SEAWORLD San Diego 2019 Complete Tour|Things to do in SeaWorld |#SeaWorld San Diego Full Park Review

Hello friends, welcome to all we are going to SeaWorld San Diego Seaworld is an animal theme park located at Mission Bay in San Diego In America itself they have 5(mistakenly said as 3) locations This is located in west coast, the first Seaworld in US started in 1964 This is one of the main attraction in California state Tickets are available online as well as at the counter Sea world has started outside US also. In 2022 they are starting in Abu Dhabi When we enter the park, there are 3 aquariums This aquariums have small sharks, and other fishes We are allowed to touch the fishes in aquarium. There is a staff who explains us the life of marine fishes Before we go inside the park it is better to plan to watch the different shows in the park There are show times displayed There may be another show as soon this is finished, so plan accordingly We get the park map and show timings at the entrance gate Plan properly so that we can cover all shows This is the dolphin training area, where they train them for the show Also we can have a closer look of dolphin through the glass These are flamingos inside the park We are allowed to feed them after buying the feed from the counter This is Fresh water aquarium with lots of colorful fishes. There is a crab and Octopus viewing also nearby Crabs are really huge This is the place to see and feed sea lions closely Here we are allowed to feed sea lions, need to buy the fishes to feed at counter This is a environment made for sharks, we can see big sharks closer here. Manta Ray aquarium, here also we can touch them with hands There are lots of rides also in the park This is shipwreck ride, and ride in water and you may get wet during the ride Last week was lunar new year, Chinese new year There is some special show during the lunar new year time In Mission Bay theater, there is a special show of Chinese acrobatic performance Ocean explorer is an area with lots of rides especially for kids Bay side sky ride is ride on gondola ride across the bay. we get a beautiful view of the bay and sea world park Electric Eel is one of the thriller rides in Sea world There is a sky tower which takes you 100 meters above and get a beautiful aerial view There are lots of play areas for kids This is turtle reef, we can see big turtles inside this. Sea world store, where you can buy souvenirs There are shows of Dolphin, Killer whale, Sea Lions, Shows will be published in separate video, do watch please.

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