Samantha: An American Girl Holiday 1/8

it all began one day last April I was living with my grandma and Mount Bedford New York and she was determined to teach me to become proper young lady but that day in particular I was more interested in getting away from my next-door nuisance Eddie Ryland you’re so dumb you probably think three times four is twelve three times four is twelve Eddie now if you don’t leave me alone I’ll find your money jar empty in the river too dumb to find it Eddie why on you and that was today and that my new friend Nellie own mouth who are they they’re our new servants the big one is mine you made it’s just you young peonage maybe your mother’s right I’m tired dad I know we’ve all been I know you’re hungry Jenny but you’ll just have to wait see what you did I didn’t do nothing still walking broke the window and I’m gonna tell us you pay me a penny I don’t have a penny she is not paying you a cent Eddie Ryland and if you make any more trouble I’ll tell your mother that you took her good petticoat and made it kites tail out of it oh I’m really scared Samantha thank you miss I’m Samantha I live next door I’m Nellie and this is Jenny and Bridget pleased to meet you you don’t pay any attention to him have to pay some attention this if we want to keep our place here nearly girl come along now are you going to Mount Bedford school maybe you’ll be in the same class I don’t go to school miss we’re here to work Maggie tomorrow who knew like I said I’ll be working miss from the sides of this place from dawn to dusk finally three girls and one of them’s my age Samantha look at those stockings the grandmother won’t like that no she won’t yes this is Hawking be sure to wash your hands now yes mrs. Hawkins hello Samantha hello candy I trust you have a good explanation for that tear in your stocking I fell I’m sorry you weren’t running were you not when I found though haste makes waste Samantha its Granberry did you know that three girls then you can tell me over tea dear begin practicing three girls are moving next door hands down at least begin Thank You Jessie you can just be in detail is there anything from Uncle Bob’s real open the mail later dear he’s coming back when he said she didn’t lose the belt it hit Samantha please just finish your practice hello miss please don’t call me miss get in trouble if I don’t miss where did you come from before Mount Bedford hanging in New York City oh my uncle Gard lives in New York City dan I worked at a factory there you will worked in a factory yes but dad thought we’d be better off living in the country now is your mother’s she died last winter if you don’t go to school would you like to borrow some of my books will you dear no goodness unless they’re all pictures my mother was going to teach me to read but I could teach you everything is that the head oh I wish I could miss you can you can bring some work with you like darning or mending can’t you you have to sit down sometime and I could sit with you it isn’t hard to her Thank You Jessie oh just leave it on the table please Jessie business how old were you when you first started to work as a maid would you like anything else ma’am no Thank You Jessie that will be all Samantha yes we do not discuss personal matters with the service but in the kitchen we talk about all services not the kitchen the secret to a happy household is for everyone to know their place do you understand yes grandmary good are you enjoying your needlepoint yes grandmary then I’m sure you will have no interest in that package that’s addressed to you it’s a stereopticon oh he says put in the first slide I know we’ll see where he is right now oh wow Paris the Eiffel Tower as if we were really there uncle Gard always gives me the best presents he’s taking me to the exposition in st. Louis for home we can July we’re going to see Japanese pagodas temples eat peanut-butter I’m very blessed everything you make butter out of peanuts that’s what uncle Gard says and what’s very floss uncle Gard says it’s made out of pink sugar and comes on a stick uncle Gard is the best person I know Ben your mother did I say them maybe we should start reading listen I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings miss my parents are gone like your mother only in an accident that’s awful I don’t know what I’d do without my dad I’m not to see them she’s beautiful and he’s so handsome she used to sing to me sometimes I try to hear her voice but it just slips away I know I wish I could ask grandmary speaking about mother hurts her too much I keep them closed this way I like that you here Nellie I think we’ll be great friends I’ve never had a real friend outside family and we do now Nellie O’Malley friends forever

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