Shillong Tour Guide | 2 Days Shillong Tour Plan | Top Places to Visit in Shillong

Shillong is a beautiful hill station in north-eastern
India and the city is the capital of Indian state Meghalaya. Famous for its cool breeze, gushing waterfalls,
and rolling green mountain slopes, Shillong is commonly known as the “Scotland of the
East”. Since the town is home to numerous waterfalls,
the best time to visit here is just after monsoon, so that we can enjoy the waterfalls
at its fullest. Here is a short 2 night’s tour plan of Shillong. How to Reach Shillong
To reach Shillong, we first reach Guwahati airport or railway station. From there take a car to reach Shillong. It takes almost 3 and half hours to reach
Shillong from Guwahati. Online booking facility for both train and
air is available, I will share the respective links in the description box. A small cab will charge around Rs 2500 for
this trip. A shared cab will charge around Rs500 per
head. The road from Guwahati to Shillong passes
through the green mountain valley and it is one of the best road trips of India. There is an airport in Shillong but very few
planes land there. If possible, you can go directly to Shillong
airport also. In Shillong, a cab for sightseeing tour will
charge around Rs3200 per day. You may also avail shared cab or bus services
for local sightseeing tour in Shillong. Point to Remember
Currently, Shillong is famous for traffic jam. It is better to keep ample time in your hand
while entering or leaving Shillong. You may get stuck into traffic for hours. Day-1
On day-1 morning, first visit Badapani or Umiam Lake. Umiam Lake is a huge man-made reservoir, set
amidst the lush green east khasi hills. The lake was constructed to generate hydroelectric
power. If you are going there in your reserved car
then you have to park the car in front of the ticket counter just outside the main entrance. The ticket fare here is Rs20 per person. From there cover the park area on foot. The park area is big and well maintained. Enjoy a walk through the stone path. The path passes through a well-manicured garden. There are lots of sitting places here, both
open and covered. At the end of the pathway there is a wooden
platform facing the lake. Many people were standing there enjoying the
Lake-view and taking pictures. In front of this platform, there is the booking
counter for boating. There are pedal boats, speed boats, river
buses riding facilities. All of them are chargeable. On right side of the park there is a separate
children’s park. Next destination of this day is Shillong Peak. It is the highest point of Shillong. As per legend the patron deity “Leishyllong”
resides in this hill top and protects the city from evil and from this the town got
its name Shillong. Before entering the main entrance of Shillong
peak, you have to pass 1km through the base of Indian Air Force. Before entering this region military personnel
check each and every car thoroughly and then give permission to enter into the area. The waiting time here is quite long. We waited in a queue for nearly 50 minutes
to get our permission. You have to submit photo identity proof at
the base office to get permission to enter into the main entrance of Shillong peak. Photography is prohibited inside the Air Force
Base so we are not able to show you our journey to the main entrance. The ticket price here is Rs10 per head. From there go to the top of the watch tower. The watch tower is a two storied architecture
and from the top you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire Shillong city. It is really wonderful. At Shillong peak, you can also take pictures
wearing local cloths. We saw many people taking their pictures in
local cloths. There is also a cafeteria and some little
momo stalls at the car parking area where you can enjoy your breakfast. Next go to Elephant falls. On the way, pass eastern command office of
Indian Air force. This is probably the most famous waterfalls
of this region after seven sister’s waterfalls. The falls was named like this due to an elephant
shape rock that stood beside the falls. But, due to flood, the rock is now completely
destroyed. Park your car in front of the falls entrance,
purchase tickets for Rs10 per head and start your journey towards the main falls on foot
from there. This is a three layered waterfalls. The first layer of this falls is surrounded
by thick green forest. At this phase the waterfalls is rolling down
over some huge stone steps. You have to climb down several steep stone
steps to reach the second layer of the falls. This part of the waterfalls is comparatively
narrower. Moving further down reach the third and the
last layer of the waterfalls. At this point the waterfalls is falling from
the highest rocks. Here you can saw the milky white water rolling
down the stone steps. This phase is the most beautiful one. Since the steps are very steep, watch your
steps while you are climbing up. End the day tour here. Day-2
On day 2 morning, first go to Police bazar. It was early morning and so the shopping malls
were closed. There were some local people on their way
back home after visiting the church. We observed some local street food stalls
where locals were having their breakfast. Next go to Lady Hydari Park. Ticket fare is Rs 10 per head. This park is situated in Laban area in Shillong. It is named after the first lady of the state
and the wife of Governor of Assam Lady Hydari. The Park is a Japanese style garden but the
first thing that caught our eyes was the cleanliness. This park is extremely clean and well maintained. We walked through the stone pathways around
the garden and took some good snaps. There were many big trees and hedges. At one end of the park there is a children’s
park. Your kids can play there for a while. At the centre of the park, there is a pond. We saw some Pelicans playing in it. The little zoo at one corner is also worth
visiting. From there we go to Ward’s lake. Entry fee to ward’s lake is Rs 10 per person. It remains open throughout the week except
Tuesday. At the centre of Shillong, lies this big artificial
lake. This lake is surrounded by a beautiful green
garden, dotted with many trees. After entering into the lake, cross the foot
bridge over the lake. On the opposite side, there is a complex from
where one can purchase tickets for boating. There are pedal boats. You can enjoy a boat ride in this lake. Next go to visit Don Bosco Museum. Entry fee here is Rs 100 for Indian tourists
and Rs 150 for foreigners. Don Bosco Museum is Asia’s biggest Museum
showcasing Cultures of North east India. The seven- storied building has different
galleries showing agriculture, basketry, jewellery, lifestyle, housing and many other things of
the local tribes of north east India. There is also a skywalk on the rooftop of
this museum. We went there nearly at sunset. The sky was clear just after a little shower
and we got a beautiful view of the entire Shillong town from there. To know the total package cost of this tour
please check the description box below. I’ll also share the links, clicking on which
you can directly book your train or flight tickets, and hotel room online. If you love our Shillong tour then please
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  1. Went to shillong in August this year and really a great place to visit.But remember to stay at Policebazar.Its the main center place with shopping malls and all sevices around.

  2. Just for info. The elephant shaped rock face of 'Elephant falls' fell off and was subsequently broken due to the late 1800 era earthquake. Thanks.

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