Scary Snowman Prank US Tour 2018 – Over 100 Reactions!

[woman screams] Oh my god! Oh my– [woman screaming] The [inaudible] Oh my God! Ho! Ho! Ho! She held it! What is that in there? Is that… It said, Hello. It did? Yeah. What’s that in there– Oh!>>That’s–
>>Oh! Ew, I – [women screaming] Oh my god! Oh my god! That big ol’ thing is [inaudible]. Well done. Gonna be– Are you gonna be [inaudible] like this? [women screaming]>>Normal people would thought–
>>Oh my god! Oh my god! Jesus [bleep]! There is a snowman… Somehow, I– Oh my god,
I’m so scared. [man screaming] [woman screaming and laughing] He’s alive. [inaudible]. [woman screams] Oh [bleep]! [inaudible] [bleep] do it! It’s weird. [woman screams] It got me too. What’s this made out of? [woman screams] [inaudible]. Is that real? Oh my god! What is it? [man and woman screams] Hi! Scared the hell out of me. [man and woman laughing] It’s made of [inaudible] stuff. Disgusting. [inaudible], it’s– You scared the [bleep] out of me! Oh [bleep]! [bleep], oh [bleep]! [inaudible] that I got [inaudible]. [women screaming] [bleep] There’s [inaudible]. Oh my god. [speaks in Japanese] [man screams] [woman screams] I knew it! Even though I knew it,>>I [inaudible].
>>It get you. Oh my gosh. [woman screams] Oh, that’s nice. [woman screams] So you could both go out– And he [inaudible]– [women screams] [speaks in foreign language] [women screams] Oh, [inaudible]. Uh, that thing– [women screams] [women screams] Oh my god! Oh [bleep]!>>Oh my gosh
>>Oh, what the– Is this something made out
of street gum? Oh my gosh! Oh, let’s go. Get– It moves. [everybody screams] [kid cries] Oh my god! [inaudible]. [screams] [woman screams] [people laughing] What is that? [men screams] Oh geez! Jesus! [bleep] [woman screams] Oh! Oh! [women laughing] Oh [bleep]! Oh [bleep]! And I though like– Oh my God! Wow! Oh my god. [bleep] [women screams] [men laughing]>>I’m so–
>>Oh my God! What the [bleep]! What the [bleep]! It [bleep] [inaudible] at me! Oh– I want it to jump out. Boo! You just can’t– It laughed at [inaudible]. You can’t really do much. I guess you just jump. Hey [inaudible]. [woman screams] Regs, Come see the snowman. What is that snowman? Do it– What? It’s scary. It is kind of scary. [inaudible] fun, I know. Yeah, it is. It is a scary snowman. It’s like she’s doing it. Over there. [inaudible], here we go. Look at that nasty nose,
can you pull that off me? That’s from last week. Get it really– Just get in there,
come on. It don’t wanna come out. Hold this. Hold this. All right.
Let me try it. Oh my god,
it’s on there. I told you. Okay, we’ve got it. You want to put the new one on? Sure. Get it in there. Oh my god! There’s– So there’s somewhere here, but I think that one’s a [inaudible]. [women screaming] [woman screams] She’s observing. [woman screams] That was so mean. Oh my god! Oh my gosh! Don’t do that!
It scares me! Help me! [inaudible]. It’s definitely [inaudible]. [inaudible]. I told you. [woman screams] Okay, he is sca– [woman screams] [people laughing] Oh my god! That scared me to death. I was gonna take
a picture with you, [inaudible]. Holy [bleep]! Nope, just a snowman. No one. The same [inaudible]– Oh my [bleep]! I kinda saw that coming. That’s hilarious. Oh, a snowman. [women screaming] Oh my god! [woman screaming] Oh my god. [woman screams] The money someone
put into this. Whoa! Hi! I can’t tell if there’s someone in it, or it’s electronic. It’s so cool! Oh my god! [woman laughing] I met you in like
2007 or something. [inaudible] Street. Yes, on [inaudible] Street. Whoa– Oh my god! [inaudible]. [people laughing] Holy [bleep]! [bleep] [inaudible], ain’t jokes of. See, I [bleep] knew it. Holy [bleep]! Here [inaudible]. Oh my gosh. Whoa. Come on. Come on. [inaudible]. Holy [bleep]! [inaudible]. This [inaudible]. Oh, wow! Look, he’s dancing. Hello Frosty! Oh, get your picture. You don’t look too happy. You are not very happy. You need to put
a smile on your face. Is it moving? I think yeah. Unless someone [inaudible]. [women screaming] [inaudible] going. [inaudible]. [kid screams] My gosh! I know.
Look at his nose. Somebody ate it. [inaudible] on it. This is a [inaudible], isn’t it? [women screaming] Oh god! I was gonna touch it. Whoa! Oh my [bleep] God! Oh my god! Oh my god! [inaudible]. Oh [bleep]! [inaudible], right? That scared me. That made a [inaudible]
out of me. Oh my God in heaven. That was mean and nasty
what you did, Frosty. That is not Frosty. That snowman– [woman screaming] Oh my god! Holy [bleep]! Oh [bleep]! Oh [inaudible]. Hey [inaudible].>>What’s up, buddy?
>>How ya doin’? [inaudible]. [Inaudible] 2 and a half hour [inaudible]. Yes. [Inaudible] I hope you gonna share it. Oh, I gotta sure you [inaudible]. All right. Thank you so much. [Inaudible]. I’m so glad you came over. Hopefully, she get some good one. Thank you, Sir.>>Thank you [inaudible].
>>Have fun. Valerie– Who’s like–
Why am I so– It’s all right. Why didn’t you tell me? I don’t know! It was funnier to watch. Don’t be laughing at me– Oh! Oh my god! You scared the [bleep] out of me. Oh my god! Ding dong! Oh sh–
Nah, that scared me. Still [inaudible] here. Geez, kid. Oh my god! If you don’t drink, how will your friends know>>you love them?
>>Oh my god! Such a nice [inaudible]. [Inaudible]. Do it again. You son of a gun. [inaudible]. Oh [bleep]! It’s like [inaudible] [women screaming] Stop! Why would you do that? Oh! God! It is! No! Oh [bleep]! It’s a person. Oh my god! Oh my god! What kind of snowman is this? One [inaudible] this way,
be real. Are you in there? [woman screaming] Oh my god! Oh [bleep] He scared– Oh my gosh! [Inaudible]. Oh my god! I saw all your videos, I’m so happy you’re here right now. This is the best day for me. Is [inaudible]? It’s very strange– Oh my gosh! Hi [inaudible]. Ah! [bleep]! No, it is made out of– It’s made out of– Somebody [inaudible] me. If you don’t drink, how will your friend
know you love them? Oh my– Why would they do that? Oh my gosh,
I can sit here all day. Oh my god!

