Schengen VISA for INDIANS | How to Apply | Documents | Cost | Europe Tourist VISA

Sat Sri Akal! First of all, this video is going to be in Hindi because it covers Schengen visa for indians! I am going to Iceland & Greenland I had applied for the Visa through VFS So this video covers how to apply for Visa If you are going to multiple countries, then which country to apply in what documents you need, how much time it takes how much it costs Hello! Today’s 27th December I am planning to go to Iceland and Greenland in Feb and March January is going to be a busy month So I decided I might as well apply for visa in December itself So that I can get the visa by January and to avoid unforeseen delays and issues You can also apply 2 weeks prior your trip The visa we’re going to talk about today is Schengen visa It is applicable across European countries Since the process remains the same, my video will help you out in any case I’ve taken an appointment for Greenland and Iceland at Denmark Embassy So first, which embassy to take an appointment at… that depends on the country where you plan to spend maximum numbers of days. Or through the country that you are entering the Schengen area. So if you have a flight from Delhi to Amsterdam So you can apply in Netherlands And assume that after Netherlands you’ll go to Germany for the most part of your stay in Schengen area So you can apply in Germany too Since I am going to Iceland and Greenland, and they both are under Denmark Embassy, there was no confusion. I have an appointment tomorrow. and I am sharing the documents with you. So the first thing is my Appointment Letter So go to VFS website create an account to login and book an appointment. According to the availability of dates So that’s the letter Second is Embassy Form So you can download this form and it’s not complex or anything No rocket science, simple form that you have to fill About your photograph for the form, you need 2-3 of them when you go to the photographer, inform them that you need it specifically for visa Because your face should cover 80% of the photo Like you can see that the face covers maximum area and it’s in matte finish, which the photographers are usually aware of. After that there is Cover Letter It basically covers the reason for your visit as in you have to make a good case for your visit and tour, hotel bookings, etc. Now I have a letter of invitation from a travel agency in Greenland that has invited me So I have attached that letter of invitation. So even if you don’t have a letter, it’ll still be okay If you have a job, then you have to attach an NOC ask your HR person for the same, stating that your leaves are approved and that you’ll be joining back. It’s required to make it clear that you will be returning instead of fleeing to that country. So I am a jobless person so I haven’t provided any such document. **Berozgari ki khushi chehre pe aa gyi** Then comes your Itinerary This you can make yourself. Just mention where you’ll be on which dates. Just a rough estimate. Then there are my flight tickets So your flight tickets should be confirmed – for round trip and for internal travelling I had said that I will travel via buses and that I’ll book them on the go So it wasn’t an issue. So I have attached my flight tickets I have booked a ticket to Iceland I booked the round trip in about 38K Then I have provided the ticket from Iceland to Greenland which the travel agency has booked for me Then there is Travel Insurance A lot of companies are available online In fact if you book on Make My Trip, etc. they give you an option for travel insurance It takes 1-1.5K So you can get that done. I’ll provide the link in the description Now Hotel Bookings So wherever you are headed… you don’t have to provided an exact itinerary for your trip. I didn’t have a solid itinerary the last time I went I randomly mentioned 2-day stay in Amsterdam 2-day stay in Berlin and so on. But I didn’t follow it as such. So make a simple itinerary – 4 days here, 4 days there And book your hotels accordingly preferably refundable bookings like I have made this booking. You can do it on Make my trip, etc. but make sure it is fully refundable on cancellation. Now I am not even sure if I will stay in these cities. Iceland is not sponsored so I’m making Iceland booking myself. So I have provided a booking for 9 days This is a refundable and cancellable booking. After I get the visa, I might just cancel them. So these are just to show in the application. Now the most important thing – your financial stability. that if you are going there, then do you have enough funds to stay there I’ve booked hotels and flights. Just food expense is left now One, I have provided my ITR Then I went to my bank, got a statement printed out and stamped and attached. Bank Statement of last 6 months. So now what is the minimum balance required So I have heard that 1-1.5 Lac is enough So I have managed to curate a little more than that. So I have submitted that. So plus this time around, I don’t have a job and hence no salary. My salary account was HSBC HSBC’s branch is in Chandigarh So I didn’t go all the way to there. I had an account in PNB with low balance so I have attached its statement And attached a FD receipt Just to prove that I have enough money to survive there And then I also have an online statement of my salary account for the last 6 months But the authorities ask you to get it out from the branch and stamped So I will see tomorrow if this is an issue. So moving on from the old footage and coming to current day I was in Rajasthan when I got a call from VFS about the arrival of my Passport So in 10 days I got my visa. and then I came back after a week and you can collect it any day you get the chance You’re not required to make the trip to office to collect your passport on that same day Postal service is also there but not in every city like it wasn’t an option in my city. So I had to go myself and then get it Now if we come to the cost 60 euros is embassy’s fee for Denmark So it can be different for every country Then VFS takes your fingerprints they take your photos and all so they also charge a fee which is around Rs. 1700 So total cost of Visa for me was Rs. 6,800 But A few important things about documents So when I went to submit my documents, I discovered that Denmark requires you to submit coloured photocopy of all pages of your Passport regardless of whether it already has other Visa or not So I had applied a new passport of 60 pages So only 1 or 2 pages had the stamp But I had to get the whole Passport photocopied. So if you get it done in advance, you can save a lot of time. Also, my old Passport already had a Schengen visa and other visa, which made my case stronger So it’s better in such cases to attach the photocopies of your older passports too. Yeah, this is all, And I know that you are all awaiting Rajasthan vlogs I am working on it already But it’s a lot of work so I decided to put this video first. But I can show you a sample 🙂 So I will post it soon, just a few more days Until then you can watch more videos, like the ones where I went to Tirthan Valley with my parents and then Statue of Unity, these are Hindi videos So you can watch those and other such videos Subscribe to my channel and Press the Bell Icon Anything else that I am supposed to say? Yep, so that’s all Stay tuned

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