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  1. Thanks for tuning in! Which card is your favorite?? Here are the timestamps for all the products shown + the card designs…

    Christmas Foliage dies – 2:11
    Marie Snowflake die – 2:59
    Grace Snowflake die – 2:59
    Lea Snowflake die – 2:59
    Leaves & Berries Background stamp – 3:56
    Christmas Kaleidoscope Background stamp – 5:07
    Snowflakes stencil – 6:12
    Holiday Sweater stencil – 7:31
    Holiday Greetings Mix 1 stamps – 8:01
    Holly and Pine Frame die – 10:39
    Joyful Frame die – 11:22
    Merry Frame die – 11:49
    Ornamental Wreath die – 12:24
    Leaf Branch Oval die – 12:36
    Gnome dies – 13:09
    Christmas Bulbs dies – 13:44
    Prayers die – 13:55
    Deer in a Row die – 14:16
    Candy Cane Background stamp – 14:25
    Outline Winter Floral Background stamp – 16:08
    Christmas Bulbs Background stamp – 16:23
    Reindeer Background stamp – 16:43
    Clean Line Trees Background stamp – 17:11
    Winter Floral Layerings stencils – 17:30
    Gnomes stencil – 18:31
    Winter Floral stencil – 18:45
    Clean Line Christmas stamps – 19:03
    Peace Love and Belly Rubs stamps – 21:32
    Peace Love and Belly Rubs dies – 21:32
    Falling For You stamps – 21:47
    Christmas Globe stamps – 22:06


  2. This whole release is beyond amazing. The dies and stamps you’ve created are so masterful. Such talent and brilliant ideas to go along. Thank you Kristina. I am a collector of your snowflake dies. Absolutely am in awe with this release for 2019. Tfs. Blessings!

  3. I just bought the candy cane background,the Merry dies and the holidays greetings mix 1
    So excited!! I can't wait to see it all.

  4. Thanks for the ideas, Kristina! It's only October and my mind is starting to run dry already! That red/brown card looks like really well-loved embossed leather. So pretty. And that floral stencil card…I was really waiting for you to pull out your new gold Pentel metallic pen from your JetPens haul (it is SOOOO metallic!). 🙂

  5. What a wonderful collection of stamps, dies & stencils. Andy our cards are to die for!!!😍😍
    I wanted to thank you for also naming a snowflake after me. Lol. TYFS My first name has an “e” at the end instead of an “a”, and my middle name is the same as yours!

  6. Gorgeous cards! I love this new release! So many fun and great techniques to try out. Thanks for sharing the new release and awesome ideas!

  7. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making all your videos you're such an inspirational lady thank you I love the cards you made for this video x

  8. This video must have taken you a very long time to complete! It’s one of the best videos ever because it has everything – product reveal, ideas for use, sketching, card inspiration, color choices, blending tips, even a time table for product content! Thank you for giving us so much valuable information.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous cards, really love the peaceful card and the merry card, so creative and inspirational, thank you xx

  10. Om goodness didn’t know these designs were yours but I got quite a few. the snow flakes dies, all of them, the leaves and berries bg stamp,, snowflake stencil, the Holiday greeting mix 1….the Merry die, thinking I need the the twigs and leaves….can’t wait to get it all….got some from Cathy Z. Too!

  11. To add Versa Mark ink to the edges of the flowers in the layering stencil, you could use the Versa Mark pen. It has both thin and thick bullet tips, so the thin tip would work wonderfully!

  12. Oh my goodness Kristina, you and Simon have really outdid yourselves! I now have a Santa list for myself! Lol but I’m definitely going to buy a few items from this release! It’s so much fun to actually have the stamps and dies to follow along with you! Thank you for all of the time you spent making this video! Absolutely beautiful! Liz😊❤️❄️🎄

  13. Hey Kristina….first off I have to say '2 thumbs up' to SSS because this release is incredible! Secondly, well girl, as always, your cards are AMAZING and in particular, the last card you created with the MERRY sentiment just 'blew my mind'. Lastly, this tutorial is 'top notch' in every way….professional, clear instructions, educational and inspiring, my dear! Oh, and I can't wait for the 2019 Christmas Card Series! Thanks for sharing, Kristina….you simple 'rock' (and that's coming from a blessed Nana LOL)!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! You inspire me!! Love the new release too! Can't wait to see what their December card kit includes!!

