so you can read signs like "restaurant" in cyrillic many words are actually borrowed so they sound very similar. Also google translate is not actually that bad recognizing voice spoken russian and giving you English translation and vice versa.

  22. Guys you are experienced travelers , I have been to Western Europe a lot and I haven't noticed any striking difference with Russia when it comes to silent smiles on eye contact with strangers, is it a pure American/Canadian/Australian thing? Because in Europe no one was flashing smiles at me on eye contact unless it was some kind of deeper interaction.

  23. Распоряжение КГБ прямо запрещает показывать своих медведей иностранцам. За нарушение отбирают автомат и на год лишают талонов на ежей и интернет.

  24. пойду уменьшу мощность ядерного реактора, а то медведю жарко, он пьяный лежит. пришлось спрятать дома всё оружие, наш медведь когда напьется любит стрелять

  25. The biggest problem of Western tourists, and in general of the West, is the Hollywood films about Russia. You really believe in these stereotypes that show you in fiction films (movies). And now this is your problem – you cannot draw a clear line between artistic images in films and the Reality. It turns out that this is not a problem of Russia at its basement. Logically, these are your personal problems of your development and basic knowledge of logic. Or the problems of your elementary school or Education System. If you are told a thousand times on the news channels some kind of stupidity about Russia or a lie, you will believe into it! "If they repeated thousand times 'the lie is true', maybe it is really can be truth?".. According to the rules of logic, if at least once the logical conclusion is violated – this is enough, and you no longer need to look for other evidence. This is mathematical logic. But in the West, they don’t teach schoolchildren and students how to UNDERSTAND the Logic Rules at their LIFE applications…

  26. Nice to hear how your travel adventure has shaped your view of Russia and the Russian people. Only through sharing experiences can these stereotypes be changed.

  27. А я всю жизнь тут живу и помню времена, когда многие жуткие вещи были правдой… Россия реально сильно изменилась за последние годы и это очень радует)) Еще лет 15-20 назад все было развалено и казалось, что это конец страны, а сейчас в Сестрорецке, где я живу, аж экоавтобусы ходят)) Лет 10 уже ни с кем даже ночью в стремном районе драться не приходилось… Как я боюсь, что какие-нибудь идиоты снова все развалят и снова повторятся 90-е. Кто-нибудь – показывайте такие видео нашим юным либералам, которые так любят кричать, что "все пропало". Хотя… Они все равно не понимают по-английски))

  28. прикольно…люди говорят о стереотипах и сами транслируют эти стереотипы про СССР…а вы уверены,что то,что вам рассказывают об СССР правда,а не такие же стереотипы?Даже сейчас,в век интернета,когда информация мгновенно доставляется и проверяется из одной точки мира в другую,многие думают стереотипами…кстати респект за то,что политику не трогали

  29. Все медведи давно завербованы и несут службу скрытно, не шарятся по улицам белого дня.

  30. A pair of comments on some stereotypes about Russia, that you have mentioned in the video, if I may:
    you said "bears on the streets" one comes, probably, from the Soviet times. This is not correct, it comes from way earlier then that. Ever since large cities started to appear in Russia, like in IX or X centuries and up until early XX century there were traveling entertainers popular in Russia. They would often perform on a big fairs, at marketplaces and other places alike. And they often would use tamed and trained bears in their performances. Obviously, there were no safety rules and regulations back then and a foreign traveler could easily see a bear walking city streets among crowd of people at a big fair, or marketplace. In the XX century, when such activities become more and more regulated, this kind of entertainment slowly vanished, but stereotype remained.
    The second one, about military everywhere, military checkpoints and "secret police watching people" truly comes from the Cold War era, but even then it wasn't true. Just another Western propaganda cliche, which unfortunately still is pretty much alive in the Western pop culture.

  31. You are a very sympathetic couple! Thank you for this footage. A small addition, i.e. an important difference: In Russia (incl. Imperial Russia and Soviet Union) politics shape economy. In the west economy shapes politics.

  32. One of the features of Russia that you almost won't find any sketchy places — there is no specific ghetto, ethnic neighborhoods or street you don't need to go. Thats because of Soviet free distribution of apartments system. In one apartment building can live scientist, businessmen on expensive BMW, alcoholic and convicted person… so all people are mixed and social groups are evenly distributed… and adverse personalities actively socializing and communalizing.

  33. Where's Wilson Thank you guys for your truthfool and great video. There are so many lie in the world about Russia so it is good to see that more and more people from aroud the world know how Russia realy look like. And come back to Russia in future!

  34. if I understood correctly, then it’s better not to talk to us about politics. And that's right !!: We are welcome to ordinary foreigners, but we don’t always agree with politics from countries. And I felt the whole "charm of capitalism" on myself. You are normal guys, but without politics)))

  35. The Western people speak of Russians as non-smiling nation so often, that perhaps most of Russians will soon start thinking of the Westerns as permanently smiling 24-7, walking around their cities with ear-to-ear smiles nailed to their faces!

  36. может быть мы и ходили бы с оружием, но оно у нас не в таком свободном доступе, как в Америке)))

  37. Thank you two for making a video like this! My husbands family is Ukranian but they speak Russia and he has been wanting to visit Russia for years. We're planning a trip to Russia in 2020 and Its honestly insane about how negative the perception of Russia can be. I've had people tell me to "be careful" and they look concerened. Yet the same people have never shown any concern when we've travelled to Mexico or other countries in Europe. It's crazy!

    Your videos have been the most informative that I've come across and has made planning this trip so much easier!

  38. Я бы назвал видео. Голливyдские стереотипы о России и как же на самом деле.

  39. We manually added subtitles! They may have some improper translations… but we're trying our best!
    We are trying to get an actual person to translate the videos, but it is taking some time!

  40. Thank you! It is refreshing to hear an honest experience based opinion about Russia. Unfortunately, the western media portrays Russia as the ultimate villain. I am Russian currently living in Sweden. I see daily how much the media in this part of the world, distorts reality. It reminds me of the Soviet propaganda. Only this time, the West is the part of the world that constructs its own fake-based bubble. Irony of life….

  41. А как вы думаете почему западный кинематограф всегда изображает Россию и русских в негативном свете? Не из-за того ли, что западные политики считают Россию своим врагом и хотят свои народы настроить против неё?

  42. "iron curtain" falled only 30 years ago, it's too small time for change people mind and stereotypes. We are free country like all other and we love people and peace like all other. But sure – we have internal problems like all other countries also… Just for say – we are all like you, with same minds. We are peoples, not humanoids with bears

  43. Russia the problem is visa is to costly and take to long ! If you are Slavic background you have no problem with Russian language

  44. This video has no sense. Better go to some African country and tell us about safety. Much more interesting for us and FUN for you! 😌

  45. Ребзя, я придумал для вашего канала новое название – 'Разрушители стереотипов' 😉

  46. Пздц тупо деревянные диалоги могли бы нарезку сделать в видео .Не интересно вы подали такой формат

  47. You come to us in a good mood. You charge us with a good mood. You spend your money in our country. You don't say bad things about us. You don't make noise and don't create problems for local residents. You're practically a holiday for us.

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