Talking About Robert Kraft Could Get Gregg in Serious Trouble

I was so happy when the
– (laughs) – story of Robert Kraft
going to the Orchids of Asia massage parlor in Florida
came out that we were as far away from the podcast as possible. I was thinking, okay,
by the time we get back this will have died down. It’s kind of like old news and weird to be talking about it now, because of every story
that we’ve talked about on this podcast that could
potentially get me in trouble with the company that pays
my employment, this is it, this is the one that I’m
the most worried about. This is the story that is
most likely to get me fired. – (exhales) – So I don’t want to deal with it. Everyone knows what happened. – You know what? I didn’t want to deal with
the suicide of my friend. But I did it. – [Woman] (laughs) – Can’t keep playing the suicide card. – So I want you to break
this story down for me. I’m a little familiar, you know. I don’t work for the NFL Network, so I’m not privy to the
details that you are. Gregg, do your job right now, and break this story down
for me, piece by piece. – All right. Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, was charged in a Florida prostitution investigation Palm Beach State Attorney released– Anthony’s dancing. We’re not using this as our social video. We’re not using it as anything. He was charged for two charges,
of soliciting prostitution – That means he went twice,
they caught him twice on camera. – Right. He was Male 13,
and I believe he ended up being Male 8 as well. Two times within 24 hours,
and one of those times was actually the morning– – Two within 24 hours? – [Gregg] Yeah. – He went back? – It was like nighttime, and then, yeah it was like 5 o’clock. This is 5 p.m., and then he
came back the next morning before taking a flight
that morning to Kansas City for the AFC Championship game, on the way to the Patriots sixth Super Bowl! How about that. – I feel like the Super
Bowl is null and void I think they might take it away. – Oh, please. Like, this is one of the– There’s a lot of things about this story but one of the most annoying things is non-Patriots fans being like “Oooooooh!” Like, “How are you feeling now?” It’s like, I don’t give a shit. – [Anthony] Nah. Nah. – [Gregg] You know. It’s like– – That’s what’s so great about this story, it doesn’t take away
anything from the team. It’s not like– – I don’t root for the– I don’t get into sports
to root for the owner. – I met him once. I was hiking with Jeff Ross, and he and his supermodel
girlfriend asked me to take a picture of them
in front of a street sign that I guess was the name
of one of their friends and Jeff Ross said, “Go Patriots.” And I just stared at him. Because, you know what, I
could see it in his face, you’re the kind of guy
who goes to sex slaves. – [Woman] (laughs) – Well, he didn’t you know, so that’s the bigger story is
everyone is focused on Kraft and it’s like, it’s a bigger
operation of that, you know underage sex workers and all that and that’s all serious
– [Anthony] Listen – I don’t know how old they are. I don’t know if they wanted to be there or didn’t want to be there,
that’s besides the point. The funny part of this
to me is that it’s a… it’s a massage shack. That’s how I’mna say it so
my mom can be okay with it. It’s a massage shack, you can get a half-hour massage and happy ending. It’s a half an hour away from his house. – [Woman] (laughs) – He can get people to come to him. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with how the sex service industry works, but you don’t have to take
– We know you are. You don’t have to take a road trip. They’ll come to you, you know what I mean? And, I don’t know if he was,
like, in love with one of them, but it’s hilarious to me
that this guy went there, to do that, twice in 24 hours? Amazing. – [Woman] (laughs) – It’s like, maybe he’d never
gotten a hand job before. That’s the only way I can
think he would go back twice. Like, he was like, “Oh my God, – [Woman] (laughs) “I’ve been doing it wrong “the whole time.” “I gotta get back to this massage parlor “half an hour away.” I wish I could hear him
telling his driver where to go. You know what I mean? That would be funny. “Uh, Manuel… “take 19, down to uh… that strip mall. “And then wait for me for 30 minutes.” – Way to be racist with the driver – Manuel, I think it’s
a common Florida name – [Gregg] (laughs) – I don’t think I’m being racist – If you read, so this
is all public information they released the
probable cause affidavit. One of the things that stuck out to me was that he hugged the woman… each time. So, that would, to me that was
the strangest thing about it. – In the beginning or the end? – Both. He hugged hello. He hugged hello, there are some details. It has it all written out, one of them included one woman, included oral sex being performed and the other one,
actually, included two women in the room, it was a repeat woman and yeah, it talked about
massaging the genitals. – And, uh – [Gregg] The two women – That is phenomenal. Listen, and you guys don’t have
the money that I have to be throwing at sex workers.
– And it was $100. – Yeah, a hundred bucks? He can do better. Like when Jerry Jones,
remember those pictures of Jerry Jones with his, like, pant leg? Those girls were expensive,
that he was with. He wasn’t going to… He wasn’t going to get a half and half in 30 minutes or less. I think that all the other
owners are making fun of him so hard right now. Every single NFL owner has
had sex with a sex worker. I would guarantee it. – Stop – Oh, I would guarantee it. That level of money– – How about Gayle Benson?
– that travel? – Gayle Benson’s the worst of all of ’em. – [Woman] (laughs) – Okay? Gayle Benson, I don’t even want to get into Gayle Benson. Gayle Benson’s gettin’ happy endings. Gayle Benson’s gettin’ happy beginnings. Gayle Benson, for lunch,
gets a little happiness. Alright, everyone knows that. Everyone. – Erica and Emma are
beaming with the thought that my career is ending
– [Woman] (laughs) with every word.
– [Woman] (laughs) – Jerry Jones is laughing right now. – What about the Packers? They have that whole thing
where there is no owner, but you can buy a stock certificate, so there’s like, hundreds, there’s tens of thousands of owners. – Mmm hmmm. They have, like an orgy, like in the second Matrix movie,
where they go to Lambeau, and they all just start
writhing on each other – The worst movie and the
worst movie scene ever – It’s the worst – [Gregg] It’s the worst movie ever – It’s the most, like,
why did you do this to us? We loved you and you ruined us with this scene in this movie. But it’s like that, in Lambeau. And then, at the end of it, almost like in a Santa Claus type way they have money in their pockets.
– [Woman] (laughs) – They don’t know how it got there. It’s 40 fish, and bread. It’s that kind of thing, it’s biblical. – If we were ranking the fan bases that you’d least want to see
in a stadium-filled orgy, I feel like the Packers
would be dead last. I mean, they would be right there.
– [Woman] (laughs) – I don’t know, I mean I don’t know. – [Woman] I agree. – Listen, I don’t know if you guys have ever been to Philadelphia. But, it is a… it’s a dark mirror of what
normal people look like. So I would think, I would
put the Eagles in there. You know, but I’m sure
the people who own stock in the Packers are ugly, ugly people. – They have it, like,
framed in their family room and everything. Very happy.
– [Anthony] Of course. – Of course. But whoever has the most of those has the most paid-for sex. – [Gregg] (laughs) – It’s just what you
do when you own a team. They don’t have to be slaves. Sex slavery, I’m against it. You know what I mean, you
want to be a sex worker that’s what you want
to do, it’s a fine job. I hope for more protection
for them, you see the way they handle it in Europe. Here it’s starting to
get a little bit better. I’m not against sex workers– – [Woman] How do they handle it in Europe? – It’s like, they’re government tested. You know what I mean, if you go through the red light
district in Amsterdam, which I’m sure you will,
– [Woman] (laughs) – they have to get tested, they
have to have a certificate. It’s like, you get in an elevator – It’s like in Vegas! Isn’t it similar in Vegas? – I don’t know. – [Gregg] I don’t know. – [Gregg] I’ve never been there, but– But maybe, possibly? I don’t know. – [Woman] (laughs) – I know they’re trying
to do better for it, but there’s sex workers who
are like, “This is my job, “this is what I do,
I’m not ashamed of it.” Okay. There’s people who’ve
been abducted, and lied to and kept in a room. That’s way worse. – [Woman] Taken? – A little Taken. A little Taken action. Although, why would you
steal an American girl, when you know Liam
Neeson’s coming for you, when you can just take,
some of these girls from these, like, Russian towns where they just want a better life,
and they get lied to, and they’re told they’re
going to be a singer, and then all of a sudden
they’re addicted to heroin. If you haven’t seen the
movie Eastern Promises, go see it. It’ll tell you everything you
need to know about Robert Kraft. ♪ (Driving industrial theme music) ♪