  15. Wow! Great to see your sketchbook…. beautiful cards! Starts the holiday season off fabulously! Thank you Kristina!

  16. You've done a great job on all 4 cards Kristina but I have to admit that the black one is my favorite. I love how you "layered" the stencils. The result is stunning! ; )

  17. As usual….your cards came out so awesome. I especially like the last one. That is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. It helps us become better at our own card making.

  18. This is not the first time I have seen you plan like this. This is such a great idea to organize and plan like this — I hope I can you show you my planning sketchbook. Love your work🤗

  19. I loved your cards and the black background with the flowers was stunning! It was interesting to hear your thought process and watch your sketches. Thanks!!

  20. I love what you have done Kristina, I wasn't sure about getting the kit but you have now made my mind up. thanks for all your ideas.

  21. Oh my goodness – this is the first video I’ve seen with your idea sketching and that is SO helpful! I’m gathering supplies together for Halloween cards but was beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the bits & pieces. I had not even thought to gather them all together and sketch out my ideas! Thank you for taking the time to show us that part of the process! Now I can’t wait to get started with the holidays to come!

  22. I love the Winter Floral Card! I've commented before but I really think you should have your own line of stamps and dies just like CZ's. I'd just order your entire release!

  23. I wonder, for the gold edges on the stenciled design, if you could squirt a little Versamark reinker onto an acrylic block or something (for a palette) & use it like paint with a brush. Then heat emboss with gold or whatever. That could possibly give you the "brushed" look you're going for. I think I'd be inclined to use a not-the-best brush, though, just in case the ink wouldn't come out. Just a thought. Or maybe use the metallic watercolor with a thicker consistency & a more dry-brush effect around the edges? I think I can see what sort of effect you want in my own mind–the picture I have at least looks pretty cool! 🙂 I love how these cards came out. Just watching & listening to your thought process is amazing. I always feel like I just can't come up with an original idea. I'm more inclined to start with someone else's sketch or be inspired by something I see online. Not that I copy other artists' work exactly, of course–just use it for a springboard. I just always seem stumped for original ideas. Sigh! Anyway, I think the first 2 you did are my favorites. I just love that "glow" effect. Thank you very much for sharing, & have an awesome day! 🙂

  24. Wow…what a fabulous, in-depth video. The sketches fascinate me, wish I had that kind of creative mind! I LOVE IT!! … and the cards you made are just gorgeous. Thank you Kristina 🙂

  25. Your cards are beautiful! This tutorial was so informative, especially your sketches. I have begun to do card sketch ideas and it really helps when I want to do a card. Thanks for the demonstration video you did some time ago on how to do the sketches. Your creative work is awesome! God bless!!!

  26. WONDERFUL Video!! Thank you, I want it all…. what time of the year do you start designing all your holiday items for SSS?

  27. Initially, wasn't the least bit interested in the sweater stencil; thought its use would be so limited. Your idea and the end result was simply wonderful! Have never drawn out my ideas, but this is the second tutorial of yours that I've watched and can see how valuable this step can really be. Thanks Kristina.

  28. I loved all the new releases because of your fabulous ideas , cards and inspiration! I can’t wait to receive my ordered products now ! Thank you for your creativity I’ll be waiting for your next videos♥️ TFS. ( I fell in love with the whole Christmas Foliage Set. )

  29. I totally loved your takes on this release! Very elegant! So grateful for talented people to inspire! Thank you! 💕🙋‍♀️

  30. Thank you for covering so many ideas in this video. I love your calm presentation, your choices of colors and the simple layout of the cards. I'm going shopping now!

  31. I love how you give us idea's.I ordered
    the snowflakes. The sweater reminds of the lace Doilies that she had around the house. The huge snowflake is sold out just FYI. Can't wait to see everything you do from start to end.

  32. Gorgeous cards! 🙂 Love the red and the blue one with the clear heat embossing and ink blending from the edges! 🙂

  33. I love watching your design ideas come to life on paper first, then making the actual cards! So inspirational. Thank you. New subscriber. Looking forward to seeing more.

  34. Love all of the cards you made, but the floral layering with painted edges is absolutely a standout. Well done. Thanks so much for sharing.

  35. Fantastic cards Kristina. You have a much steadier hand than I after watching you out-line those images with that tiny brush.

  36. Thank you so much for an outstanding video Kristina! I watched a video by Tea Time with Tarryn and she showed how to emboss with a ballpoint pen. Maybe you could use that technique to add embossing powder if you don't want to use the metallic watercolors. I'll save your video for the upcoming Color Challenge with Kathy in November. Hugs from Orlando, FL!

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