Teaser – Reportage du Tour des Possibles

It’s a way of thinking and a way of making choices based on the carrying capacity of the earth. Urban agriculture, we try to introduce this kind of ethics and habits in the middle of the city. I’m going to present you this amazing solar cooker which is handmade, and also homemade, and it’s easy for anybody to do this. It’s really nice to have a garden in here, one of the earthship principles is to try to produce your own food. The house has been designed, to try to maximise the available resources here in Castlemaine (Australia). In four hours you can cook sixty people’s rice. So these collectors I’ve put here I made them sixteen years ago And it still works ? Still works yes ! We are Paul and Thibaut, two engineering students, who travelled for six months around the world. Our goal was to seek for low-tech projects at low scale, made by citizens and that provide a more sustainable access to energy. With our video camera, we studied more than fifty projects and met dozens of motivated people, implicated to change things in their environment. And I’ve designed all of it so that it is as fixable as possible. From the solar ovens in Costa-Rica to the Indian biodigestors by way of the Australian eco-communities and the off-grid houses in Hawaii, all these projects present an ingenious and ecological way to heat, cook, farm, get electricity… Minimising of the loss of energy, design for efficiency is the core of permaculture. Back in France, our goal is now to share these ideas and to show that very simple solutions can sometimes help meeting our energy needs, and above all that anybody can get involved.

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