Sugar Gliders as Pets : Nutrition & Pet Sugar Gliders

Hi my name’s Elizabeth and I’m representing
Expert Village. Today I want to talk about the nutrition of sugar gliders. These guys
are exotic pets and there is no complete food like there is for a dog or a cat for these
guys. So all of their food pretty much has to be made from scratch. The number one cause
of health problems for guys, cause of death and cause of any sort of health problems is
nutritional deficiencies. Either from improper diet or over supplementation of these guys.
So you want to be very careful what you feed them. You want to stick to fifty to seventy
percent fruits and vegetables and the other twenty to fifty percent would be protein.
You can use other carbohydrates sources and protein sources like a kibble, they sell sugar
glider like biscuits, food. You can use monkey biscuits, dog food. They are possums so they’re
omnivores. A lot of times, some commercial food is beneficial because it will cover,
it will have a little bit of added calcium and torrent and things that they won’t get
from a freshly prepared diet. These guys diet in Australia is actually a very nutritionally
sparse diet so if you over supplement these guys and give them too much added vitamins
and minerals it can actually make them more ill than it does them good. So the key to
properly feeding your sugar glider is just to make sure you give them plenty fruits and
vegetables and you want to stick to your dark leafy greens, berries, and tropical fruits.
When you give them any sort of commercial diets just make sure it comes from a high
quality protein source and that it?s from a respected manufacture. Other things that
can be used and are generally a big part of these guys? diets are insects so you would
want to gut load your crickets. You can use meal worms, beetles, they’ll pretty much just
take anything these guys really like sakatas if you happen to be in an area where you can
catch a sakakta you can put it in their cake you can really watch these guys run around
and hunt like they would in the wild.

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  1. I would be VERY wary of ANY dog food or something like that. Find a proven diet like BML or HPW or Pricillas and stick to it. The only "kibbles" you should try are insectivore fare types.

  2. I um watched um like 3 um of her videos umm, and um I um.. Got bored as hell and actually counted how many times she said "um"
    In the 3 videos that I watched I tallied up 99 "Um"s

    She should probably work on that. Maybe prepare the speech instead of just wingin it.

    I also noticed a lot of other people noticing her Um Um Ums

  3. can your sugar glider drink milk because some people sayed it can kill them and others have told me 2

  4. sugar gliders can handle lactose in small amounts.
    i would suggest yogurt [with active live cultures] or yogurt drops over milk

  5. @HTDtrilogy I am majoring to become an exotic vet and I have owned and bred gliders for a long time. Glide R Chow is a pellet food that is very very bad for gliders and is sold my Pocket Pets, a mill breeder company notorious for selling sick underage baby gliders at fairs, malls, home shows, and other suspicious places. No good breeder sells an exotic animal at a fair. Simple as that.

  6. the fact that I just watched a video stating 75% pellets and 25% fruits and vege's makes me ponder on any advice…

  7. Actually no they aren't, they're a species of their own. They come from the genetic family of Opossums, Kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, etc. because they are Marsupials.

  8. Youtube is horrible at sugar glider education, because its usually one persons opinion going into the video. Sugar glider care is more complicated and diverse, so I suggest going to other sights were you can find hundreds of opinions and decide for your self what is the best.

    I personally recommend the Glider gossip forum. But there are others like Glider Central.

  9. The sugar glider vet is a good source. As a rule, I tend to only trust anything a professional and peer-reviewed scientific research specify.

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