Sesame Street: Bert’s Brother Bart Visits

the place looks great. You’ve been cleaning
house, haven’t you? BERT: Yeah, I have. It looks OK, huh? ERNIE: Uh-huh, wonderful. BERT: OK. You know why I’m concerned? ERNIE: Nuh-uh. BERT: Because my brother,
Bart, is coming to visit today. ERNIE: No kidding? BERT: Yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Hey, I’ve always wanted
to meet your brother, Bart. BERT: Yeah, well look, he’s
going to be here any minute now, but I want to go in
the bedroom and comb my hair and change into some new shoes. ERNIE: Uh-huh. BERT: So if he comes, could
you make him feel at home? ERNIE: Oh sure, Bert. BERT: OK. ERNIE: Hey, wait,
wait, wait a second. BERT: What? ERNIE: How will I know that
it’s your brother, Bart, Bert? BERT: How’s that? ERNIE: Well you see,
I’ve never met him, and so if he comes to the door,
how will I know that it’s him? BERT: Oh, oh, well, it’s easy. For one thing,
we’re exactly alike. ERNIE: You are? BERT: Yeah, we’re twins. He looks exactly like I do. ERNIE: No kidding? BERT: Yeah, no kidding. Isn’t that exciting? ERNIE: You mean he’s got the
same sort of a pointy head as you do, Bert? And does he have the same
sort of little bushy bush of black hair up on
top, and the same sort of beady eyes as you do, Bert? And does he have the same
sort of cucumber-y nose here, and the same kind of
a sticky-out ears, and the same grumpy mouth,
and the same no-shoulders? And does he have the same sort
of floppy, soggy arm as you do, Bert? Huh? BERT: Uh, yeah, and uh,
in a manner of speaking, I guess we are both
handsome in the same way, ERNIE: Ooh, you both
look like that, huh? BERT: Yeah. Now look, I got to
go and get ready. Now will you please make him
feel at home if he comes? ERNIE: Oh sure, Bert. BERT: OK. ERNIE: I’d be delighted to. [HUMS] [KNOCK AT DOOR] Oh, that must be Bert’s
brother, Bart, now, come in. [FANFARE] Good Heavens, it’s true. Why, he’s got the same pointy
head, and the same bushy bush of black hair. And he’s got the
same beady eyes, and the same sticky-out ears,
and the same grumpy mouth. And he’s got the same cucumber-y
kind of nose, and no shoulders, and– and he’s got the same
soggy, floppy kind of arms. Why, you must be
Bert’s brother, Bart. BART: Yes, sir, Bart’s the
name and selling’s my game. Ha, ha, ha, ha. But I really want to tell
you, you must be Ernie. ERNIE: Uh-huh. BART: Heh, heh,
well Ernie, I just came into town by
way of Buffalo, but next time, I’ll
take the train. Ha, ha, ha, ha. ERNIE: Oh, I’m aghast. BART: No, you’re not a guest. You live here. I’m a guest. Ha, ha, ha, ha. But seriously, where’s
old Bert, anyway, huh? ERNIE: Uh, he’s right– BART: Probably in there, huh? ERNIE: Uh– BART: OK, see you later, pal. Hee, hee. ERNIE: OH. BART: Hey Bert, your
old brother Bart’s here, let’s paint the town red. [DOOR SLAMMING] ERNIE: Whew. You know, Bert and Bart
are alike in a lot of ways, but in some ways, they’re
kind of different, too. COOKIE MONSTER: [SINGING] Me
lost me cookie at the disco. BACKUP SINGERS: [SINGING]
Please come back. COOKIE MONSTER:
[SINGING] Me lost me cookie in the boogie music. Me lost me cookie at the disco. BACKUP SINGERS:
Me want it back. BACKUP SINGERS: [SINGING]
I want it back . COOKIE MONSTER: [SINGING]
Me want it back again.

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  1. It's a wonder Ernie's brother or sister doesn't visit him. He has a niece (in some sketches his cousin) Ernestine, but we don't know if he has a brother or sister.

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  3. Bart does not exist. He is Bert's schizoid alter ego. Every time Ernie drives him up the wall, he snaps and becomes Bart. It's WEIRD.

  4. the same cucumbery nose, sticky out ears and grumpy mouth, the same no-shoulders and soggy floppy arms….and then on Bart! it hurts to laugh this hard!

  5. he forgot the one long eye brow right above his eyes and receding hairline bushy bushy hair give some of his hair to mr johnson he can have a rug to cover up his bold head .