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  1. This is a revenge action with kraft as the target…everyone knows jupiter sex games are well covered with cash payouts..forever it has been this way.
    Revenge action..nothing to laff about …unless you are GAY!

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  3. Why did police put cameras in their and watch under age or slaves perform sex acts for money? I mean could they not of got them out of their right away.

  4. Pats represent everything wrong with america. They get lucky but aren't self aware. They're ego is way too big to be backed up. They have legit good fans but they get drowned out by brainless ignorant fake sports fans. They are filled to the brim with corruption and cheating. And worst of all, they keep stopping the Chiefs from being able to thrive.

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    100 bucks to un underage sex trafficking Girl, Than having a high priced Escort .
    Fucking Khunt. jail please.

  7. The Boston Globe story was the best. They said the place was so gross you wouldn’t bring your dog there, but the clientele is all billionaires

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    I'm sick of people pretending this isn't a big deal, he's given huge amounts of money to Trump's campaigns and other horrible things (like human trafficking). He's a bad man and you should not support him which means not supporting the team.

  10. He's a dirty old man, he knows how prostitutes work. He did it this way because he likes that they are human trafficking victims. The kind of girls you pay to come to your house, the kind of girls that cost $1,000 an hour, they tend to be closer to what you'd find at a legitimate brothel.

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  20. and now for the rest of the story… police lied and overplayed the situation turning it into "sex trafficking" which it isn't and hence to punish the people now a new law is: being caught paying for sex in Florida will make you a sex offender.
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