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  2. As I understand it. Being aware of your Ego is the first step to a higher self. Ego is purely a linear thought to survival. Replace it with love and see what happens to your life.

  3. not that their is anything wrong with that I just thought I would point it out just encase everyone missed it.

  4. Is it a coincidence that Ego is an anagram of Geo?

    Geocentric is a perspective that says the earth is still everything (including the sun) revolves around it.
    And an egocentric perspective says that the person is central and everything revolves him/her.

    We have now realised that geocentrism is a false perspective and have replaced it with heliocentrism, As we now understand that the sun is the centre which our earth revolves around.

    Soon we may collectively realise that the mind (ego) is not the centre and instead it is the heart (soul-sol-solar).

  5. Yooo I need to know please, please what names are the soundtrack songs have. Because they are like making me crazy right now. So dope so fresh. If someone can help me with that it will be amazing and I promise to send amazing vibes back. Anyhow sending the same vibes to anyone who gets to read this. 😀

  6. 16:40 "I think just because you are good at something does not means that you should continue doing it forever."
    This is so profound,I wish whosoever is watching this video be able to understand this sentence to its depth. 🙂
    Amazing Interview!

  7. My question is:
    how did Ryan Holiday end up as Director of Marketing at a major organization with only 1 year of college and zero experience? How did his resume get through HR for that position? I can't imagine any regular 20-year old walking into any major organization and landing such a big job without any credentials or experience. Was it connections? Pure luck? An inexperienced HR manager that gave him a chance? Stunning interviewing skills? Please this is a serious question that I'd like answered as it would solve a major confusion for me and any others listening to this interview. Maybe he should also write a book on how to land that kind of job right off the bat.

  8. Excellent interview – Just finished Ego is the enemy and I'm seriously considering opening page one again.

  9. well nonetheless at the end of the day, u guys have definitely taught me something about myself. love the consistency

  10. A name is what an ego pivots around. From that you gain a sense of self (the "I", the "me") as being separate from everything else. How is it described in the Tao Te Ching?

    The unnamable is the eternally real.
    Naming is the origin
    of all particular things.

  11. Ego comes from a place of fear. Being afraid of someone being better than you, which then breeds jealousy, envy, anger, hatred. Being competitive for the sake of needing to be better than someone else is unhealthy for yourself and society. I think being competitive is related to sex in an anthropological sense, we always feel the need to be better to get the girl, people need to accept that they can't always be "The Best"" and be cool with that.

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