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  1. I’m very happy for him but if this is a consistent issue with the editors and their captions misspelling Rie’s name, I feel like it is done because of pettiness and plain disrespect. Rie is the face of Tasty to a lot of fans and this is just rude.

  2. DONATE YOUR ORGANS! You don't need them when you're dead, but other people like Justin here might be able to live. That's the greatest gift you can give to somebody. Saving a life. Also; live healthy so you live a long life and your organs are healthy, too! 😉

  3. For the people who disliked this, hope you drink a lot of plutonium which is the world's spiciest hot sauce ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This video is so nice I’m so happy for Justin that he met his dream and that hopefully nothing happens to him and wish him luck for life because u never know what can happen 😪

  5. I know this is out of the contact, but isnt alvin in the new york tasty team ?? So why did he said this is where alvin cooks?😊

  6. 4:21 … Yeah, but you did notice she didn't go back in for more, right? Even though there was still 2 LOADED plates. She can't have"really liked it"

  7. This video made me tear up ❤️ so sweet and wholesome, very happy for the young man, wish him a long healthy life

  8. This made me so happy, when they started applauding I could feel his happiness coming through the screen 😄😄I cant stop smiling 😊☺️

  9. Wow. Justin literally cared about everyone except for Katie. What I mean was that he was freaking out about everyone EXCEPT for Katie.

  10. Took me a bit of time to realize I had accidentally turned on the subtitles (and they were not embedded in the original video), but before turning them off I couldn't help but notice the subtitle writer was using "Rhea" for Rie. Ooops.

  11. HONEY don't get me started I'll be honest I would act the same when I see rie or Katie right in front of my eyes though I would also like to see a list LOVE YOU TASTY

  12. Wow this is so amazing… I had a heart transplant when I was 6 months old I’m so thankful that me and other transplant patients are all good and healthy after there transplant. ❤️❤️

  13. I hate the word ‘Normal,’ there’s no such thing! We all are talented, blessed, and special in our own ways!

  14. I love Rie so much, she is so sweet and she's the reason why I started watching tasty videos, and more active and inspired to cook more.

  15. ❤️ tasty is also part of my daily routine, my happy pill! i hope you can show some 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 filipino foods

  16. I was waiting to be accepted for a heart transplant to because that’s they only way I would live… but I’m to complicated so they said no… now I just have to see how I go on medication and I’m eventually gonna get to poorly to walk and I’m not going to survive for as long as humans should

  17. Guys I am a bone marrow transplant survivor last year I had my transplant but for my make a wish I asked for a iPhone x

  18. If tasty was around 10 year ago this is what I would have used my wish on! Congratulations to him! 💕💕💕

  19. he seems like he could work in tasty in the future, he's not shy in front of the camera and he seems very upfront and really good for entertainment.

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