  6. It would’ve been better if they had Bart and Bert in the same scene! Unless they couldn’t afford to make another Bert puppet, and decided to use the one they had for both roles instead!

  7. Some people thought Bert and Ernie are brothers, but they're not or even related. They're best friends and roommates.

  8. So this deconfirms my childhood theory that Bert & Ernie are brothers, but they're not gay either. They're either roommates, besties, or both.

  9. List Of Characters:
    Afghan Hound, Alice Otter, Animal, Anything Muppets, Babies (x4), Baby Koozebanian Creatures (x4), Baskerville the Hound, Beaker, Beauregard, Beautiful Day Monster, Beaver, Behemoth, Bert, Bertha, Biff, Big Bird, Billy the Bear, Blue AM Kid, Blue Frackle, Brad, Brewster, Brown Bat, Bruce Monster, Bubba, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Camilla the Chicken, Catgut, Charlie Muskrat, Chick, Chickens (x7), Chuck Stoat, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Cousin Monster, Crazy Harry, Cow, Crocodile (x5), Dimples the Dog, Doc Bullfrog, Dogs, Doglion, Dr. Teeth, Droop, Emmet Otter, Eric the Parrot, Ernie, Farley, Female Koozebanian Creature, Fleet Scribbler, Fletcher Bird, Floyd Pepper, Forcryingoutloud Bird, Fozzie Bear, Frank, Fred Lizard, Fred the Wonder Horse, Frogs (x6), George Rabbit, George the Janitor, Georgie, The Gills Brothers, Gladys, Gladys the Cow, Gonzo, Gorgon Heap, Gramps, Gretchen Fox, Green Frackle, Grover, Guy Smiley, Harold, Harrison Fox, Harry Monster, Harvey Beaver, Harvey Monster, Herbert Birdsfoot, Herbie the One-Octopus Band, Herry Monster, Hetty Muskrat, Hilda, Howard Snake, James Badger, Janice, Jerry, Jim, Jim Frawley Muppet, J. P. Grosse, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Kangaroo, Kermit the Frog, King Ploobis, 2 Lautrec Sisters, Lenny the Lizard, Lew Zealand, Link Hogthrob, Little Bird, Lobsters (x4), Louis Kazagger, Lou, Lubbock Lou, Luncheon Counter Monster, Mahna Mahna, Male Koozebanian Creature, Mary Louise, Marvin Suggs, Maurice Monster, Mean Mama, Melissa Rabbit, Mildred Huxtetter, Miss Kitty, Miss Mousey, Miss Piggy, Mr. Johnson, Mutt, Muppy, The Newsman, Nigel, Ohboy Bird, Ohreally Bird, Old Lady Possum, Oscar the Grouch, Paul Revere, Prairie Dawn, Pumpkin AM Man, Queen Peuta, Quongo, Righton Bird, Robin the Frog, Ronald Duck, Roosevelt Franklin, Roosevelt Franklin's Mother, Rowlf the Dog, Sam the Eagle, Scooter, Screaming Thing, Scred, Shakey Sanchez, Sheep, Sherlock Hemlock, Shirley and Nat Muskrat, Slim Wilson, Snake Frackle, The Snowths (x2), Sopwith the Camel, Squirrels, Stanley Weasel, Statler and Waldorf, Sully, The Swedish Chef, Swinetrek Crewpigs, Tessie Twiddlebug, Thog, Thomas Twiddlebug, Timmy Monster, Two-Headed Monster, Uncle Deadly, Vazh, Wanda, Wayne, Wendell Porcupine, Whaddayasay Bird, Whatnots, Will Possum, Winky Pinkerton, Wisss, Yancy Woodchuck, Youknow Bird, Zeke, Zelda Rose, & Zoot

  10. it's kind of like Ernie sounds like Kermit the Frog it's like that but different where Bert looks like his brother but a little bit

  11. I’m thinking this is a spoof from Three’s Company. About the time this Bert and Ernie sketch was written, Three’s Company was a huge hit. Mr. Ferlie had a brother Bart too and the way the Bart puppet is dressed, is similar to the Mr. Ferlie character.

  12. I laughed so hard that the floppy soggy arms and no shoulder part, due to the fact that the actor is only moving the arm and mouth. I love it

  13. Haha Bert and Ernie. The voices are soooo funny. How will I know it’s your brother Bart, Bert? Hahahahahahahahaha lol. 😂😂🤣🤣

  14. Who doesnt love sesame street..i grew up on that program as a kid..that show was the greatest thank you Jim Henson for your idea of them muppets to help educate youngsters..

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