Survival Air Travel Hacks (Insider Tips)

have you been looking to improve your flying experience then you’ve come to the right place I’m clearly in a risotto and I’m here today to share with you some tips that would help you get ahead of the game when it comes in terms of flying please you have any tips or experiences to share leave them in the comment section below so you can help our fellow travelers tomorrow I’m traveling from Los Angeles California to Italy from one of the most amazing trips of my life I’m gonna be visiting Rome for a day and then I’m going to Sardinia which is known by some as the lost Atlantis I am not started packing any we have a lot of stuff to cover so let’s get started if you have dual citizenship like me in this case Brazil and Latvia you’ll probably have two passports in that case I personally recommend traveling with both because as you’re traveling let’s say you’re travelling changes or you decide to spontaneously go to another country each passport might grant you different visa rights so it’s good if you have both in hand also you never know what immigration is gonna ask for it’s good if you always have both in hand just in case of an emergency you do not want to take your passport with you everywhere it’s your most important identification document and without it you cannot really leave the country bring some IDs are really easy to make if you feel a little safer you can always just break a copy of your passport on your phone but do not bring the original copy sometimes countries will not accept credit cards on account or something so if you’re exiting the airport and you only have a credit card and they don’t accept credit cards you’re in for a pickle and if you don’t have internet connection to get an uber or if the place where missing doesn’t have a burr or lift or something like that yeah you don’t want to go through that buddy what I always recommend is to bring at least like 80 bucks of the currency of the country you’re visiting for Italy and you to get euros but I haven’t had a chance to go to the bank yet so we’ll just let it be in addition to money you also want to have some credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees usually in the United States was offered is the JetBlue or the delta miles credit card American Airlines also has one which they offer in partnership with Citibank these credit cards are really good because you have no fees over any transactions you do outside the United States there might be some country limitations you should always check with your bank I usually recommend having for example one MasterCard and one visa because the pendulum where you go they might not accept mastercard or they might not accept American Express it really depends most airlines from what I’ve seen they offer check-in for your flight 24 hours before it takes off so this gives you the opportunity to do a couple of important things number one check the weight limit of your luggage I know that the Norwegian airlines oftentimes for checked in bags puts a limit of 20 kilos if you go a ki little over at they’re gonna charge you more for it or they’re gonna tell you you need to reduce the weight of your luggage right now you don’t want to be one of those people just like open your luggage in the middle of the airport just trying to put clothes in your carry-on just so you meet that weight check that before you pack to make sure you have realistic expectations on how have your luggage to be if you do decide that you need to take another additional bag then make sure to purchase that extra checked in back online rather than at the airport because at the airports usually much more expensive I’ve seen friends pay about a hundred bucks just for an additional checked in bag when often times online it’s like at least 50% cheaper again it depends on the airline but definitely something that you should look into another very important benefit about checking in is choosing your seat but the big question is should I get a window seat or should get an aisle seat the good thing about sitting in the aisle seat is a good to stretch my legs throughout the entire flight you can come and go from your seat as you please if you need to pick up anything from your luggage you can everything is accessible I’m personally biased I like sitting yeah I’ll see because I have circulation problems and this allows me to stretch my letting stall the entire flight therefore my feet don’t get as swollen as they would on a window seat but the thing about a window seat is that it’s easier for sleep you know you have that wall to keep you cushioned sort and nobody really bothers you throughout the entire flight times when you sedan I’ll see people are walking by and that hit you during your sleep that’s really not fun so it’s pretty good to have that kind of comfort on a window seat now in terms of sitting in the front or in the back of the plane there’s also a bit of a debate there so sitting in the front of the plane is usually pretty good because you get food faster for example you’re usually also closer to a restroom of course it depends on the roll in addition to that you get to leave the quicker which means if you’re flying internationally for example and you have to go through immigration you’re gonna get through immigration faster because you will have a smaller line considering the line is gonna be all the people that are in the plane with you the advantage of sitting in the back of the plane is that you get more attention from the crew and usually that’s where most of the empty seats are available which means if the flight is not too booked and there’s maybe a row that’s completely empty you can spot that before the people who are in the front of the plane now if you do booked a seat and you’re just still not happy with it because well maybe it’s a seat you can keep checking on the website until time free departure if another seat has become available if you’re in for a long flight in addition to pre-ordered food online from the aircraft I also recommend just bringing sandwich or some granola bars and even plane because you also don’t want to keep purchasing stuff from the aircraft which is probably not such good quality and way too expensive when you’re flying 30,000 feet above ground the air is going to be dry you’re going to be dehydrated therefore you need some water bring a water bottle empty because security is always a bitch about that bring your own seems you from purchasing is super overly expensive bottle after it’s security check maybe I’m being a little dramatic because you’re probably just feeling five dollars instead of two but still those three dollars every time you fly they’re gonna make a difference and it’s good for the environment pillows are lifesavers and if you’re going in a really long flight and economy trying to make the space if you can if not just get like a fluffy coat that you’re taking with you and voila you’ve got yourself an improvised pillow I always like bringing an eye mask to the plane because people are always turning lights on and off and sometimes if I don’t want to be receive any service from aircraft crew I just put this on and people leave me alone you don’t want to have to go to the bathroom and wash your hands every time you’re gonna eat something or every time you sneeze or every time someone sneeze so I think it’s good to have your own hand sanitizer on a plate in general the flight is long keep yourself clean it’s always good to bring your own headphones to the plane the ones that the aircraft fusion offers are kind of shitty so make sure to get the regular ones the ones with this little normal entrance thing Apple has instituted a new method which is this little Wiggly tail thing to use as headphones now Apple thank you not so much for this also I mean your ear pods they’re great but you know airplanes don’t really offer bluetooth yet sometimes unfortunately airplanes don’t have TVs so if you’re in for an 11 hour flight which that happened to me already and there’s no entertainment you’re screwed man and you can go the old-fashioned way and read but what if you don’t have the book that no I have left are those magazines that are offering on a plane and there’s only so many times you can read that no when it comes to charging your devices most plans these days they actually offer some power outlets right underneath your seat sometimes they do not work though so as a back-up plan I always recommend bringing a portable charger but honestly if your seats power outlet and working or you have a TV but it’s not working you can also talk to a flight attendant and ask them to switch seats because you need up offer the same to every single customer play things to your advantage and ask questions okay guys I think it’s time to pack and then tomorrow we go to the airport so let’s go [Music]

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  4. It was a good video! Many many important things! I've never flown, but the next year I'm going to travel with airplane. Your style is sooo gooood! I hope that you will come to Hungary in the near future!! 😘❤

  5. Great information, Carol! I want to add that, usually, when you need a SIM card for the country you are entering, it is a hassle. But Google has made it easy by announcing Google Fi where a single SIM card works in 150+ countries starting at just 20$ per month, use this coupon code to get 20$ off when you sign up

  6. Good advice on what to review before leaving for a trip. Good to see you back on YouTube! 😃

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