Tech Skunks join Clearhaus to build the fighter jets of the payment industry

The general aim of Clearhaus is to challenge the status quo and continue to do it. We look back in history in order to find what has been done before and what stands out the most is Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works from the 1940s. Skunk Works They created it to basically create game-changing technologies. For us to do that we needed our own version of Skunk Works which we then called Tech Skunk. So when a new person joins Tech Skunk they immediately start on the project we are working on. This gives a hands-on approach where they start doing valuable stuff from day one. We’re always recruiting developers, designers, business people… Some of the projects in Tech Skunk even become companies of their own. So we are really looking for entrepreneurial minded people as well so they can take their work to the next level. I started at Tech Skunk a couple weeks ago and what I think is really cool about starting here in Tech Skunk is that you get to work on a project with a cool tech stack, you get a lot of responsibility from day one and then you get a lot of hands-on with the code. I’ve been working at Tech Skunk for one and a half years I am at the university where it’s a controlled environment environment and out here it’s not a controlled environment you need to take responsibility which I have developed over time. If you ever need help with anything there’s a lot of experienced programmers close by that you can ask that’s really awesome. Of course we need to say goodbye at some point and when that happens they either join Clearhaus or one of the corporate spin-offs. But when they leave Tech Skunk we know that they have the right mindset to go out and build the next fighter jet of payments

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