100 Replies to “Scary Snowman Prank US Tour 2018 – Over 100 Reactions!”

  1. It would be really interesting if you went to London and did this. Just to see what British people would do. Or Paris, or Berlin.

  2. You can tell who the best people on the planet are by their reactions… I mean, if you were looking for a partner in those who pass by, you'd know exactly who not to put on your list simply from the way they react… Great to see so many laughs and so many smiles and so much fun all up.

  3. OMG… the white haired lady red jacket at 00:25. My GOD, the curves on her! WOW!!😍😍😍🇺🇸🇨🇺🇪🇸

  4. Women Survival Instinct: Instantly look away from the Threat, make sure no fly enters their mouth and scream. 😀

  5. I sure hope you weren't hurt in the video where the guy punched you and knocked you to the ground. You are great for this world. Thank you for making so many people scream and laugh!

  6. Haha!
    Everyone’s grossed out except the Japanese guy at 2:45 who gets in real close and says, “it’s beautiful” just before crapping his pants 😀

  7. You guys need to come to Crandon, WI during their big parade on labor day weekend!!! Downtown is PACKED!!! August 30th ;)!!

  8. 9:01 He is so happy.
    11:26 LoL "Looks, he's dancing." You made that guys day. He was the happiest of all the people in this video.

  9. Watching this video and keeping in tune with today's politically correctness, I have to say the snowman is racist and sexist. He scared more white people than black and more women than men. Lawsuit. See you in court you insensitive snowman you.

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