Rutgers Moodle in 5 – Student Tour

Hello and Welcome to Rutgers Moodle in 5,
a five-minute tour of Rutgers’ Moodle course management system. Okay, let’s jump right in and begin your
tour. To access Moodle point your browser to
Once the login page opens, click on the NetID icon to enter your NetID or username
and password. Select your course by clicking on its title
in the MY COURSES tab in the red menu bar at the top of the page, or in the MY COURSES
block in the right column, or down the front of the Moodle home page. This will open your course home page. Your course title appears in the title bar. Your navigation bar or breadcrumb trail appears
below the menu. Once logged in, your name appears in the top
right of the menu bar. When you hover your mouse on your name, the
USER MENU appears, where you will find the LOGOUT link and other useful links to personalized
information. All courses use a three-column layout. Your course’s topical or weekly outline
and content are typically in the widest column. The two smaller columns include selected blocks
of functions or features. Let’s take a look at some of the blocks. The CALENDAR block discloses events by date. If you roll over a highlighted date it reveals
the applicable event. The calendar items are color coded to indicate
context. The LATEST NEWS block provides course announcements. To open and read an announcement, click on
its link. The full announcement opens for reading. You cannot reply to an announcement posting. To return to your course home page, click
on its title in the breadcrumb trail. Scroll your window down to see more topics. The UPCOMING EVENTS blocks provides a look
ahead to calendar entries. To preview upcoming events click the calendar
link. The details of your upcoming events are displayed. Click the month link to open the calendar
for that month. Let’s return to the course home page and
again scroll down to view some additional blocks. Use the COURSE EMAIL block to access your
course emails, and the MESSAGES block for instant messages. Separate tutorials on these communication
tools are provided in the training course, Moodle 101. The ACTIVITIES block provides quick access
to all key course elements. The THIS COURSE menu tab provides access to
similar key course elements. Click any activity link to go to its page. You can then access related activities by
clicking on its link. In this case the Practical Assignment page
opens. Likewise you can use the ACTIVITIES block
or THIS COURSE menu tab to directly access any other course elements such as quizzes. The elected quiz then opens for taking. For Technical Support open the QUICK LINKS
menu tab and select CONTACT SUPPORT, or use the HELP link in your USER MENU, or simply
click “Reach Technical Support” in the CONTACT SUPPORT block. View a list of course participants by clicking
on its link in the PEOPLE block or in the THIS COURSE menu tab. Selecting participants by name will link to
their profile. From a participant’s profile page, you can
either send an instant message or an internet email. To access your grades, click its link in the
ADMINISTRATION block or in the THIS COURSE menu tab. To access your profile click on your name
in the USER MENU, and to make changes click Edit Profile in the ADMINISTRATION block. Details on setting up your profile are provided
in Moodle 101. As most courses cover many topics you may
need to scroll down several screens to see them all. For more detail and practice please complete
the Moodle 101 course. And always remember to log out when you are
done working in your courses. This brings you to the end of your five minute
tour of Moodle. Thank you for watching and good luck with
your courses.

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