Saudi Arabia Will Allow Tourists to Visit

For a long time tourists were never allowed to visit Saudi Arabia. Visas were only issued to people who would go to Saudi for work their wives, children, parents, etc were also given visas and Muslim pilgrims as well. The Saudi Arabia government on 27th September 2019 announced that, they will allow tourists to visit and will issue tourist visas for the first time in its history. Tourism Chief Ahmed Al-Khateeb said that when people visit Saudi they will be very surprised by the beautiful places. Many people think that Saudi Arabia is a very strict country and has very difficult rules. Many even think that women have many rules and limited freedom. When the tourism chief was told all this he said that, when people come and visit Saudi they will understand better. When people visit Saudi they will enjoy and make memories that they will never forget. The Saudi government said that they want people from all over the world to visit Saudi. Earlier when women from different countries visited Saudi they had to wear an Abaya. Now they have changed the rule and women can roam around freely. However, female tourists are expected to dress modestly. But it is still mandatory for Saudi’s females to wear abayas. This decision was made by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, He said that Saudi is known for its oil but he does not want their economy to depend on oil. He wants create other sources such as tourism for the country’s economic growth. His aim is to do this by 2030. Unemployment is very high in Saudi. If Tourism starts then there will be more jobs available. However in Saudi, alcohol is still banned. Because of this rule some tourists who want to drink may avoid visiting Saudi. Now let’s see what happens.

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