Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Leo With Glider Wings Unboxing Toy Review ToyRap

yoyo toy rappers we got a present for
you it’s very nicely wrapped let’s see
what’s inside it looks like we have a Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtle Half Shell heroes which is a pretty
ingenious way of saying that it’s for small kids ages three-plus Nickelodeon the turtle has two swords and a blue bandana so that must mean
that it’s the fearless Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle leader Leonardo and with them he’s got some sorta winged contraption actually this makes complete
sense Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is named after Leonardo da Vinci a famous sculptor and painter in 1452 Leonardo da Vinci sketched out incredible flying machines so I guess this is leonardo’s flying
machine on the back of the package we have all
the turtles with their vehicles we’ve got Leo with his glider it says turn wheel to flap wings Mikey
with skateboard Raph with minibike and Donnie with luge I get it so essentially the
half show heroes they’re little turtles so they get
nicknames okay let’s open this baby up the pamphlet inside the package his cool because it shows the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtle playset the playset is complete with a Chinatown
gate and underground sewer where the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles can have slumber parties with
marshmallow and pepperoni pizza ice cream buffets and stay up all night
practicing flying roundhouse jump kicks Cowabunga looks like we have to get these ties off of him first. and no, I did not get this bandaid from opening up toys. just so you know we know. Leo is complete
with two swords both his arms move back and forward and his hands rotate he has a blue bandana and brown belt and even some brown knee pads right here
he has two holes on the bottom at his feet I’m guessing where you can attach in
somewhere this is what his Half Shell looks like the brown
belt goes all the way around it and even has some brown elbow pads as well
his backpack glider look steampunk with a lot
gears all the way around it he comes with this looks like a shoulder harness and the
green part right here is where you attach it to Leonardo but
see how to put his glider wings on him K I’m flying cowabunga! I’m falling over all the time leo’s glider wings flap just push
down with your finger Ono the evil Joker and the creature from the blue lagoon just robbed the bank who’s gonna save us I will here comes leonardo Alright toyrappers this is Leonardo with his glider wing parted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
half-shell series I’m Andrew Dozo signing out. See you next time.

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